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The table below lists "events at sea" occurring after January 1, 2015, including cruise ship accidents.  It is based on media reports, passenger reports posted at on-line boards and discussion groups, and reports sent to Cruise Junkie. In reviewing the information, please keep in mind that some cruise lines are given less scrutiny by the media than others, and it is not uncommon for events to not appear in the media.  This information reflects only that which has made it into the public domain.

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Cruise Line
Type of Incident
May 24 Boudicca
Fred Olsen
Cape Breton Post reports the ship is having an extended stay in Sydney due to high winds offshore. It arrived in Sydney Sunday and is having an extended stay in port due to high winds offshore. A strong wind warning is in effect for most of the marine areas off of Nova Scotia’s coast, but winds are expected to diminish throughout the afternoon. The ship — which arrived around 7:30 a.m. Sunday and was originally scheduled to depart at 4:30 p.m. Sunday — is now scheduled to depart at 12:30 p.m. Monday. Extended port call
May 22 Ventura
From a passenger: I've just came back off a cruise on ventura and Thursday we was meant to dock in St Peters Port in guernsey but the weather overnight and the swell in the morning meant the captain aborted tendering and we docked off the coast of France. No free credit or drinks were offered and it felt like the staff didn't care Missed port call
May 22 Sea
From a passenger: Currently on world cruise. Departed Sydney 15 May with stops in Melbourne (17/5) and Adelaide (19/5). Departed for Fremantle (due 23/5). Caught in huge seas in Great Australian Bight. Finally diverted to Esperance late Saturday 21/5 where she is at anchor. No sign of seas abating. Could be stuck for several days. No idea if injury or damage involved. UPDATE: sailed from the anchorage at Esperance at 2 PM. local time (22/5) hoping for smoother seas. Scheduled to arrive Fremantle a day late (24/5) at 9 am. Scheduled to leave Fremantle 11 pm. same day. More bad weather forecast for Fremantle that morning. Sea Princess will miss next planned stop, Colombo, (30/5) and sail direct to Dubai arriving 4/6. This means 10 days at sea. Not the ideal start for a 105 day world cruise. UPDATE: Sea Princess actually raced ahead of the weather and berthed at Fremantle at about 1:30 AM (24/5). She is now scheduled to depart at 4 PM. Delayed - Weather issues - canceled port calls
May 20 Liberty
Cruise Criutic reports the ship will cut its May 21 sailing short by one day, according to a statement from the line. It will skip its planned call on Progreso and instead return on May 25 -- a day early -- to Galveston, where some of the repairs will be completed. The issue is expected to be fully resolved by mid-June, and other voyages will continue as scheduled. To each person booked on the May 21 sailing, Carnival is offering $100 in onboard credit or the opportunity to cancel for a full refund. Passengers opting to sail will be allowed to spend the day onboard in Galveston if they choose; the repairs are not expected to impact any of the ship's onboard amenities. The May 21 itinerary's Cozumel visit is also unaffected. Carnival Liberty did, however, miss a Cozumel call on its May 2 sailing. According to a previous statement from Carnival, "In the absence of full bow thruster capability, the ship can arrive and depart a port with the assistance of tug boats and maintain its normal itinerary. Based on when the issue occurred ... we were not able to secure tugboat assistance in Cozumel in time to call at that port." Cruise cut short - bow thruster problems
May 20 Pacific Jewel
P&O Australia
The Mercury reports Carnival Australia has rejected an EPA finding that its ship the Pacific Jewel breached new low-sulphur fuel regulations in Sydney Harbour. The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) issued Australia's largest cruise company with a $15,000 fine after a sample of the Pacific Jewel's fuel when it was berthed at the White Bay Cruise Terminal in February showed sulphur levels nearly three times the limit. The new regulations require cruise ships berthed in Sydney Harbour to use low-sulphur fuel within one hour of berthing until one hour before departure. Carnival Australia, which operates P&O, said on Thursday it was appealing the fine on the basis that the EPA failed to take into account available technical information that would have confirmed the ship had completed the changeover to low-sulphur fuel within the prescribed time period. The cruise company says it took 20 days for the EPA to analyse the Pacific Jewel's fuel samples. EPA acting director Metropolitan Greg Sheehy said the EPA had taken a further three samples from the Pacific Jewel since February and all complied. Environmental fine
May 16 Star
Cruise Hive reports was hit by a Gastro bug on the 15-day cruise to Hawaii, U.S. from Vancouver, Canada. The Gastro bug was not reported by the Centers for Disease Control which means less than 3% of passengers became sick during the voyage. It is not clear how many passengers and crew became sick but a passenger who was onboard and cruising with his family and friends told us the gastrointestinal virus began spreading on the fourth day of the cruise. He told Cruise Hive “The outbreak was not contained in Hilo and nurses in the infirmary confirmed just under half the ship’s passengers and crew had come down with the virus.” He went on to say “The crew was viable missing and all services were affected from taking hours to get room service to those who were quarantined. .. to the closing of one of the main food buffets due to crew shortage.” Our reader has said Princess cruises handled the situation badly and got overwhelmed by the amount of sick people. Apparently health officials boarded the ship when it docked in Hilo on May 5, and the ship’s crew activated procedures where extra cleaning and sanitizing was done. Some crew members were also seen at the local Wal-Mart stocking up with 4 full carts of disinfectants. Could this be due to the ship running low on its own stock? From a reader: I was on the 15 days Hawaii cruise The outbreak of Norovorus was well under control. I went at Hilo shopping center and the crew member I saw were buying toilettries for themselves. Yes the crew were serving us at the buffet but it was NEVER close. I wonder if the person saying all those lies were on the ship. ?Illness?
May 15 Coral
Cruise Law News reports he has learned from several passengers that a passenger went overboard from the ship on May 11th. A passenger on the Coral Princess tweeted earlier this week: "Captain of the Coral Princess, my home away from home, advised that a male of Russian origin jumped overboard yesterday AM." Another passenger commented that she had just returned from a Los Angeles - Vancouver cruise on the Coral Princess and that a man (passenger) overboard incident has occurred during the cruise. She said that she Coral Princesswas shocked to come home and not be able to find any news on this incident. Pax overboard
May 13 Liberty
USA Today reports the U.S. Coast Guard said Friday it is searching for a 33 year old woman who went missing. She was reported missing by traveling companions on the cruise ship Carnival Liberty, the company said. Footage from the Carnival Liberty’s cameras showed her going overboard around 2 a.m. Friday, according to Carnival officials. “Unfortunately, it appears the guest may have gone overboard early this morning,” Carnival said in a statement. “Authorities were notified, including the U.S. Coast Guard, which is initiating a search effort in the area where the ship was located when the individual was last seen. ... We are keeping our guest and her loved ones in our thoughts during this difficult time.” The ship departed from Galveston on Thursday on a four-day cruise to Mexico. People reports Samantha Broberg, 33, reportedly climbed up on a deck railing and tumbled backwards, plunging into warm water about 200 miles off the coast of Galveston, Texas, at 2 a.m. Friday morning. The Arlington, Texas, woman was not reported missing to ship personnel by companions until Friday around noon. According to Carnival, "camera footage indicates that the guest was sitting on a deck railing and fell backwards into the water." The Coast Guard was not contacted until 5 p.m. on Friday after a ship-wide search was conducted. A Coast Guard statement reveals that search and rescue teams ended their rescue efforts at 8:15 p.m. Sunday after spending 20 hours searching more than 4,300 square miles. Broberg is a stay-at-home mother with four children according to the Houston Chronicle. Pax overboard
May 11 Star
From a reader: I am booked on the Star Princess on May 14 for an Alaska Cruise. Today, May 10, I have received notification from Princess Cruises that there were confirmed cases (passengers) of the NOROVIRUS on this current cruise. They are planning to scrub down the ship in Vancouver before the next cruise. The information was sent to us to inform us of delayed boarding. ?Illness?
May 9 Aphrodite (Vietnam) Daily Mail reports holidaymakers were forced to jump for their lives after their wooden cruise ship burst into flames in Vietnam on Friday. More than forty people are believed to have been on the Aphrodite Cruise ship when it caught fire, including tourists from Taiwan, France, Switzerland, UK, New Zealand, Korea and India.
Shocking video shows passengers jumping from the side of the ship to escape the growing flames, which are believed to have started in the kitchen, as they quickly engulf the boat. They appear to have then been rescued by other boats on the harbour as crowds gather on the shore. A passenger on board told the NZ Herald he was one of those that had jumped into the water. 'I climbed over the front balcony down two decks by just dropping and hoping for the best,' he said. Vietnamese news service, VN Express, reported that the ship sank after ninety minutes. According to the cruise line's Facebook page, four people have minor injuries, including one crew member. The rest of the passengers have been taken to Hanoi. The company say they will compensate passengers for treatment and the loss of their belongings.
Fire / Sunk
May 8 Crown
KTOO reports the ship arrived unexpectedly in Juneau on Sunday. The ship was scheduled to arrive Tuesday. Kirby Day is manager of port operations for the Holland America Group, which includes Princess Cruises. Day said operations in Vancouver — where the ship’s journey began — were slower than usual. “There were three ships in Vancouver on Friday and with about 8,500 people the embarkation process just went very slow for all three ships,” Day said. “All three ships sailed late, including the Crown Princess.” The ship was scheduled to be in Glacier Bay yesterday but because of the late start, it would have arrived there at 9 p.m. — too late for passengers to fully see the area. Day said the ship will visit Glacier Bay Monday before heading to Skagway and Ketchikan. Changed itinerary (port calls)
May 8 Paradise
CBS Baltimore reports the ship crashed while docking Sunday morning in Baltimore. There were no reported injuries. As the Carnival Pride was docking in Baltimore Sunday morning, it made contact with a gangway on the pier, causing part of it to fall and damage three parked cars, according to Port of Baltimore spokesman Richard Scher. The gangway was not in use at the time and the vehicles, which belonged to employees, were empty. No one on the ground or the ship was injured. Damage to the ship is minor. The ship is expected to sail this afternoon on its next voyage as scheduled. Carnival and the Coast Guard are working to investigate the incident. Collision with pier
May 7 Liberty

Click2Houston reports the cruise liner Carnival Liberty announced Saturday that it is having problems with their ships' bow thrusters. The cruise company released the following statement in an email: "Carnival Liberty is presently experiencing an issue with the ship’s bow thrusters. Bow thrusters are required during docking maneuvers. They are not required for the normal operation of the vessel except when coming in and out of port. In the absence of full bow thruster capability, the ship can arrive and depart a port with the assistance of tug boats and maintain its normal itinerary. Based on when the issue occurred during the current voyage, we were not able to secure tugboat assistance in Cozumel in time to call at that port. Future voyages are expected to operate as scheduled. Technicians are working to resolve the issue and tugboat assistance for docking maneuvers will be arranged as needed in the interim until the repairs are completed. On the voyage just ended today, given the missed call in Cozumel, guests were provided with a $100 per person onboard credit. The ship did make its scheduled call in Progreso." One passenger said the company refunded everyone $40 after taking out a $60 gratuity. The passenger said the ship never made its stop in Cozumel and that people were protesting on the top deck. "I am told that when the ship left Progreso, there was a Mexican navy ship docked nearby and the swirl in the water from the Liberty departing caused a few of the navy ship's ropes to break," the email statement said. "They were not the Liberty's ropes and the ropes did not come in contact with our ship."

