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The table below lists "events at sea" occurring after January 1, 2013, including cruise ship accidents.  It is based on media reports, passenger reports posted at on-line boards and discussion groups, and reports sent to Cruise Junkie. In reviewing the information, please keep in mind that some cruise lines are given less scrutiny by the media than others, and it is not uncommon for events to not appear in the media.  This information reflects only that which has made it into the public domain.

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Cruise Line
Type of Incident
December 20 Unknown-dam
Holland America Line
Cayman 27 reports the body of a snorkeller has been recovered from the water near on Public Beach. Police and paramedics were alerted after the wife of a cruise passenger reported him missing. The man was pulled from the sea by a Red Sail boat and taken the Cayman Islands Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police tell us the 35-year-old man is from the Michigan area of the United States. He was aboard the cruise ship Holland America, and was travelling with his wife and 7-year-old child. This is the 6th death this year of a similar nature. Death on shore excursion (snorkeling)
December 20 Unnamed Yorkshire Evening Post reports a cruise ship musician has been jailed after being caught downloading child abuse images for the third time. Guitarist Howard Ellis, 60, was arrested by West Yorkshire Police officers when his ship came into port at Southampton after they discovered he had been accessing the illegal images from his home in Leeds. Leeds Crown Court heard Ellis has two previous convictions for downloading abusive images of children dating back to 2010. Ellis, of Priesthorpe Lane, Farsley, was jailed for 18 months after pleading guilty to 11 offences of making indecent images of children. Alisha Kaye, prosecuting, said West Yorkshire officers received information that illegal images had been accessed from an internet provider address linked to Ellis’s then home in Kippax. Miss Kaye said Ellis was a musician on a cruise liner and was away at the time the offences came to light in July this year. Officers went to the south coast to arrest Ellis as he returned from working on board a Mediterranean cruise. Three lap top computers, four hard drives and a mobile phone was seized and found to contain 625 images and movies of children being sexually abused. Three of the movies were at level A - the most serious category of offending. Some of the images featured children as young as seven being abused. Cruise musician arrested for child porn
December 17 Amarco II Egypt Independent reports local emergency crews rescued 29 tourists and 45 Egyptians on board a cruise ship in the Nile River at Aswan al-Malgam bridge. Aswan Governorate task room had received notification saying a cruise ship called Amarco II broke down in the Nile, on Tuesday evening, in front of the Aswan Malgam bridge. River rescue teams and the police headed to the vessel and the cruise was repaired swiftly before it could have sunk. Disabled - Evacuated
December 16 Noordam
Holland America Line
Sun Sentinel reports a night auditor is accused of stealing more than $10,000 while working aboard a cruise ship. Anthonius Novi Hartanto, 42, is charged with 11 counts of grand theft after $10,220 disappeared while he was auditing revenue aboard the Holland America Noordam during three voyages from Port Everglades, according to the arrest report filed in the case. Investigators say there were 11 thefts between Nov. 3 and Nov. 13, with the stolen amounts ranging from $500 to $1,320. When confronted about the missing money, Hartanto confessed. He identified each theft by dates, amounts and transaction numbers, the report stated. Theft by crew member
December 14 Ocean Star Pacific (originally RCCL Nordic Prince) Philippine Daily Inquirer reports the ship was on its way to Singapore when it ran aground off General Santos City on Friday. A report from the Philippine Coast Guard said the M/V Pacific was stranded some 150 meters from the shore in Barangay Bula, General Santos City. The PCG is concerned the ship may be washed closer to the shore, which is inhabited by squatters. The ship had come from Mexico and was bound for Singapore. It however ran out of bunker fuel in the middle of the trip (it presumably does not have passengers). The captain was trying to bring the ship to the port of General Santos but it ran out of fuel in the area where it ran aground. The owners of the M/V Pacific said they would hire a salvor to remove the ship immediately. The Coast Guard said the possibility of marine pollution as a result of the incident was minimal. Update Dec 17: The ship has been freed and is on its way. It is manned by 21 Indian crew members. Aground
December 13 Costa Luminosa
Costa Cruises