Bow wthruster problems

May 7

Adonia Fathom Sun Sentinel and Cruise Law News report the ship may have experienced a norovirus outbreak, according to reports from the captain. At around 2:45 P.M. this afternoon, there were at least 14 people on the ship complaining of diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramps mentioned by the captain according to the Sun Sentinel. With only around 600 people aboard the cruise ship, that's over 2% of the cruise passengers which is near the threshold where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) become involved. The photos and video from the cruise ship show crew members already rubbing and scrubbing the surfaces of the ship. Self-serve buffets have reportedly been replaced with service by crew members wearing gloves. The cruise ship, of couse, quickly blamed the passengers with the ship doctor writing a letter saying "we suspect that the virus may have been inadvertently introduced on board by embarking travelers, even though the ship had not even performed tests to make such a determination. One of those sick, a former public health social worker, said "I think it was something I ate." Illness
May 5 Multiple ships Associated Press reports tourists have been hanging out at a Ketchikan homeless shelter to get free coffee and a bite to eat, but an employee of the shelter says few of the cruise ship passengers make a donation. The Ketchikan Daily News reports the shelter operated by First City Homeless Services relies on donations and funding from the city and the Ketchikan Gateway Borough. Evelyn Erbele, chairwoman of the nonprofit’s board of directors, told the Borough Assembly about the visits from tourists at a meeting Monday. Erbele says cruise ship passengers often stop by the shelter looking for a restroom, and some decide to stay for a snack or to watch television. But she says the tourists are welcome because “we don’t turn anybody away.” Tacky passenger behaviour ashore
May 2 Gem
Miami New Tirmes reports on a case going to the courts: On the second day of a seven-day cruise from New York to Florida and the Bahamas last year, two young children briefly escaped from their mother’s sight and somehow landed in the pool. Within moments, both kids were yanked from the water at opposite ends of the pool. But it wasn't lifeguards who jumped in to rescue the siblings. Instead, the lifesaving attempts were made by passengers with medical backgrounds, who desperately began resuscitation efforts while calling for help. That's because Miami-based Norwegian Cruise Line does not employ lifeguards for its on-ship pools. Although one of the children was safely rescued that day — May 17, 2015 — the other sibling died onboard the ship, called the Gem. She was 10 years old. Last week, Miami maritime attorney Michael Winkleman filed a lawsuit against the cruise line on behalf of the children’s mother, Colleen Blair of New York, alleging Norwegian was negligent by not providing lifeguards at the pools. Numerous children have died or been grievously injured on board NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line) ships and other cruise ships due to drowning or near drowning prior to this incident, yet NCL does not even spend a single penny on utilizing lifeguards on board its ships to prevent these tragedies," the complaint reads. Lawsuit for child drowning
May 2 Insignia
ABC reports the ship has officially cancelled its visit to the Port of Newcastle on Sunday, May 8. It is understood the company was not prepared to expose those on board to the risks associated with a protest called Break Free -- organised by a range of organisations, and supported by Greenpeace and climate action group The protest aims to disrupt coal exports from Newcastle on Saturday and Sunday.The port said it was also disappointed for the volunteers, tour operators and local businesses that "carefully plan and prepare for visits" from cruise ships. The ABC understands around half the guests on board had already booked tours on shore, but they have been cancelled. (NOTE: If I were a cruise passenger, I'd have thought this sort of social event would be interesting to see. Isn't the whole purpose of a shore excursion to experience local life and culture.) Canceled port call
May 1 Paradise
Cruise Hive reports three cruise passengers were hurt in a car buggy accident on Thursday while visiting the Mexican island of Cozumel. According to local Police in Cozumel at around 12:15 PM the driver of the small red buggy lost control and ended up hitting a tree on the side of the road. The driver named Frank Colemire hit his head on the windshield and needed further medical attention at a local clinic. Due to the open roof and lots of branches and shrubs, the other two buggy passengers had various bruises and wounds but nothing too serious. The cruise ship passengers were driving in the region of the Mayan Ruins known as El Cedral and were just two miles from the entrance. It’s not clear if this was a tour booked through the cruise line or their own personal tour. Accident/injuries ashore
April 30 Wonder
CDC reports 92 of 2679 (3.43%) passengers and 5 of 991 (0.5%) crew have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. A CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officer is making plans to board the ship upon arrival in the port of Miami on May 1, 2016 to conduct an environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities.The cruise beganApril 27 and ends May 1. UPDATE: 131 of 2680 (4.89%) pax; 14 of 991 (1.41%) crew. Illness
April 30 Balmoral
Fred Olsen
CDC reports153 of 917 (16.68%) of passengers and 6 of 518 (1.16%) crew have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness caused by norovirus. Two CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officers and an epidemiologist are currently making plans to board the ship upon arrival in Baltimore, MD on April 30-May 1, 2016 to conduct an environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities. The cruise beganApril 16; it ends May 20. CBS News reports some passengers and crew members on a cruise ship docked in Norfolk, Virginia, are being quarantined after positive tests for norovirus, according to CBS affiliate WTKR. UPDATE May 1: 163 of 921 (17.70%) pax UPDATE May 7: 252 of 919 (27.42%), 8 of 520 (1.54%) UPDATE May 11: 277 of 915 (30.27%), 9 of 520 (1.73%) Illness
April 30 Escape
From a passenger: A child fell while climbing a basketball hoop on deck 19 and cracked his skull. Alpha x3 called to deck 19 at about 8:30 pm. The casino closed at about 4:30 am and the ship made a stop in San Juan on the way to St Thomas to move the child off the ship. Unscheduled stop in San Juan
April 29 Oasis
Mail Online reports acouple who were reported missing on a Jamaican island after their cruise ship departed without them are alive and safe, according to relatives. There were fears for the safety of Hayden Gerson, 33, and Alisha Frank, 32, from California, after they were last seen disembarking at Falmouth Pier in Trelawny two days ago. But Gerson's mother, Margot, has now told ABC News that the couple have been in touch with her and are fine, though a little embarrassed after missing their ship. Gerson, who is the father of a young daughter, and Frank are now trying to find their way back to the U.S. Police said the couple were planning to make a trip to Montego Bay - a popular tourist city on the island - before they disappeared. 'While on board, they asked to debark the ship in Jamaica. The ship team assisted them with this request and were escorted to immigration,' said Cynthia Martinez, a spokesperson for Royal Caribbean. Pax missing in Jamaica located
April 28 Breakaway
WCVB reports adistraught mother looked on in horror as a cruise ship left her behind, sailing from its dock in the Bahamas with her children on board, ABC News reported. Video taken by a passenger on board the ship shows the mother after she dropped to her knees with her hands in the air, apparently screaming: "My kids are on here!" according to the narrator who filmed the incident. "You see that right there? That is someone that has missed the boat," the narrator says. "And, apparently, she has her kids on the boat, and she’s not on there." The ship was sailing a seven-night cruise, beginning in New York on April 17, when it stopped in Nassau. On Thursday, the mother did not return to the ship by the "widely communicated scheduled all aboard time of 5:30 p.m.," the company said. Pax left behind - didn't return on time
April 27 Rhapsody
New Zealand press reports 44 passengers had to abandon their holiday after a giant wave struck the ship, breaking windows and flooding cabins. The ship was hit by the wave around 4am on Monday, while sailing to Ajaccio, Corsica; it occurred on the first night of a nine-night Mediterranean cruise. Passengers were woken by seawater pouring into cabins, according to reports on social media. Todd Scudiere tweeted that passengers were bleeding, and ceilings and walls had collapsed. Another passenger wrote on Facebook that the ship had been hit by a "freak wave". "Cabin totally flooded, we were covered in blood, seawater, scattered glass, ceiling panels, insulation, metal racks and debris, which used to be cabin interior." According to a Royal Caribbean statement, five stateroom windows on the third deck were broken, and six rooms were damaged. Carpeting in some hallways and staterooms was soaked by water. The ship docked in Corsica as scheduled, where repairs were undertaken and windows replaced. However, because of the soaked flooring, 45 guests were relocated to other staterooms. Another 44 departed the ship. Windows broken by freak wave - pax leave ship
April 26 Queen Mary 2
Mirror reports Brits on board the Queen Mary 2 had their holiday plans scuppered as the lavish cruise liner was banned from entering Jordanian waters following an outbreak of highly-contagious norovirus. Officials at port of the Salalah, the largest port in Oman, took no chances after passengers and crew members were reportedly struck by the stomach bug last week - the ship was also denied entry to Oman. Now the Southampton-based luxury ship, which is the flagship liner of Cunard cruises, is facing further restrictions as it sails through the Red Sea. It has been refused entry into Aqaba, a Jordanian port popular for windsurfing and other water sports, tomorrow, according to a Cunard spokesperson. Passenger Graeme Clements said: "The ship has been struck with a norovirus outbreak and has today been denied access to Jordanian waters." Illness
April 26 Multiple ships Evening Standard reports a legal battle is about to break out over controversial plans to let cruise ships run their engines day and night in the heart of London. Residents raising cash to mount a High Court challenge to insist on clean air at the capital’s first proposed cruise liner terminal at Enderby Wharf, near Greenwich peninsula, are set to hit their £16,000 target within days. The company behind the terminal says it would be uneconomic to lay mains power lines out to ships at the terminal, close to the O2 and thousands of homes. Instead, the liners would generate electricity from their engines while moored on the Thames. But nearby residents fear toxic fumes will gather over streets near the site. “We are 90 per cent towards the crowd-funding target,” said Ian Blore of the East Greenwich Residents Association. “I have had pensioners press £2 coins into my hand for the fund, while other donations have been in four figures. It shows how worried people are about the pollution this development could bring.” Environmental concerns
April 26 Freedom
WFTV reports two employees working in the galley were arrested after they were accused of bringing cocaine into Port Canaveral, authorities said. Investigators said they found out last year that one of the crew members was a courier for at least one drug trafficking organization. Authorities started following him as he left the port and saw him and another man smuggling the cocaine using sandals. Junior Ellision, 31, was arrested aboard the ship as he was walking away with cocaine, authorities said. Investigators said they started following Ellision last November from the ship, and each time Ellision left the ship, he took a shuttle to a Merritt Island Walmart. Authorities said Ellision would pick up sandals filled with cocaine in St. Maarten and would wear them off the ship. Ellision would then go to the Walmart, buy a pair of sandals, and then put the cocaine filled sandals in the Walmart bag to deliver to someone else, authorities said. Investigators said Ellision didn’t work alone. Another Freedom of the Seas crew member, Sheldon Grant, was also arrested. Authorities said the men admitted they had made multiple deliveries and that someone paid them $1,250 each time they delivered the sandals. Grant and Ellision were charged with importing a controlled substance into the United States. Drug bust
April 24 Empress
Cruise Fever reports Royal Caribbean has canceled another seven sailings on Empress of the Seas, bringing the total of canceled sailings to 13 by the cruise line. Last month, Royal Caribbean canceled the first six sailings on Empress of the Seas due to the ship needing additional work before rejoining their fleet. Now, the cruise line is cancelling another seven sailings due to improvements needed in the ship’s galleys to meet the high standards expected from Royal Caribbean. All sailings through May 23, 2016 have now been canceled. Guests who were booked on one of these cruises can rebook for the same cruise fare on Enchantment of the Seas or Majesty of the Seas on sailings through June 27, or on another sailing on Empress of the Seas from June 1 to July 23. Passengers who rebook will also receive onboard credit. 13 sailings canceled
April 22 QE 2
Travel Mole reports a coroner has recorded the verdict of misadventure in an inquest into the death of a cruise passenger while she was trying to board Cunard's Queen Elizabeth after an excursion. Mary Atherton, aged 75, from Lancashire, was attempting to step from a tender on to a pontoon when an unexpected wave came. Crew members jumped in to try to rescue her but she was crushed between the tender boat and the pontoon. She was returning to the ship after an excursion in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. During the inquest, her family had criticised Cunard saying crew should have been told about her mobility problems, which had been shared with the cruise line. Inquest into pax death when crushed while boarding tender
April 22 Sun
Cruise Critic reports less than a week after emerging from its April 2016 refurbishment, Princess Cruises’ Sun Princess has made changes to two itineraries due to technical difficulties. The ship will skip tomorrow’s scheduled visit to Kuala Lumpur (Port Kelang), Malaysia, and instead spend the day at sea. The April 24 call has been cancelled, according to a passenger onboard, “due to the ship’s inability to achieve full speed”. Cruise Critic member Kiwi_cruiser told us: “They said they need the extra sea day to get to our last port of call Bali (Benoa), Indonesia on 27 April.” Passengers received a letter in their cabins to announce the change to the itinerary. “We are currently experiencing a technical issue with one of [the] generators. While this in no way affects the safety of our guests and crew, it does restrict our ability to operate at full speed.” The next Sun Princess cruise -- the May 1 departure of the 17-night Northern Australia Explorer -- is also expected to cancel one port of call in Queensland. Canceled port calls - technical issue with generator
April 19 Unnamed 7 News Belize reports 31 year-old American Cruise Tourist Ashley Williams received a stroke of judicial generosity when she was arraigned today before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza. She was caught with a very small quantity of marijuana. Williams, a resident of Virginia was taken to court today on a single count of possession of a controlled drug. When the charge was read to her, she told the court that she came on today's cruise ship from Virginia, and that she bought 1.8 grams of cannabis - less than one tenth of an ounce - in Belize City, not knowing that it is still illegal in this country. After consideration, Magistrate Mendoza dismissed the charge, and cautioned Williams that she now knows it to be illegal, and that she must not be arrested for being in possession of the drug in Belize again. Magistrate Mendoza commented to court reporters that he reason he dismissed the charge without any sanctions was that the cannabis was sold openly to her, against her knowledge of its illegality. He added that police should start to crack down on persons who are selling drugs. Drug bust
April 14 Ecstasy
Sun Sentinel reports a cruise ship worker had disabled a safety system before an accident that crushed him in a elevator shaft, horrifying passengers who watched blood drip down the walls, a police report says. Jose Sandoval Opazo, 66, of Liguria, Italy, was an electrician aboard the Carnival Ecstasy and died while working on one of the ship's elevators about 6:15 p.m. Dec. 27. Opazo was doing routine maintenance on the top of the elevator when it suddenly moved from the ship's sixth level to the ninth, according to a report released this week by Miami-Dade police. Opazo apparently fell and was crushed against the wall of the elevator shaft, the report says. The accident left blood dripping down elevator doors in view of passengers. A video of the scene, taken by a passenger, provoked shock and revulsion around the globe after Fort Myers television station WFTX posted it online. Passenger video shows bloody mystery aboard Carnival cruise ship. Opazo was the ship's chief electrician. Carnival inestigator John Butchko told police that crew members found a jumper cable on the elevators' override system, a common practice used by electricians to override safety systems, he said. The crew also found a screwdriver that Opazo might have used to prop open the elevator doors, the police report says. The Ecstacy's chief engineer, Alex Inversini, told police that no one had reported a problem with the elevator and no work order was found, indicating that Opazo was doing a routine check of the elevator's functions, the report says. Death blamed on the victim
April 14 Kimberley Quest II Mail Online reports a luxury cruise ship captain has been charged with drug dealing after police uncovered bagged-up ice and smoking utensils on a vessel which charges guests $20,000 for a two-week trip.
Jeff Ralston, 55, the joint owner of the Kimberley Quest II, was arrested after police raided the charter boat while it was docked at Wyndham Port, in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. He was charged with possessing a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply and has been bailed to appear in Broome Magistrate's Court on Monday April 18.
Drug bust
April 14 Astor
Cruise and Maritime Voyages
Western Australia Today reports a Perth grandmother will spend her 90th birthday in hospital after nearly dying from complications following food poisoning on an Australian cruise liner. Shirley Faulkin was one of 13 West Australians to get salmonella on a Cruise and Maritime Voyages vessel and was so ill she has spent a month in hospital, Nine News reported. "Doctors said to me I had the choice of having an operation or I would die," she told the station. "And I had to work out what would be best for me." The Australian Medical Association WA is calling for quarantine and inspection services to monitor cruise ships coming in and out of the state. The company refused to comment to Nine. WAtoday has contacted CMV with a further request. Food poisoning
April 13 Crown
From a passenger: Here is a copy of the notice Princess sent today -- CROWN PRINCESS PRE-BOARDING HEALTH ADVISORY: Please be advised that during the current cruise there were cases of gastrointestinal illness among guests confirmed to have been caused by norovirus. A comprehensive sanitation program was launched in response, and Crown Princess will undergo a prolonged and additional disinfection in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 16, 2016 . Check-in for your cruise will be delayed until 3:00 PM and your stateroom will be available after 4:00 PM. Please do not arrive earlier than 3:00 PM as the terminal will be closed for sanitation. To minimize terminal congestion we use a progressive check-in schedule as follows: 3:00 PM - Dolphin & Emerald Decks - Cabins on these decks begin with D & E 3:45 PM - Caribe & Riviera Decks - Cabins on these decks begin with C & R 4:15 PM - Aloha & Lido Decks - Cabins on these decks begin with A & L 5:00 PM - Baja & Plaza Decks - Cabins on these decks begin with B & P All guests must be aboard by 5:30 PM. Crown Princess is expected to depart Los Angeles at 7:00 PM. Illness
April 13 Estrella Amazonica Fox News Latino reports two American tourists died in Peru when the cruise ship on which they were touring the Amazon River caught fire. The head of the Iquitos port authority, Oscar Garrido said the fatalities were Larry Morris Hammer, 74, and Cristy Jeins Hammer, 72. He said they died while being taken to the hospital in Iquitos, capital of the Amazon region of Loreto in northeastern Peru. The fire broke out before dawn inside the cabin of the American couple, but the first to notice the flames were members of the ship's crew, when the alarm went off at around 2:00 a.m. The head of the Iquitos port authority added that up to now what started the fire on the Estrella Amazonica cruise ship is still unknown. Two pax die in cruise ship fire
April 12 Cruise Industry KTUU reports the Cruise Lines International Association filed the federal lawsuit against the City and Borough of Juneau on Tuesday in Anchorage. At the center of controversy are projects funded with cash raised from per passenger fees levied against the cruise ship industry, known as "head taxes." Cruise ships collect the fees and pass them on the city. Juneau gets a $5 entry fee per cruise ship passenger in addition to a per-passenger port development fee of $3. The association estimates it has given Juneau more than $35 million in entry fees in the past four years. Three efforts were mentioned in particular by John Binkley, the association's president: a planned $10 million project to build an artificial island enabling expansion of a sea walk, cash for a life-size whale sculpture intended as a tourist destination, and a park related to the overall effort. The legal question raised in the lawsuit is whether or not spending money on things like that is constitutional because the fees allegedly are not being spent on government services provided to the ships. NOTE: This is a good example of the cruise industry's arrogance and its inability to understand the view of those locations that welcome it as a visitor. Will they also sue the city for spending money on legal fees to defend itself against such a ludicrous and frivolous lawsuit? Alaska Journal of Commerce reports astate audit report released this month concludes more than $270 million in cruise ship passenger tax money collected since 2007 has been used appropriately by the vast majority of Alaska communities the ships visit, with one small exception in Skagway. The audit, conducted by Legislative Budget and Committee staff, uncovered an instance in the summer of 2013 when the Skagway Borough used $114,000 of cruise passenger tax funds to buy playground equipment for the borough’s elementary school. The auditors only examined how the state tax money has been handled; the separate taxes imposed by Juneau and Ketchikan were not reviewed. Lawsuit against port for how it uses taxes collected
April 11 CCL and RCCL

Travel Weekly reports cruise line bosses hit out at legislators and regulators and environmental critics "who don't understand" the cruise business at the World Travel and Tourism Council summit in Dallas and defended the sector's environmental record. Adam Goldstein, president and chief operating officer of Royal Caribbean Cruises, told the summit: "There are so many people legislating about our industry who have no idea about it. We're at the mercy of 1,000 destinations for taxes and regulations put upon us by people who don't understand our industry." NOTE: The cruise bosses are so arrogant that they fail to appreciate, much less understand, why industry behaviour and its disregard for the environment and social issues (like sexual assaults where 34% of the victims are mionors and environmental practices that are not tolerated on land) is a concern to intelligent consumers. Their approach is that attacking critics is better than engaging in meaningful and sincere dialogue.

Industry leaders out of touch with reality
April 11 Adonia Fathom Travel Pulse reports Fathom was scheduled to leave on the new cruise line’s very first cruise yesterday on April 10 from Miami but was delayed until today due to delays in U.S. Coast Guard testing. Potential passengers reconvened in the terminal Monday in hopes of boarding, but the entire sailing to the Dominican Republic was canceled Monday afternoon. Fathom says the April 10 cruise was intended as a "soft-launch sailing," but instead, plans to make the maiden voyage April 17. A Fathom spokesperson was recorded by TV host/actor Lizza Monet Morales as reading the following statement: “Dear traveler, As you know our delay was due to the Adonia running through rigorous operational tests with the U.S. Coast Guard, and it took longer than we expected. Unfortunately, we have now learned that additional testing will be required, and as a result, we regrettably must cancel our sailing…We know this is very disappointing to all of you as it is terribly disappointing to us.” Cancelation
April 11 Infinity
An unconfirmed reports indicates the ship was due to return to San Diego late. Suspoicions were that the ship had a propulsion issue. Propulsion problem?