Cruise Law News reports a fire reportedly broke out in the early morning hours on December 11, 2014. Around 5 a.m., while the cruise ship was sailing in the North Atlantic, diesel engine number 4 reportedly caught on fire. The fire was confined to the engine room and was extinguished. There is no indication that any crew members were injured. Fire
December 13 of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Cruise Law News reports the operator of a fan Voyager of the Seas Facebook page (not operated by the cruise line) posted the following: "If you where on the Voyager of the Seas relocation cruise from Singapore to Sydney cruise and you have a really bad cough, then I suggest you got and see a Doctor as you may have Whooping cough . . . " A large number of passengers have posted comments in response to this post. Many passengers on the cruise say that they are ill. Many people say that they are having their blood drawn and are seeing doctors to have their throats swabbed. Others say that it has been confirmed that they have been diagnosed with whooping cough. Passengers complain that they have heard nothing from Royal Caribbean. One person who heard back from the cruise line remarked: "I've heard from RC and they told me they are not compelled to notify all passengers . . . " Whooping cough, also known as "pertussisis," is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by the bacterium bordetella pertussis. Pertussis is known for uncontrollable, violent coughing which often makes it hard to breathe. Pertussis most commonly affects infants and young children. It can be fatal, especially in babies less than 1 year of age. The best way to protect against pertussis is immunization. ?Illness?
December 11 Insignia
Oceania Cruises
St. Lucia Online News reports three people have been confirmed dead after a fire broke out on Ocean Cruises’ Insignia at Port Castries this morning. At a press conference at the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) headquarters this afternoon, officials said the three crew members sustained severe burns. A 42-year-old male is also under observation at hospital for mild respiratory depression caused by smoke inhalation. The names and nationalities of the dead were not disclosed. According to the authorities, the fire started in one of the ship’s four engines. All 600 passengers were evacuated. The ship had 400 crew members. The cruise ship will be docked in Port Castries, until the engine is repaired. In the meantime, reservations are being made for the passengers at various hotels. The cruise ship came from Barbados and was heading to St. Vincent next. UPDATE:The next cruise scheduled for December 17th has been canceled.

Fire - three crew deaths (cruise ended) - Canceleation of next cruise

December 8 Norwegian Star
Norwegian Cruise Line
A poster at Cruise Critic reports: "at about 2.30pm (Nov 17) we watched the dock workers in Miami drop an entire cart of luggage into the water. They got some of it out by using long poles, but eventually they brought in a couple scuba divers to get down to the bottom and get them all. Muster drill got in the way of watching how many sunk to the bottom, but I did see they managed to bring up the cart itself. Ican't really say exactly how it happened as we weren't looking directly at them at that precise moment. We did however see the "oh crap!" look on their faces shortly after it happened. It looked like the guy driving the forklift put a full luggage cart down. That cart bumped the obviously top-heavy cart next to it, which then tumbled into the drink. The Star officer/security were out there taking photos and talking to the dockworkers shortly after it happened. There had to be maybe 15 or so cases that went in the water. Another poster writes: "after the mandatory safety drill, we returned to the cabin to find a message on the phone asking Aileen to call guest services. They explained there was a mishap with a luggage cart during loading and that her suitcase had fallen into the water and was recovered by the divers. She was instructed to meet house keeping staff on deck 4 to inventory all items in her suitcase. A list was made of every item. All clothing was either laundered or dry cleaned and returned to the stateroom closet on the afternoon of the second day. It was all pressed and hung on hangers. The dry suitcase and three pairs of dry shoes of showed up on the third day. Only her favorite pair of 12 year old tennis shoes showed any discoloration. I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism exhibited by the Star's guest service and housekeeping staff during this unfortunate incident that was not the fault of anyone left cleaning up the mess. Hotel Director Hugo Vanosmael's staff did a real good job trying to make it right for the passengers involved. From the facts I gathered on-board, 12 passengers were affected. Luggage falls off pier