April 9 Pearl Mist Pearl Seas Cruises USA Today reports Pearl Seas announced last July that it would launch 10-night cruises from the USA to Cuba this spring on its single ship, the 210-passenger Pearl Mist. Six sailings were planned for March and April, and Pearl Seas began taking bookings for cabins at fares that started at $7,810 per person. But as customers have been finding out in recent weeks, the line was selling the trips without permission from the Cuban government to operate them, and as the sailing dates neared, the permission did not materialize as the line expected. The cancellations began. The first sailing to be canceled was a March 6 departure, followed by March 16 and March 26 departures. In recent days, Pearl Seas has added sailings scheduled for April 5 and April 15 to the list of those it is dropping. Holding out hope for a last-minute Cuban approval, the line has been canceling the sailings one-by-one as the sailing dates approach, sometimes with just a few days notice. Cruises to Cuba canceled
April 7 Explorer National Geographic Cruise Critic reports the National Geographic Explorer has been forced to cancel its stop at Dart Harbour (Dartmouth, UK) next week because of a technical issue as the ship repositions from Antarctica. The problems encountered by the ship have slowed its movements, resulting in the vessel running a couple of days behind schedule. Canceled port call because of technical problems
April 4 Dawn
The Mercury reports an abandoned cigarette was behind high drama on Hobart’s waterfront when it sparked a small fire on a visiting cruise ship. The fire was contained to a stairwell on the Dawn Princess. Emergency services responded quickly to the fire, which was extinguished by the ship’s sprinkler system within minutes. Five pumpers and a hydraulic platform had been mobilised for what a Tasmania Fire Service spokesman said could be “a worst-case scenario” when the alarm was raised about 9am. The Dawn Princess docked at Macquarie Wharf in Hobart on Monday, arriving from Burnie with about 2000 passengers and 1000 crew on board. It’s unclear whether some passengers were evacuated, however the Mercury saw some wearing life jackets during the incident. Fire
April 4 Liberty
Cruise Hive reports 2 cruise passengers have died in a moped accident in Cozumel, Mexico. The El Policiaco De Cozumel facebook page is reporting the 2 passengers were visiting the island of Cozumel located on Mexico’s east coast on April 2. The 2 passengers were apparently husband and wife and were riding a black Honda moped along one of the main roads. The tragic accident occurred at around 3:20pm, they skidded off the road and sadly the woman died at the scene. The husband was taken to Hospital but also died later in the day at around 5pm. It’s not clear on the nationality of the 2 passengers. Death onshore
April 4 Pride
Cruise Critic reports as the result of an unspecified propulsion issue, Carnival Pride has canceled two ports on its April 3 itinerary. The problem, which began on the ship's March 27 sailing, caused the vessel to arrive back to its homeport of Baltimore several hours behind schedule on Sunday. Due to the need for reduced speed on its current seven-night voyage, the ports of Grand Turk and Half Moon Cay have been canceled. As compensation, the cruise line is offering a 50 percent refund to each passenger, as well as 50 percent off a future Carnival cruise and a $25 onboard credit. Those booked on the sailing were also given the option to cancel for a full refund (including nonrefundable airfare) prior to the start of the voyage. The ship is now on the first of two sea days, followed by calls on Nassau on Wednesday and Freeport on Thursday. It will then spend two additional days at sea before returning to Baltimore on April 10. Technicians are currently working on the issue; Carnival did not comment on what, specifically, the problem is or when repairs are likely to be completed. Propulsion problems; skipped ports
April 1 National Geographic Explorer Torquay Herald Express reports the ship has been forced to cancel its visit to Dartmouth on April 16. The ship was repositioning from the Antarctic when it encountered technical issues that have slowed its progress, meaning it is now running a couple of days late. In order to be on time for its next cruise, NG Explorer has taken the decision to drop some ports, including Dartmouth. Propulsion problems - skipped ports
April 1 Golden
From a passenger: Embarkation on April 4th in Melbourne will be slightly delayed to allow for deep cleaning given there is a continuing presence of norovirus onboard. Pax were advised check-in for your cruise will be delayed until 1:30 PM and your stateroom will be available after 4:00 PM. Delayed embarkation - illness?
April 1 Oceana
The ship failed its santitation inspection on March 1,2016 with a score of 82 (a score of 85 or below is unsatisfactory). The Daily Mail reports dirty grout and inadequate chlorine levels in a swimming pool were among
the unsanitary conditions that have been found on a luxury cruise ship. Health inspectors shut down the Oceana's swimming pool and spa baths after operator P&O Cruises failed a spot check from officials. Kitchen staff were also found to be keeping cheese and sandwiches at 'potentially hazardous' temperatures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found a host of violations (20) on the Oceana liner and the Oriana liner which posed potential health risks to passengers.
Failed health imspection
March 31 AdventureHornblower NBC News reports a harbor cruise ship (whale and dolphin watching) smashed into the Broadway Pier along San Diego's Embarcadero while docking on Thursday afternoon, jolting tourists on board and sending three people to the hospital. The incident happened just before 1 p.m. in the area of North Harbor Drive and Broadway. San Diego fire officials said seven people suffered minor injuries in the incident; four people were able to leave the boat on their own and another three were taken to the hospital. Collision with pier
March 31 Victory
From a passenger: There was a small fire on the ship in an electrical substation on deck 1 at 3 am on March 31, 2016. The fire was quickly put out and there were no injuries. The ship was in the Cape Canaveral Port at the time of the fire. Fire
March 30 QEII
RTHK News reports passengers of the cruise ship that berthed in Hong Kong on Tuesday are recovering from an outbreak of norovirus, health officials said. A total of 150 passengers and crew fell victim to the virus that hit the ship earlier this month and five are still sick on board. Another 27 people are being kept in isolation as a precautionary measure. The Chief Port Health Officer, Raymond Ho, said he believes the peak of the outbreak has passed, because the number of passengers on the sick list has been declining constantly over the past few weeks. Illness
March 30 Unknown
Viking River Cruises
USA Today reports on Colorado resident Tom Ast who lost his wife of 45 years in December. On her death bed, Marilyn told Ast to go on the Mediterranean cruise they had planned before she became sick. He didn't want to at first but decided it would be a good way to celebrate his wife's life. That's when he got an unpleasant surprise from Viking River Cruises. He called the cruise company to let them know he would be traveling alone because of his wife's death. And despite not wanting to change rooms, dates, or even get a refund for Marilyn's half of the cruise, he was informed he would have to pay an $853 "rebooking fee," according to Consumerist. Viking considered the situation a rebooking because Marilyn's name was being removed from the reservation. Even if Ast found someone to take her place, he'd still have to pay the fee to change the name on the reservation. And if he didn't pay the fee, he would lose the entire $11,000 he and Marilyn had paid for the trip. "About the lowest point in your life, and they're trying to take advantage of it," Ast tells KDVR. Ast eventually went to the news station for help, and the cruise company waived the fee. Consumerist notes that Viking isn't alone in the travel business with its tough rebooking policy, as this Washington Post story about a similar case explained in 2015. "The reasons are many," says the Post. "Strict refund rules ensure bigger profits, boost sales of travel insurance and make a company seem fair to other customers asking for similar consideration." Wife dies - man charged extra
March 29 Solstice
From a passenger: On March 29, a passenger was put ashore on the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia, for stealing a $20.00 dollar watch. It is a small tender port Island with 2000 inhabitants. It does have a small airport with connection service to Noumea. The incident was caught on video. Yes, they do sweat the small stuff. Pax evicted after theft
March 28 Marco Polo Cruise and Maritime Voyages MSN News reports a British holidaymaker has been  rescued from the Atlantic after apparently trying to swim to her cruise liner when it left port  without  her. The 65 year old is said to have jumped into the icy water and tried to reach the vessel after changing her mind about cutting  short  her holiday following a row with her husband. She was reportedly clinging to a small bag when she was pulled out of the water around 8pm on Saturday. Funchal port  captain  Felix Marques told local press  she had been  a passenger on board the Marco Polo cruise ship, operated by Cruise & maritime  Voyages, with her husband. They reportedly rowed  after the vessel docked in Funchal and she travelled  to the island's airport  before  changing her mind about leaving the ship and making  her crazy attempt to swim to it. Mr Marques told daily Correio da Manha: "She was 500 metres from the coast  when fishermen heard  her shouting. "When they reached her she was clinging onto  a handbag she had been  swimming  with." She was rushed to a hospital intensive  care unit in an ambulance after being  rescued and taken  ashore. Tries swimming to ship
March 26 Splendor
Cruise Law News reports from a crew member that on the morning of March 24th, "we had emergency alarm on pa of a fire then several more announcements saying it was not a fire just smoke coming out of an electrical locker still peoples cabins had smoke and force people to wait till going back the general emergency was not sounded as the smoke as they said was controlled and everything was ok anyway announcements went from 5 am till past six." The crew member wishes to remain anonymous. The crew member added that the alarm included "a call for the alpha team to go to the scene. Was an electrical locker . . ." Fire?/Smoke
March 24 Unknown Bahamas Weekly reports an adult American female from Fort Lauderdale is in custody after she was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs on Wednesday 23rd March 2016. Reports are that shortly before 1:00pm officers from the Tourism Policing Unit acting on information went on a cruise ship moored at Prince George Wharf, where they arrested the American woman for possession of a quantity of marijuana found in her possession. The woman is expected to appear in court later today to be formally charged. Drug bust
March 24 Liberty
Courthouse News reports RCI failed to ensure the safety a vacationing Florida man who died after consuming large amounts of alcohol on one of the cruise line's ships and falling overboard, the man's family claims in court.
In a complaint filed in Miami Federal Court, plaintiff Tamblyn Cubero claims her brother Frank Flippo and a friend, Rene Von Hoyt, had planned their cruise vacation to celebrate the fiftieth birthday of another friend.
Cubero says that her brother and Von Hoyt departed from the port of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. on March 19, 2015, on a cruise ship headed to Cozumel, Mexico. Flippo and Hoyt decided to enjoy their last day at the cruise by the poolside ... After having breakfast at the vessel's buffet, Frank Flippo and Rene Von Hoyt proceeded to the upper deck pool where they started to drink rum runners. Cubero alleges that after several hours of drinking and lounging by the poolside bar, Von Hoyt headed back to the cabin because she was feeling sick, but Flippo remained at the bar where the bartender continued to serve him drinks. "Royal Caribbean negligently served alcoholic beverages to Frank Flippo in excess, causing his judgment and faculties to become substantially impaired," Cubero claims. In spite of his condition Flippo was never approached or helped by a Royal Caribbean representative, his sister claims. According to the complaint at some point after Von Hoyt left, Flippo stumbled out of the bar and went to the deck to sit on a lounge chair, where he remained for about half an hour. Cubero says her brother then stood up, approached the outer railings of the vessel, and fell overboard. Cubero says a witness reported Flippo's plunge, but that the ship's crew conducted only a cursory search for her brother before heading off to the vessel's final destination in Fort Lauderdale. Cubero contends her brother's death was not an isolated incident and that Royal Caribbean has had other passengers fall overboard after drinking large amounts of alcohol.
March 24 Riviera
CDC reports 67 of 1204 passengers (5.56%) and 1 of 776 crew (0.13%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness.The ship began its cruise on March 20; the cruise ends April 2. Update March 29: Number of passengers who have reported being ill during the voyage out of total number of passengers onboard: 98 of 1,204 (8.13%); Number of crew who have reported being ill during the voyage out of total number of crew onboard: 6 of 776 (0.77%) Illness
March 22 Unknown Jamaica Observer reports police arrested and charged three St Vincent crew members aboard a cruise ship at the Ocho Rios Pier in St Ann on Monday, March 21 with breaches of the Dangerous Drug Act. Arrested are 40-year-old Lloyd Thomas, 24-year-old Dasrick Moore and 25-year-old Kishorn Simon, all of St Vincent addresses. Reports are that between 12:15 pm and 5:00 pm, the three were in the process of boarding the vessel when they were stopped and searched at a police checkpoint. It was discovered that all three men had several parcels of cocaine hidden in their underwear. The combined weight of the seized cocaine is approximately five pounds, and has an estimated street value of J$6 million, the police said. Drug bust
March 21 Triumph
Riviera-Maya-News reports a cruise passenger died over the weekend after drowning at a Cozumel beach. On March 18, 56-year-old John Douglas Herberger, died from drowning at the Sky Reef beach club. Accompanied by his wife, the pair were visiting the beach on the south side of the island at around 12:20 p.m. when he decided to swim. His wife explained that her husband was suffering from respiratory problems which became an oversight when he entered the sea. Ángel Pool, a tour guide for the beach, said he saw a body floating behind a buoy when he ran into the sea and pulled Mr. Herberger from the water. Paramedics from a private clinic treated the victim but determined he no longer had vital signs. Death onshore
March 21 Miracle
Cruise Hive reports a 47-year-old male passenger on the ship was found dead in his cabin on Friday morning, March 18. The next day when the Spirit class ship arrived at its home port in Los Angeles, California the FBI boarded. As a result the Carnival Miracle was delayed up to 90 minutes. Death onboard - delayed disembarkation
March 21 Gem
CDC reports 128 of 2882 passengers (4.44%) and 7 of 1100 crew (0.64%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. The cruise began March 12; it ended March 22. Illness
March 21 Spirit Silversea CDC reports 24 of 388 passengers (6.18%) and 13 of 366 crew 3.55%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. The cruise began March 3; it ended March 21. Illness
March 19 Golden
Daily Mail reports there has been a significant outbreak of illness on the current cruise that will end in Melbourne. According to The Age it is unknown how many on board are suffering from the symptoms, which the company says are caused by Norovirus. Company spokesman David Jones said crew had been busy disinfecting railings, door handles and elevator buttons and that infected passengers had been isolated in their cabins in a desperate bid to prevent the sickness sweeping through the ship. The Herald Sun says passengers are battling a stomach bug epidemic and a simultaneous flu outbreak. 9 News says more than 300 passengers on-board the ship are believed to have been affected. Illness
March 18 Gem
Cruise Law News reports health officials in St. Maartan have reportedly prohibited the NCL cruise ship from porting there. The passengers are saying that there is a gastrointestinal outbreak reported on the Gem, thought to be norovirus. We are receiving some interesting comments on our Facebook page, including one suggesting that the source of the outbreak may be contaminated port water - rather than the cruise lines' usual excuse of cruise passengers blamed for not washing their hands. Illness - Refused permission to dock
March 18 Empress
Miami Herald reports the cruise line canceled six sailings — March 30, April 4, April 7, April 11, April 16 and April 21 — from PortMiami for three-, four- and five-night voyages in the Caribbean. Empress of the Seas’ extensive makeover to take it from a Pullmantur Cruises ship, one of Royal Caribbean Cruises’ brands, to a Royal Caribbean International ship is going to take a little longer than expected, the cruise line told travel agents Friday. Guests who have already booked their vacation can switch to a voyage in the same cabin type on Majesty of the Seas sailings through April 29 for no additional cost. Passengers can also rebook on the 1,602-passenger Empress of the Seas when it sets sail again on April 25 for the cost of their original cruise fare — as long as no other delays occur. Guests who rebook will get $100 in on-board credit. Those who choose not to book again will receive a full refund, the cruise line said. Canceled sailings
March 17 Unknown
Orlando Sentinel reports on a new lawsuit against Disney Cruise Line is alleging that a passenger’s thumb was cut off during a Carribbean cruise, when a cabin door slammed suddenly on it. The suit, filed in Orlando federal court, says that passenger Marco Fidel Castro suffered the amputation of his thumb on or about April 26. Castro, a grandfather, and his family were allegedly getting ready for the Captain’s dinner on the second night of the cruise when the injury occurred. “He was near the hallway door with his thumb on the door frame, and his wife was holding the door open with her foot,” said Castro’s attorney Jordan Wagner, of Stuart. “She moved and her foot came away, and he didn’t realize the door was closing. The door slammed shut with force.” The suit alleges negligence and breach of duty against Disney Cruise Lines, including: Failure to maintain cruise cabin doors in a safe manner; failure to warn anyone of the dangers associated with the cabin doors; failure to provide safety devices on the hinges of the cabin doors; failure to provide timely and adequate medical care. The suit seeks unspecified damages associate with the cost of medical care and other costs. Lawsuit
March 15 Pacific
From a reader: this morning (14 March) a crew member fell down a shaft and was mangled by a fan. Emergency response came and he is currently unconscious. We are headed to the nearest port where he will be transported by helicopter which will land on the ship at about 8p tonight. The port will be Mumbai India where he can get the best medical care. UPDATES: 3/16/16 - We stayed up late that night to watch a boat come and pick him up. Quite a lesson learned that we would never want to to be in an evacuation situation with an accident of health crisis. We could see that he was on a stretcher completely wrapped in white except for his face. Very sad. 3/17/16 - We are going to arrive early evening in Dubai. We heard an update that the crew member is having multiple surgeries (in Mumbai) and in ICU, but stable. Crew seriously injured
March 14 Allure
From a reader: Ship returned to Port Everglades several hours after departing last night and stayed at the dock<30 minutes. Looked like an ambulance was waiting from my view on Fort Lauderdale harbor cam. Brief return to port
March 12 Oasis
Local 10 News reports a crewmember who threatened to jump from the railing of the Oasis of the Sea cruise ship while it was docked at berth 18 at Port Everglades has been hospitalized. Deputies responded to the scene at 10 a.m. Saturday. Deputies said hostage negotiators communicated with the man, who is in his late 30s, for several hours. The incident ended at 12:45 p.m. when negotiators were able to get close enough to physically prevent the man from jumping, deputies said. He was taken to Broward Health Medical Center Suicide threat
March 10 Pearl Mist
Pearl Sea
Cruise Critic reports the ship has canceled its first two scheduled sailings between Fort Lauderdale and Cuba. The March 6 voyage would have made Pearl Seas the first American cruise line to sail from Fort Lauderdale to Cuba in more than 50 years. Instead, travelers on the line's ship - 210-passenger Pearl Mist -- have been notified that the March 16 sailing, as well as the one on March 6, will not go as planned. "Pearl Seas Cruises has received notice this morning that the approval meeting of the Cuban government scheduled for today (March 10, 2016) has been postponed until after President Obama's visit," said Timothy Beebe, vice president of Pearl Seas Cruises, in a statement. "Therefore we are forced to cancel the March 16, 2016 Cuba Cultural Voyage cruise. Passengers will have the choice to transfer their reservation to another cruise or receive a full refund." Canceled port calls
March 10 Island
Cruise Law News reports the FBI is investigating the death of a crew member. The cruise ship was in Colon, after cruising in the Panama Canal, when a crew member was discovered dead in his cabin. Some people are saying that it is an apparent suicide but others are stressing that the FBI has not discosed an official cause of death. He was a young, newly hired galley employee on his first contract. We are not disclosing the crew member's name nor the alleged mechanism of his death at this time. The cruise ship has canceled the next port of call in Limon, Costa Rica. It departed Ft. Lauderdale on March 4 for a 10-day Panama Canal cruise, scheduled to return on March 14 Crew member death
March 10 Unknown Breaking Belize News reports a group of 6 tourists from a cruise ship are leaving Belize with unpleasant Robbery Investigation memories after they were held up this afternoon at the Altun Ha Maya site along the Old Northern Highway. Tour guide from Hattieville, Clifford Hoare, and several tourists lost cash and other valuables to two armed and masked men. Pax robbed ashore
March 9 Getaway
A poster at Cruise Critic reports a friend is on the Getaway and someone jumped from 18 and landed on deck 8. They didn't make it. Not sure on the details so far, some people say they were running from security for some reason? Cruise Hive reports “he jumped from the last deck and landed on deck 8 in front of the HR and the senior doctor, they were on the deck together on break…the FBI is on board of the getaway.” A crew member also said staff who were working at the ships front desk got in serious trouble for not answering a 911 call. He said “no one answered the 911 called nor logged the previous called recieved…it has been chaos all day today, the guest died. A reader wrote: that rumor was that a 21 year old was running around on deck 16 in his underwear. When the crew chased him, he jumped over the railing, landed on the roof of deck 8 and died. He also reports that it was initially thought that the passenger had gone overboard -- a life ring was thrown into the water and the ship started turning right, towards the light of the preserver. About 5 minutes later, the Captain announced to all passengers that it was originally thought that someone went overboard but instead it was a medical emergency. Death "jumping" from upper deck
March 8 Diamond
Otago Daily News reports the ship was turned away close to Taiaroa Head early yesterday by strong winds. That meant more than 700 people booked on Dunedin Railways trips did not arrive, and extra staff who were ready for passengers at cafes, bars and other tourism operations were no longer required. Dunedin i-Site visitor centre manager Louise van de Vlierd said news of the cancellation did not come through until 7.40am, as she was heading to Port Chalmers to open the centre's marquee. Missed port call
March 6 Solstice
From a passenger: This morning it was announced that the ship would not stop at Bali, Indonesia On March 7 because both British and Australian authorities were concerned about credible terrorist threats. All passengers were given a notice prior to boarding regarding a potential concern. The Solstice will instead arrive at Darwin two days early and overnight at the port. It will all make a quick technical stop at Willis Island as required by Maritime law. At this time no compensation was offered. Missed port call
March 5 Navigator
Cruise Law News reports a passenger (a 46 year old man from Texas) apparantly disappeared into the water late last night. Passengers on the ship are stating that there was an Oscar, "Oscar, Oscar" announcement around 11:00 P.M. The cruise ship began a search. Lighted life preservers were thrown overboard. The Coast Guard was notified and a helicopter arrived on the scene after an hour and a half. Passengers commented that it was very dark and difficult circumstances to try and rescue anyone. The cruise ship has returned to port in Port Everglades without rescuing the overboard person or locating his or her body. Subsequent reports suggest the person "fell" from the balcony of his cabin. The Inquisitor reports the man was on the ship with his mother. Several other passengers told him that the man and his mother “got into a big argument” the night he fell off the ship. Later in the evening, he was seen talking to someone else on the 10th deck stateroom balcony, added the Daily Mail. As the story goes, the person talking to the man turned away for a moment, and then he heard a splash. He had disappeared, apparently tumbling over the railing and 100 feet into the sea. The authorities haven’t put forth their own version of the evening’s events and haven’t confirmed whether the man fell off the ship by accident, fell of his own volition, or was pushed. Pax overboard
March 3 Sunshine
CDC reports 173 of 3001 passengers (5.76%) and 5 of 1142 crew (0.44%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. The cruise began February 21; it ends March 5th. Illness
March 1 Anthem
CDC reports132 of 4061 passengers (3.25%) and 16 of 1592 crew (1.01%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness.Two CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officers and an epidemiologist will board the ship in Bayonne, NJ on March 2, 2016 to conduct an environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities. Illness
February 29 Ocean
CDC reports 63 of 603 passengers (10.45%) and 7 of 773 crew (1.82%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. CDC Vessel Sanitation Program is monitoring the outbreak and the ship’s response procedures. Specimens have been collected and will be sent to CDC for additional testing. The cruise began February and ends March 7th when it leaves the US for dry dock. Illness
February 27 Fascination
Action News Jax reports passengers said they were scheduled to depart at 4:00 p.m. but were told there were issues with hot water onboard; departure was delayted for hours. Delayed departure
February 27 Anthem
Cruise Law News reports RCI decided that to cancel the last two days of the current cruise which will skip Barbados and St Kitts in order to "avoid a severe storm & provide guests with a comfortable journey back home." The weather reports seem pretty tame. It seems that the decision to cancel the remainder of the Anthem cruise is motivated more in order to avoid bad press than bad weather. Why? Passengers are reporting that over 65 people have come down with symptoms of the dreaded norovirus. A code red is underway. If there are 65 official reports, chances are that the true number is much higher. There will be what the cruise lines call "enhanced" when the ship returns to New Jersey on Wednesday. Royal Caribbean's reputation can't take a massive noro outbreak on the heels of subjecting its guests to a massive storm earlier this month.