December 8 Dawn Princess
Princess Cruises
New Zealand Herald reports about 200 cruise ship passengers have been confined to their cabins after the norovirus bug struck the Dawn Princess while on a trip around New Zealand. The ship, which was sailing around scenic Fiordland National Park, alerted local health authorities to the outbreak. It is now on its way to Australia. Dr Alistair Humphrey, Canterbury Medical Officer of Health said the ship alerted Wellington authorities to the issue late last week. That information was passed onto other public health units where the boat would dock. Dr Humphrey said when the ship later docked at Akaroa, the local doctor was alerted, but there was no evidence any passenger spread the virus from the ship to the mainland. It could take days before an infected person's symptoms were obvious. "Generally speaking [patients] are most infectious when they're symptomatic, which is why it's important to keep people isolated in their cabins..." NZTV reports a Dunedin-based tour operator says the crew of the Dawn Princess cruise liner failed to reveal the true extent of the norovirus outbreak which affected at least 200 passengers on-board. Speaking under a condition of anonymity, an onshore operator told ONE News that it was only when ship passengers talked about the quarantine style conditions that shore staff learned norovirus was on-board. Illness
Deember 6 Oasis of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
A passenger wrote at 11:15PM: On board oasis of the sea and we returned to Fort Lauderdale for a passenger to get off ship due to sickness but still at port 2 hours later. Not sure why we are still at port but no one is really telling us anything. Another reader writes: My In-laws are on board the Oasis and reported that after returning unexpectedly back to ft lauderdale, the ship was met by six police cars and a hearse....and that a body was taken off the ship. Haven't seen nor read any statement from RCC regarding the otherwise unexpected return to port. Delay
Deember 6 Independence of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
The Daily Mirror reportsvthe ship haas been operating on only two out its three propellers for much of the four years she spent sailing from Southampton, it has been revealed. A bearing failure on one of its three Azipod propulsion units left the 3,600-passenger vessel dependent on the remaining two pods – electric motors attached to the outside of the hull replacing conventional shaft-driven propellers. The failure – and the fact that it had only recently been repaired – was disclosed on the Facebook Cruise Lovers group. A contributor said: “Three years of going forward and back over the Bay of Biscay with only two pods is quite a feat.” Royal Caribbean spokeswoman Jo Briody confirmed the equipment failure on the 154,400 ton vessel. She said the propeller blades were removed to prevent further damage and as a result the ship was limited to 19.5 knots (22.5mph) instead of the design speed of 21.6 knots (25mph). “The removal did not cause any delays or missed ports,” she added. The dry dock repair took place in April 2013 - the ship had been with the failed Azipod since 2010. Propulsison problems
Deember 6 Fascination
Carnival Cruise Lines
NewsJax4 reports dense fog in the Jacksonville area has slowed commuters for several days and now cruise ship passengers are feeling the effects of the unusual weather. A dense fog advisory was lifted at 10 a.m. Saturday, but at noon the "Carnival Fascination" was still waiting to pull into port at the JAXPORT cruise terminal. The ship was scheduled to leave port at 8 a.m. After the fog lifted and an all-clear from the Coast Guard, the Carnival Fascination arrived to port around 2:30 p.m. "Once debarkation is completed for the current cruise, embarkation for the next voyage, a five-day Bahamas sailing, is expected to begin at around 4:30 pm. The next voyage will depart this evening with no expected impact on the itinerary," Carnival released in a statement Saturday. Fog delay
December 5 Diamond Princess
Princess Cruises
Western Australian reports concerns have been flagged about the lack of a designated cruise ship anchor point in Geographe Bay after Diamond Princess moored in the wrong location last Thursday. The Department of Parks and Wildlife admitted the ship did not anchor at the correct site because of a crew oversight, but said it did not come close to any reef. Recreational fishermen claim Diamond Princess moored above reef, potentially damaging the marine environment. "The cruise company apologised for not anchoring in the area suggested by Parks and Wildlife and indicated it was a result of an oversight by the crew," she said. "The company has assured the department it will take greater care in the future to follow advice in regards to anchoring in the bay." Dropped anchor in wrong place
December 3 Expedition
G Adventures