So what happens when the cruise ship returns to port 2 days early? If this were truly just a weather related event, then the passengers, whose flights home are still scheduled two days later, should be able to stay on the ship. But if passengers are forced to leave the ship early for the anticipated super cleaning, it would seem that Royal Caribbean is more concerned with eradicating norovirus from its huge cruise ship than risking its guests encountering another round of rough weather.
Cruise ending two days early
February 27 Breeze
Cruise Hive reports 2 passengers ended up in jail on Thursday after stealing. Regional news site Spice is reporting 37-year-old Joshua and 20-year-old Casey from Arizona were visiting Cozumel, Mexico when the ship was docked at the island for the day. The 2 passengers had stolen items from 3 different premises at the Royal Village Shopping Centre located just walking distance from the cruise ship. The stealing occurred at around 3PM and they were caught by the facilities security officers and shop staff. Joshua and Casey were then put in a local jail cell. The Mexican site went on to report the passengers ha stolen two pairs of lenses from Sunglass Island (worth about 2,000 pesos each), a pair of sandals and a bag of candy from a pharmacy. Shop managers called for charges against them. Pax arrested for theft
February 27 Ocean Dream (originally P&O Spirit of London) Maritime News reports the abandoned ship capsized and sank at Laem Chabang road about a nautical mile off Laem Chabang breakwater. The cruise ship tilted and rested with portside the bottom, as half of the hull remained above the water. The local authorities are monitoring the ship’s wreck for oil leaks and water pollution, which might result in big environmental and economical disaster. During the accident on board of the vessel there were no people, so no report for injuries. The authorities are investigating the root cause of the accident and will open a lawsuit for the costs of wreck removal to the shipowner. The ship was anchored at Gulf of Siam for more than one year and abandoned by crew and shipowner. The local authorities contacted several times the shipowner and operator, asking to remove the vessel from Thailand waters, but without any response. About an year ago, the ship was to depart in China and start cruise from there, but instead was anchored at Laem Chabang road and abandoned and with no crew and due maintenance. Sunk
February 24 Multiple ships Cayman Compass reports weather conditions in January and February caused Cayman to miss out on nearly 54,000 cruise ship passengers. According to Joseph Woods, manager of cruise operations for the Port Authority, Cayman missed out on 32,026 cruise ship passengers in January and 21,899 passengers in February as ships passed by as a result of the choppy water and high waves in the port. Skipped port calls
February 22 Riviera
CDC reports 124 of 1225 passengers (10.12%) and 3 of 773 crew (0.39%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. A CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officer and an epidemiologist boarded the ship upon arrival in Miami, FL to conduct an environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities. outbreak and response activities. The ship began its 10 day cruise on February 12. According to Cruise Critic, the cruise returned to Miami two days ahead of schedule. Reportedly, embarkation of the next cruise will be delayed. Illness
February 22 Fantasy
Miami Herald reports the ship was stalled for several hours at PortMiami on Monday after a technical issue forced the cruise line to change the ship’s itinerary. The cruise experienced a propulsion problem that affected its maximum cruising speed, according to a statement from Carnival. As a result, the 2,000-passenger ship changed its planned 5-day itinerary with stops in Key West and Cozumel to a route that includes Nassau, Bahamas and Freeport, Jamaica as ports of call. A performance by comedian Kathy Griffin scheduled for Cozumel on Wednesday has been canceled. Propulsion problems - itinerary change
February 22 Divina
Cruise Hive reports a passenger become aggressive on a chartered cruise by Holy Ship. According to a fellow passenger the man was in cabin 8223 and on drugs when he began shouting for champagne for more than 6 hours. The guest is seen throwing balcony chairs at the tender lifeboat which then ended up falling below on deck. According to a passenger, staff members had to strap him to a wheelchair just to get him out of there and off the ship. when the ship was docked in Nassau, Bahamas which was the second day of the voyage. The ship was sailing a 3-night voyage which departed Miami, Florida on February 10, 2016. Pax causes damage
February 21 Multiple ships Cruise Critic reports tropical Cyclone Winston has caused the diversion of several cruises. It is not yet known when cruise ships will return to Fiji as the post-cyclone clean-up continues. P&O Cruises announced today it has cancelled all visits to Fijian ports until further notice. Pacific Pearl, which departed Auckland, New Zealand, today on its 'Fiji Encounter' cruise, will instead visit Tonga. The eight-night itinerary originally included only three ports -- Suva, Port Denarau and Dravuni Island -- all located in Fiji. Over the weekend another P&O ship, Pacific Jewel, cancelled its call to Mystery Island in Vanuatu. Cunard's Queen Victoria, sailing in the South Pacific on its world cruise, also skipped a scheduled port, Apia, due to rough conditions. Royal Caribbean International was forced to make changes to the current South Pacific itineraries of Voyager of the Seas and Legend of the Seas. Cyclone related port call cancelations
February 17 Sun
Crew-Center reports Puerto Aysén authorities in Chile are investigating the disappearance of a Filipino crew member who went overboard from NCL cruise ship Norwegian Sun. Investigation was launched to determine the circumstances of the disappearance of the crew member occurring in Chilean national waters. According to the preliminary records the chief prosecutor of Puerto Aysén, Patricio Echeverría Jory, identified the crew member as Dominic Santiago Gubertino age 55. Upon the arrival in Chacabuco, Gubertino co-workers realized that he was not onboard and security officers reviewed the CCTV cameras showing that he went overboard at 06.41 am on 16.02.2016. During the afternoon the prosecutor boarded the cruise ship to investigate this tragic event. According to information provided by Norwegian Sun officers it was not until 9:45 that they realized the crew member was missing and they mobilized all crew members to find out if Gubertino was onboard. Afterwards Norwegian Sun notified the authorities in Puerto Chacabuco informing them that one crew member went overboard into the sea. Crew overboard
February 16 Riviera
CDC reports 79 of 1225 passengers (6.45%) and 3 of 773 crew (0.39%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. A CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officer and an epidemiologist are currently making plans to board the ship upon arrival in Miami, FL to conduct an environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities.The cruise began February 12th and ends the 22nd. Illness
February 7 Magic
Inquisitor reports there was a potential man overboard on Saturday night, but confirmation from Disney Cruise Line was never given. It was confirmed by a number of passengers though, that all onboard were required to emergency stations late on Saturday evening. Upon boarding each sailing on Disney Cruise Line, there is a mandatory safety meeting before setting sail. All passengers must attend the meeting and know of their emergency meeting locations and procedures. Adam Neal is the managing editor for the TC Palm, and he was tweeting out updates on Saturday evening. At one point, Neal said that the cruise director of the Disney Magic did say there was a “possible man overboard” all guests needed to be on deck at their emergency stations.
Around 9 p.m., there was an odd notification that came through all speakers on the Disney Magic. Around 10 p.m., there was the announcement that there was a possible man overboard. Around 10:30 p.m., all passengers were requested to report to the deck, and by 11 p.m., it seemed as if all were on deck. Neal continued on saying that many of the passengers on deck were discussing the possibility of a man going overboard, but there was never any more word from Cast Members. The Disney Magic did arrive in Port Canaveral on Sunday morning, but it was a bit late. Upon disembarkation on Sunday, there was no further word on the situation from Saturday night.
?Person overboard?
February 7 Anthem
WFTV reports the ship is expected to dock in Port Canaveral Monday morning, following an encounter with a severe storm. Passengers were locked down in their cabins. The strong storm hit the Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas hard off the coast of the Carolinas as it was en route to Port Canaveral after a six-day trip from New York. The ship trudged through winds of more than 100 miles per hour, according to Severe Weather Center 9's meteorologist Brian Shields. The U.S. Coast Guard said it has not received any calls for assistance from the ship. UPDATE: NBC reports the ship will double back and return to port -- it will head back to Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne, according to Royal Caribbean. The more than 4,000 passengers aboard will receive a full refund for the cruise along with a voucher for 50 percent off a future voyage. Florida Today reports four passengers were injured and the ship experienced minor damage. Battered by storm
February 5 Fantasy
Inquisitor reports the ship suffered mechanical issues while out on a seven night Eastern Caribbean sailing; it appeared the left engine stopped working. The ship had to skip its final stop at Castaway Cay in hopes of getting back to port in time on Saturday morning. The Disney Cruise Line Blog was one of the first to get the word out that the Disney Fantasy had been suffering a mechanical issue of some sort. In no time, there was talk on social media and it was revealed that the port engine was not operating. It was later revealed that the ship would have to operate at a speed of just a little over 17 knots. That is a good bit below the typical 22 knots that the Disney Fantasy typically sails on the seven-night cruises. It also meant that the ship was going to be behind in getting back to Port Canaveral in time for the current sailing to end Saturday morning and the next one to begin on Saturday afternoon. That being said, Disney had to make some adjustments. Propulsion problems - missed port call
February 3 Glory
Cruise Law News reports a passenger died in St. Kitts during a SNUBA excursion booked on the ship.
A cruise passenger who witnessed the spectacle but wishes to stay anonymous states that it allegedly took an ambulance 20 minutes to arrive. The vehicle allegedly had no medical equipment or defibrillator. The passenger who contacted us says that there was "zero medical help" from the St. Kitts paramedics. "They just looked at the guy, said he's dead, and walked away." Nurses and a firefighter vacationing on the Friar's Bay beach reportedly performed CPR on the passenger for 15 minutes without success. The passenger complained that there was allegedly no doctor available who could even pronounce the passenger dead so they could take his body away instead of being left in the sun for hours.
Death on SNUBA excursion
February 2 Diamond
From a reader: my wife and grand daughter are currently on Diamond Princess, cruise from Sydney-NZ and return. They have just sent me an E Mail from the ship. 'Due to many on board ill with noro virus (I cannot obtain numbers) Ship is at Code Red. No self serf at Buffet and other Code red precautions taken. Last Port was Dunedin, NZ on Sunday 31 January, cruise ends at next port, Sydney Thursday 4 February 2016. Mostly Australian/NZ pax on board, with a few Asians and North Americans, about 100 children also on board. Ship is sailing full with 2600 pax. UPDATE February 4th: The ship docked in Sydney this morning, Carnival Australia reports 158 pax and unreported number of crew reported sick with noro. (see Illness
January 31 Emerald Belle
Emerald Watrerways
Cruise Critic reports at 12:30 a.m (UTC+1:00) Sunday morning, the owner of the Den Breejen Shipyard was alerted to a fire on the Emerald Belle,” said Glen Moroney, chairman of the Scenic Group, and owner of the cruise line. “Despite the efforts of firefighters, who were quickly at the scene, the damage is significant. We are grateful and relieved that nobody was onboard at the time and most importantly, there were no injuries to any shipyard worker or firefighters.” Sister line, Scenic, also had a ship under construction nearby but it was quickly moved away so damage was contained to some exterior paint. The cruise line issued the following statement: “Although the Emerald Belle's construction was well along (as it was due to launch in April) the firefighting system onboard was not yet operational. At this point there is no confirmed cause of the fire but a full investigation by the yard and firefighting authorities is being carried out.” Shipyward Fire
January 31 AIDAprima
Japan Times reports arson is being investigated as the cause of a cruise ship fire at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.’s shipyard in Nagasaki early Sunday, the third such incident to strike in January. According to local police and firefighters, a worker at the Koyagi plant of MHI’s Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works, found cardboard and insulation material ablaze aboard the 124,500-ton AIDA Prima, which is one of two ships it is building German cruise line AIDA Cruises. Firefighters said workers quickly put out the fire and no injuries were reported. Sunday’s incident follows an electrical wiring fire near a theater space on Jan. 11, and a cabin fire involving a piece of cloth on Jan. 13. Shipyward Fire - Arson
January 28 Orchestra
Dominica News Online police have confirmed a child, from a visiting cruise ship, has died due to the result of a bus accident in Trafalgar at around 11:00 am Thursday. The child was 16 months old, according to the police. Seven other passengers in the bus, five Italians and two Brazilians, were injured. The passengers were on a shore visit, which they had independently booked through a third party when the accident occurred. The ship’s statement said at least four guests were back on the ship by Thursday afternoon. Pax injured & death on shore
January 28 Paradise
WSTP reports the ship was set to embark on a four-day excursion to Belize and Cozumel. But instead, passengers learned just minutes ago they won't be heading there at all. A statement from Carnival Cruise says: "At this time the Port of Tampa continues to remain closed as a result dense fog and it is unknown when the port will re-open. Given the need to disembark guests currently on board, which will take several hours once the ship docks, we are forced to cancel today’s embarkation for the next cruise. "Therefore, today's scheduled four-day cruise to Cozumel has now been modified to a three-day Cruise to Nowhere embarking tomorrow. Guests departing on today’s voyage have been notified of the current situation. Those that wish to sail on the modified itinerary will receive a 50 percent refund of their cruise and a 50 percent discount on a future Carnival cruise." Carnival Paradise was scheduled to return today from a five-day cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel that departed on Saturday from Tampa where it is based year-round. Delayed disembarkation & embarkation b/c of fog
January 28 Amsterdam
Cook Islands News reports a tender, with 90 passengers aboard, ran into problems while attempting to transport passengers to the beach to join afternoon tours. An attempt was made to pull the boat off the reef using another tender, but it proved unequal to the task and the Ports Authority tug boat Toa was summoned from Avatiu to free the vessel. Six passengers were initially brought to shore aboard a lifeboat, but when conditions became too rough, the cruise ship’s captain and crew took water out to the tender, then helped the remaining passengers walk to shore. Turama Pacific Destination Management, Nina Webb said afternoon tours had been cancelled as a result of the incident. Bill Murphy and Robert Rye from New Jersey in the US were aboard the tender when it struck the reef. “The tender was coming in. It got right into the passage way and then a wave came and pushed it onto the reef and it got stuck,” said Murphy. “Once we were stuck on the reef, the waves would come and just push us further onto the reef. “Originally when we came in, the boat was stuck facing the island, but each wave kept pushing it, causing to turn the opposite way.” Said Robert Rye: “They sent one tender to help pull the tender out but there was too much weight so they had to call in the tug boat. “The crew asked if people could possibly leave the boat and swim to shore to make it lighter to pull it off, but the tender still didn’t seem to be moving. Tender aground
January 28 Quest
The Press reports theship has been reported to Maritime New Zealand for sailing too close to rocks in the Marlborough Sounds. A passenger on board said the boat came within 30 metres of rocks as it entered Tory Channel on Wednesday. The incident happened about 9.20am. Maritime New Zealand confirmed it was making enquiries about a cruise liner entering Tory Channel. The Azamara Quest is owned by Azamara Club Cruises, a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises. Marlborough Express reports the ship did strike the rocks. Maritime New Zealand spokesman Vince Cholewa said police divers from the Wellington Maritime Unit had found paint on the side of the rock. The investigation also found damage to the hull of the ship, he said. TAIC spokesman Peter Northcote said two investigators had boarded the ship when it arrived in Napier to collect evidence. However, he would not comment further until the results of the investigation were released, which could take up to 18 months. Port Marlborough chief executive Ian McNabb said an internal investigation had been launched. The pilot who was guiding the ship had been suspended, pending further information about the incident, though McNabb said he could not comment further while the matter was under investigation. Struck rocks
January 26 Fascination
From 2 passengers: Missed Freeport on 1/22 due to weather. Death on board the morning of 1./25 caused 2 hours of delayed debarkation. We were on board the ship and arriving back in Jacksonville, FL this past weekend when a death occurred onboard. An intercom announcement was made at about 4:30am about a medical emergency in room M83. Disembarking was delayed two hours or so that the medical examiner could investigate, and that the family could be allowed off first. The death was reported to be a middle aged male, and that he had died in his sleep. Missed port call & Delayed disembarkation
January 26 Anthem
From a passenger: There has been an itinerary change. The original sailing was to take place on 1/25 sailing to two ports in Mexico, two in Jamaica, as well as a stop in Labadee Haiti. The new itinerary includes San Juan, St Thomas, St Kitts, and Labadee departing on 1/26. No word on how or if RCCL will credit impacted customers. Itinerary change b/c storm
January 26 Jewel
Associated Press reports seven cruise ship passengers have been arrested after 24 pounds of cocaine was found on board a Royal Caribbean liner just before it was to set off on a cruise from Puerto Rico. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Monday that a dog doing cabin inspections aboard the ship found the drugs worth around $300,000 on Sunday. The ship departed San Juan on Sunday for an eight-day trip. While performing cabin inspections, the CBP canine alerted to a piece of luggage in one of the cabins. When they opened the suitcase, 10 packages were found that subsequently tested positive to the properties of cocaine. Drug bust
January 25 Anthem
Detroit Free Press reports Jan. 15 cruise to the Southern Caribbean had to be extended by a day due to the giant nor’easter Jonas that swept up the east coast. That cruise didn’t return to port until Jan. 25 because of the bad weather. Delayed arrival & disembarkation
January 25 Unknown Tribune242 reports an adult male United States visitor from Missouri has been taken into custody by the Royal Bahamas Police Force in connection with an alleged indecent assault of a female on Saturday morning. Shortly after 9am a female visitor on a cruise ship moored at Prince George Wharf reported to police that she was indecently assaulted on board by the suspect, who is also a passenger on the ship. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody. Separately, police also took an adult female US visitor from Fort Lauderdale into custody for possession of dangerous drugs on Saturday evening. Shortly after 6pm, officers from the Tourism Policing Unit conducted a search of a suspicious female visitor at Prince George Wharf and found a quantity of marijuana in her possession. She was arrested and taken into custody.