Cruise Critic reports the company has canceled an Antarctica cruise after an engine failed on its expedition cruise ship. The ship was berthed in Ushuaia, Argentina, when its portside engine failed unexpectedly on November 18, and G Adventures' engineers and the engine's manufacturers have been unable to fix the problem. The line made the decision to cancel the ship's next sailing, on December 7, after being told that it was unclear whether the repairs would be completed in time. Engine failure - cruise canceled
December 2 Disney Magic
Disney Cruise Line
Cruise Fever reports the ship briefly lost power and was dead in the water for a few minutes this evening off of the northern coast of Cuba as the ship was sailing towards Cozumel, Mexico. Pete Werner, a passenger who is currently on the Disney Magic, posted on his Facebook page shortly after 5:00 p.m. about the outage and that a “huge puff of black smoke seen from the front of the ship followed by power failure”. He followed this status update with another stating that power was fully restored and they were moving once again towards Cozumel. He also said that he heard the maintenance staff saying that this happened on the Wonder in Alaska. Loss of power
November 27 2 NCL ships & 2 CCL ships 7 News Belize reports four ships skipped their port call at Belize City because of weather conditions. Ships also skipped the port the following day on 28 November Canceled port call
November 25 Celebrity Millennium
Celebrity Cruises
Cruise Critic reports he company cancelled two port stops in Indonesia this week due to an undisclosed 'dispute' with Indonesian authorities. The line has canceled a two-night stay in Bali scheduled for this Thursday and a port call in Komodo Island on Sunday (November 30) on Celebrity Millennium. The ship will call in at Ho Chi Minh City (Nov. 26 & 27) and Bangkok (Nov. 29& 30) instead. Millennium is on a 14-night cruise round-trip cruise from Singapore that had been scheduled to call in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. A statement from Celebrity reads: "We regret to inform our guests booked on the November 23 sailing onboard Celebrity Millennium that a dispute has arisen with local Indonesian authorities of a nature that we believe puts [our] legal and ethical standards at serious risk. Because of this dispute, we have been advised that local officials may either prevent guests from disembarking the ship in Bali, or prevent the ship from departing. We refuse to put our guests and crew at such risk. "While we have escalated this matter to the national level with the Indonesian government, we regret to inform our guests that resolution is not expected until after their scheduled Bali itinerary stop, forcing the cancellation of the stop." Several other ships are due in at Indonesian ports over the next few days, including Seabourn Odyssey, Holland America and Crystal Symphony. None of those lines have reported problems and will make their regularly scheduled stops. Canceled port calls
November 24 Oriana
P&O Cruises
Daily Echo reports five passengers have been thrown off a Southampton-based cruise ship after reports of a fight on board. Crew of the Oriana, which is returning to the city today, asked the group - believed to be members of the same family - to make their own way home from the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. According to reports from other guests on board the 69,000 ton vessel, a disturbance involving fighting and arguments among a family party broke out between late Saturday evening and the early hours of Sunday. The five passengers were ordered off the P&O Cruises' ship when Oriana docked in Zeebrugge during a short two-night voyage which left Southampton on Saturday. After being interviewed by Belgium police, members of the group were refused permission to re-board Oriana and had to make other travel arrangements to return to Southampton. In a brief statement a spokesman for P&O Cruises said: “We can confirm five passengers were asked to disembark Oriana following an incident during the early hours of Sunday morning.” Pax evicted
November 24 Sun Princess
Princess Cruises
Daily Telegraph reports thesearch for an elderly passenger who fell 25m from a cruise ship has been called off. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said there had been no sightings of the man since he went overboard at 8.40pm last night 175 nautical miles - or 324km - east of Sydney. "Expert medical advice received by AMSA indicated the man was very unlikely to have survived when he entered the water given the height,” a spokeswoman said. “The advice also indicated that the man would not have been able to survive in the water for an extended period of time given his age, clothing and weather conditions at the time of the incident. “Sea conditions in the area were rough with 25-30 knots winds and swells up to three metres.” The ship had been due to dock at Sydney’s White Bay terminal this morning after completing a 13-day New Zealand cruise. Pax overboard