Sexual assault -

Drug bust

January 24 Vision
Royal Raribbean Blog reports Royal Caribbean has decided to cancel today's scheduled stop for one of its cruise ships at the cruise line's private destination of Labadee in Haiti due to ongoing protests. marks the third time a Royal Caribbean ship has skipped a stop at Royal Caribbean's private destination since the protests began last week. Skipped - protests
January 23 Paradise
BayNews9 reports the ship was delayed returning to the dock at Port Tampa Bay by about 10 hours on Saturday because winds were too high. The ship was supposed to dock at about 5:30 a.m., but the ship finally made it to the dock around 3:30 p.m. Passengers started disembarking the boat around 5 p.m. It s returning from a five-day cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel that departed on Monday, Jan. 18, Delayed return
January 23 Grandeur
WBAL reports the Maryland Department of Transportation says a winter storm hwill delay the return of a cruise ship to the Port of Baltimore. The port's cargo terminals will be closed from 7 p.m. Friday through Sunday. Thus, the ship scheduled to dock Sunday morning will arrive Monday morning instead. The ship's next cruise had been scheduled to depart Sunday afternoon. Delayed return b/c of snow
January 22 Unknown Dominica News reports a woman from a cruise ship was robbed in Roseau on Friday morning. An eyewitness told Dominica News Online that the victim and another lady was about to enter a wine store on Long Lane when she was pounced upon by a young man. “The guy ran up, grabbed the lady’s chain from her neck and threw her down in the drain,” the eyewitness said. The eyewitness, who said he couldn’t believe such incident could happen in broad daylight, said the perpetrator made good his escape in the direction of the Old Market. He said no attempts were made by anyone to stop him. “There are all the bus drivers and vendors and nobody stopped the guy,” he said. Robbery ashore
January 21 Navigator
Royal Raribbean Blog reports Royal Caribbean has decided to cancel today's scheduled stop for one of its cruise ships at the cruise line's private destination of Labadee in Haiti due to ongoing protests. Skipped - protests
January 19 Crown
CDC reports 180 of 3060 passengers (5.88%) and 24 of 1168 crew (2.05%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. Two CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officers and one epidemiologist boarded the ship in Los Angeles, CA, on January 18, 2016, to conduct an environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities. The cruise began January 3rd. Illness
January 19 Freedom
Cruise Law News reports dozens of chanting protesters, banging pots and cymbals, and packed onto a half dozen small vessels, greeted the ship as it docked this morning in Labadee, Haiti. At first it appeared the vessels were approaching the docked ship as part of a rehearsed welcoming ceremony. However, when two coast guard ships arrived and began circling the vessels and encouraging them to leave the waters, it became clear this was a protest – though the specifics of the protesters complaints were not completely spelled out. One sign, held by one of the protesters, read “USA Away!” After some thirty minutes’ delay the ship, a voice over the ship’s loudspeaker system announce there would be a short delay before passengers could leave the ship. The vessels continued to play cat and mouse with the coast guard vessels, slightly larger than the protesters’ boats, but all dwarfed by the docked cruise ship. After more than two hours a voice once again came across the loudspeaker system explaining to passengers that local Haitian elections will take place in another week and that the protests they were watching were a local matter. It seemed a number of passengers and crew members weren’t buying this explanation. Finally, the voice stated that the cruise ship would not be disembarking today “for the safety of our passengers, which we hold to be of the utmost importance.” One veteran crewmember told me said she had been sailing into Labadee for 13 years and this was the first time she had seen such a protest. Skipped port call because of protests
January 18 Star
From a passenger: (RE: cruise beginning Jan 4th) Embarkation fiasco at Rio. 4.5 hours standing outside the terminal in high temperatures and then in unorganised long queues inside. Poor weather conditions meant that only 2 ports were visited one of which led to a major event, where by 1500 passengers and 100 crew, were stranded on shore, with very poor conditions, passengers were told to go away and come back later. Many didn't have any money, many stayed in the small cruise terminal and had to stand for over 4 hours before the tender service resumed. Those passengers that managed to take the last tenders between 15.00-16.00 were subject to terrifying tender journeys back to the ship. Those on board the ship were assured that those on shore were being well looked after, however that was not the case. Medicines for heart condition were handed personally to an officer for transport ashore. These medicines never reached the person they were intended for. Compensation? Oh sorry and 50% off the price of a future cruise. Was supposed to be holiday of a lifetime, didn't even get to see the Penguins!, Missed ports
January 18 Dream
From a passenger: Missed last port of call St. Marteen on Wed. Jan 13th. We were along the pier, but never tied up. Captain then went back into the bay to try again. He mentioned that because of swells, we could not dock safely. (Sea appeared calm) After another 2 hours, he said that we would be unable to dock and would have to miss the port. Note: After we were initially along the pier, 2 RCL ships docked on the pier next to us successfully. There were 2 much smaller ships on either side of our pier. If we were too long for our pier to dock safely, you would think that 1 of the ships could have repositioned themselves on the other side of the pier to allow us to use only one side. No compensation provided. Missed port call
January 17 Pride
From a passenger: The ship missed its port call at Freeport Jan 15th. Missed port call
January 16 Magic
From a passenger: We left Cozumel around 7 pm CST last night. At a bit after midnight, the Captain announced he had turned the ship to do a medical evacuation to Cancun. He brought the ship to a halt, and Cancun sent a Marine Rescue boat out to meet us. The initial attempt to link the two boats failed due to heavy winds/seas, so the Captain spun the ship until the boat was able to come to the sheltered side. A white-haired gentleman was eventually transferred to the boat, and it left the ship around 1:20 AM. He was alive and awake, and waved to everyone (who then cheered). I assume we will be an hour or two late to Galveston tomorrow but so far no announcement this morning. Stop at Cancun for med evac
January 15 Reflection
From a passenger: At around 2pm the cruise director made an announcement asking any passengers or crew who were registered blood donors and type O-negative to report to the medical center. Call for blood donor
January 14 Independence
Royal Caribbean blog reports 21 guests on a shore excursion were involved in a traffic accident in Falmouth, Jamaica today. In the incident, one guest passed away, while three others were treated for injuries at a local hospital. Royal Caribbean crew members have gone to the hospital in Falmouth to assist. Death/injuries in bus accident
January 14 Spirit of Tasmania (ferry) reports the ferry broke free of its moorings and crashed into a pier in Port Melbourne during a wild storm on Wednesday. Witnesses said the ship drifted until it was at a 90-degree angle to Station Pier by about 6pm and collided with part of the pier, causing damage to the front of the vessel. By 8pm, tugboats had towed the Spirit of Tasmania II back in line with the pier, and it was then secured. Collision with pier
January 13 Solstice
3News reports a Brazilian couple has been kicked off the ship today after the woman allegedly stole a handbag from the vessel's store worth hundreds of dollars. The incident happened when the ship was in the Fiordland region and security staff reported the incident once docked in Port Chalmers, Dunedin. A branded handbag was taken from one of the onboard shops and later found in the couple's cabin. The sequence of events was backed up by security footage, Senior Constable Steve Tvrdeic says. He says the ship's security didn't wish to pursue prosecutions but the couple had been told to disembark. Pax evicted
January 12 NCL Jezebel reports employees of Norwegian Cruise Lines were recently notified without warning or explanation that they would no longer have access to emergency contraceptives—for free or for purchase—unless they had been raped or sexually assaulted. The change went into effect on November 1. There was no company memo or meeting with a physician announcing the change; rather, women began to be turned away from the health center when requesting the contraception toward the end of 2015. “We do not have access to a CVS or Walgreens while we are out to sea for months at a time,” one employee wrote in an email. “Often crew members are limited as to when they can and cannot get off the ship. For example, non U.S. citizens are not allowed off the ship in New York City.” Still, sexual healthcare available on cruise ships is questionable to begin with—even for guests. According to The Telegraph, only six of the biggest cruise lines (Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, MCS Cruises, Holland America, Disney, and Crystal Cruises) out of the 12 competitive cruise lines make condoms available to their guests, and even fewer provide emergency contraception. Ceases crew access to emergency contraceptives
January 12 Balmoral
Fred Olsen
Cruise Hive reports a tender boat has experienced a malfunction on Sunday, January 10 while doing a scheduled boat training drill. The crew onboard the Balmoral vessel were doing a safety drill, while the ships tender boat was being lowered to the water a malfunction occurred. “This incident occurred as a result of the ship’s winches lowering the tender boat at different speeds” It’s not yet clear why the winches could not synchronise. The winches were independently surveyed in December 2015 for Flag compliance and no issues were found at the time. At the time the 43,540 gross ton ship was docked in Funchal, Madeira. After the tender boat malfunctioned, it was lowered safely and lifted onto the forecastle of Balmoral. Tender boat malfunction
January 12 AIDAprima
Maritime Executive reports an electrical fire in a compartment aboard the new cruise ship AIDAprima, currently at the Mitsubishi shipyard in Nagasaki, which could push back her inaugural voyage one more time. The fire triggered an alarm on the ship at 2030 hours local time on January 11. The shipyard's fire brigade and local authorities were able to contain the blaze quickly. Shipyard workers and crew were evacuated and no injuries were reported. The delivery of the 125,000 gt AIDAprima, the firm's new flagship, has already been delayed several times. She was scheduled to debut in the first half of 2015; this was pushed back to delivery in the second half of the year, then again to December, according to Mitsubishi. Last month she finished her third set of sea trials. Whether the fire will delay her inaugural trip again is not yet clear. Fire
January 11 Sinfonia
From a passenger: The ship was due to dock in Cape Town this morning from Durban at 04h00 and eventually docked at 10h30 local time due to high seasonal winds. Her sailing later this afternoon to Walvis Bay is delayed and the winds are expected to increase at the expected revised time of departure. UPDATE: the ship remained tied up with tugs holding her alongside the pier until winds subside. The itinerary has now changed from a call at Walvis Bay to the tender port of Luderitz (Namibia -- about 600 km south of Walvis Bay). Delayed arrival & departure
January 8 Divina
From a passenger: The port call at Belize City was replaced with a port call at Costa Maya because of "technical" issues. Change of port call
January 8 Caribbean
Breaking Belize News reports a 67 year old female passenger was snorkeling when she suddenly went under water and had to be rescued. However, she did not respond to emergency assistance and was pronounced dead. The shore excursion was with Hugh Parkey’s Belize Dive Connection, a full service Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) facility located at Hugh Parkey’s Belize Adventure Lodge on Spanish Look-Out Caye located just 25 minutes from Belize City. Superintendent Garcia said they do not know as yet what caused her death, nor whether she had any conditions that contributed. He also noted that most of the deaths at sea involving cruise ship passengers have been largely older persons. Snorkeling death
January 7 Star Pride
Cruise Critic reports more sailings on Windstar's Star Pride have been canceled after a grounding of the ship in Panama on December 22. Sailings through April 9th have now been canceled. Previously, only cruises through January 9th had been canceled. Cruises canceled
January 7


The Advocate reports federal authorities have arrested five men accused of smuggling several kilograms of cocaine into New Orleans aboard a cruise ship coming from Honduras. One of the suspects, a Jamaican man known as “Uncle,” was taken into custody following a sting operation inside a Warehouse District hotel. Authorities said he was carrying $19,000 wrapped in a black plastic bag — cash they said he intended to use to buy the smuggled drugs. The bust happened Sunday morning after agents with Homeland Security Investigations, the investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, spotted three crewmen of the docked cruise ship Norwegian Dawn gathered inside a restroom at the Outlet Collection at Riverwalk, the shopping mall adjacent to the cruise ship terminal. Two of the men removed their shoes and pants inside restroom stalls — a red flag to border security, as smugglers often hide drugs in their clothing. The agents detained those two men — the third suspect having left the restroom — and seized a shoulder bag holding six packages of cocaine, one of which had been concealed “in a pair of underwear that had a compartment sewn into the crotch area,” according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court. Once in custody, the two crew members, Asbert Lowmans and Jean Louis, admitted to smuggling, according to the complaint, and Lowmans “immediately agreed to cooperate with agents.” The authorities said they eventually tracked down the third man seen in the restroom, Esias Felicien, and another suspect named Kevin John, whom Felicien had met separately in the Riverwalk. Felicien had been headed toward the elevators, apparently to return to the cruise ship, when he was arrested carrying a shopping bag containing a “used smugglers’ girdle,” according to the complaint, which was signed by Agent Timothy Subervielle of Homeland Security Investigations. John was said to be carrying a shopping bag of his own with another package of cocaine. Combined, the smuggled cocaine weighed about 4.75 kilograms, according to the complaint. Drug bust
January 7 Pacific Aria
P&O Australia
7 News reports shocking footage of water pouring down a staircase inside a P&O cruise ship has emerged. The moment was taken with an iPhone showing a waterfall flowing down stairs and carpet becoming submerged under storm water as passengers try to dodge the puddles like mine bombs. The incident happened on December 30 on the Pacific Aria while travelling between Cairns and Brisbane and the footage was taken on an iPhone. A passenger told Seven News there was no warning before water began cascading down a flight of stairs and spilling into corridors. The cruise liner company says there was no danger to passengers, blaming a huge downpour during a tropical storm. From a reader: I was interested to be told that P&O provided six hours of free drinks on New Years Eve to passengers on the Pacific Aria. NOTE: It is unclear whether this was because of the water, or just a New Year's amenity. Water pouring down staircase
January 6 Braemar
Fred Olsen
From a passeger: RE: 18 December to 4 January cruise, two ports were skipped -- one being Madiera and the other being Tenerife. In the case of the latter they said was due to bad weather, but crew said it was due to too few passengers on board make it not financially viable to dock. Other cruise ships had docked (smaller boats). Also a helicopter was called to airlift a 30 year old who was ill, but helicopter was stood down as lady died on board. Skipped port calls
January 6 Pacific Jewel
P&O Australia
ABC News (Australia) reports early on Saturday, a small group of curious onlookers watched as the Pacific Jewel, carrying about 2,000 passengers and 600 crew, stopped alongside the small coastal port. However, due to strong winds and high swells, the ship was forced to continue on its journey. It was the second time the small seaside town had missed out on a visit by the company's cruise ship passengers, after large swells prevented the Pacific Pearl from dropping anchor in Robe's Guichen Bay in April 2014. Skipped port call

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