November 22 Thomson Cruises and Living Sun Holidays Daily Mail reports that customers who signed up for a pre-Christmas cruise for Christians to Turkey, Greece and Israel are still waiting for a refund after the holiday was cancelled 10 days before departure. New Malden-based LivingSun Holidays sold a 10-day break leaving on October 13 but called it off less than a fortnight before setting off citing 'political instability' in the region for leading to a drop in numbers. Company director Bob Fleming said the tour to iconic religious destinations was booked through Thomson Cruises who had yet to refund money paid in advance, meaning LivingSun couldn't pass on the almost £2,500 paid by holidaymakers. However, Thomson Cruises say they have had no such dealings with LivingSun. Thomson Cruises said: 'Thomson Cruises is extremely concerned that LivingSun Holidays has been engaging in promotional activities using the Thomson Cruises trademark, as no permission has been granted for this use. 'Thomson Cruises does not have, and has never had, any association with LivingSun Holidays and no booking for this cruise was passed to us by LivingSun Holidays. Unpaid refunds
November 22 Dawn Princess
Princess Cruises
The Dominion Post reports the ship sailed out of Wellington Harbour this morning when it could not berth because of a winch failure on one of CentrePort's new tugs, Tapuhi. It was scheduled to berth on Aotea Quay at 8am but was unable to do so as new tugs Tapuhi and Tiaki made no attempt to get lines on the ship. With a CentrePort pilot on board, Dawn Princess sailed parallel to Aotea Quay, preparing to berth, before the skipper made the decision to head immediately for Akaroa. CentrePort's General Manager, Operations, Steve Harris, said the tug crew on Tapuhi became aware of the automatic winch problem as the tugs prepared to get lines attached to Dawn Princess. When the automatic winch control system failed on Tapuhi, the crew then switched to manual winch mode. Harris said the master on Dawn Princess turned down the offer to berth the ship via Tapuhi's manual winch mode and immediately sailed out of Wellington harbour for Akaroa. Skipped port call
November 22 Braemar
Fred Olsen Cruises
Daily Echo reports a woman called the Coast Guard on her cell phone after she got locked outside on her balcony outside her room. The Coast Guard contacted the ship and a crew member was sent to let the passenger back into her room. Passenger stuck on balcony
November 22 Celebration
Thomson Cruises
The Gazette reports a man appeared in court after being charged with assaulting two other passengers. The woman received treatment for a fractured spine and a shoulder injury at Middlesbrough’s James Cook University Hospital. Her husband sustained serious injuries to his face. The attacker, 52, appeared at Teesside Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent. David Ward, prosecuting, told the court the incident occurred on the ship just off the coast of Lanzarote on January 29 this year. The attacker was granted conditional bail and his case was committed to Teesside Crown Court to be heard on December 4. Charged with assault of fellow passengers
November 18 Oosterdam
Holland America Line
Herald Sun reports the ship missed its port call to Hobart earlier this week because of weather conditions. The ship's planned port call late-October was also canceled. Canceled port call (weather)
November 18 Unknown 7 News Belize reports 35 year-old Jon Johnson tried to buy weed - of all places - in front of the police prosecution branch. He was busted by an on-duty officer - one of the many who populate that office. The arresting officer says that he was looking through a window from the Prosecution Branch office when he saw Johnson trying to buy weed from a local man. He detained Johnson and found him with 0.2 grams of cannabis - less than 1% of an ounce. Johnson was subsequently charged with possession of a controlled drug, and he was arraigned before the Chief Magistrate. He pleaded guilty to the offence and was fined $200. Drug bust
November 14 Crown Princess
Princess Cruises
CDC reports 158 of 3009 passengers (5.25%) and 14 of 1160 crew (0.99%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. A Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officer will board the ship in San Pedro, CA on November 16th to conduct an environmental health assessment, and evaluate the outbreak and response activities.The ship was on a 28 day cruise ending in LA. Illness
November 12 Crown Princess
Princess Cruises
Cruise Critic reports the ship's arrival into Los Angeles Saturday is expected to be delayed by one day due to a medical evacuation. The ship was sailing from Papeete, Tahiti, on a 28-day itinerary, when a crew member suffered "a serious medical emergency" requiring shoreside medical care. A decision was made to divert 380 miles to reach the nearest island with medical facilities -- Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas Islands -- where the crew member was transferred to an onshore hospital. Crown Princess is now slated to arrive in LA on November 16. Onboard passengers have been provided with free phone calls and internet access to make any necessary changes to travel arrangements as a result of the delay. Those who booked flights independently will need to contact their agent or airline to rebook and then submit the change fee to Princess Cruises for reimbursement consideration. The cruise line has also notified passengers booked on the next sailing, which was scheduled to depart LA on November 15. The line has assisted them with hotel accommodation and flight changes, as well as a one-day per diem refund, onboard credit and a future cruise credit, Candy said Delayed arrival
November 11 Celebrity Eclipse
Celebrity Cruises
Cruise Critic reports the ship's transatlantic crossing is being diverted because of a storm forecast to hit the mid-Atlantic today. The diversion will result in a one-day delayed arrival into New York City. Instead of its normal crossing route, the 2,850-passenger ship will take the longer southern route across the Atlantic, stopping at Funchal in Madeira. An overnight stop at Bermuda has been scrapped. According to Celebrity Cruises, the line has been monitoring the path and progress of the weather system, which is producing high winds and waves. "Given the storm forecast, Celebrity Eclipse's itinerary has been modified to provide a safe and comfortable sailing." Cruise Critic learned of the diversion from forum member WestLakeGirl, who posted from onboard the ship. Celebrity Eclipse left Southampton on Sunday, November 9. It will arrive, as scheduled, in Miami on November 22. Delayed arrival
November 8 Carnival Triumph
Carnival Cruise Lines

Breitbart reports that a 43-year-old man pleaded guilty to transporting a minor across state lines for the purposes of having sex on a Carnival cruise ship. Paul Francis Grimm, age 43, from Wichita, Kansas flew a girl under 18 from her home in Ohio to Houston in order to take her on the ship sailing from Galveston, Texas. Grimm used to live in Ohio and his daughter was friends with the underage girl. Grimm falsely told the girl's mother that he was taking his children on the cruise and wanted the girl to accompany them. At the end of the cruise, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) became suspicious when they realized that Grimm and the minor had different last names. The CBP separated Grimm from the child and found out that Grimm possessed nude photographs of the girl, brought sex toys with him, and had engaged in sexual conduct with the underage girl. 

Sexual assault of minor (attracted from ashore)
November 8 Serenade of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Onboard November 1: the ship had to turn back to the port of Ajaccio, Corsica three hours after departure due to an ill passenger. Captain came on the PA system and explained that the ill passenger needed immediate medical attention and that we would be turning back. We were not late to our next port of Palma. We did 21 knots back to Ajaccio having only been sailing towards Palma at 9 knots. We eventually set sail again for Palma approx 10:30pm Return to port (illness)
November 4 Norwegian Breakaway
Norwegian Cruise Line
From a passenger: Cruise from NYC on 10/12 to 10/19. Glass was found in blueberry sauce that was served to my 2 year old and husband. Husband found it in his month. A few days later a broken plastic cup with very sharp edges was found on the top deck and was reported. After 2 hrs waiting for a clean up nothing was done. Small children were in the area. NOTE: I had a similar experience on a different cruise line a number of years ago: broken shards of plate in a chocolate mousse that cracked a tooth. The response of the cruise line was generally nonchalant and dismissive despite the potential for even more serious injury. The moral of the story: be aware and cautious. Safety issue
November 3 Explorer of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Cruise Law News reports the ship was hit with rough weather. It is sailing on its 14 night re-positioning cruise to Port Canaveral. Two lifeboats on deck 4 were reportedly dislodged and water crashed through glass doors and flooded the interior of the ship. Allegedly the water temporarily disabled the aft elevators. These are are some of the things I am being told. A Cruise Critic member is leaving comments on the Cruise Critic message boards. You can see some dramatic photos of the rough weather here (I'm feeling sea sick just looking at them) and of the lifeboat damage here.   Severe weather
November 1 Bahamas Celebration
Celebration Cruise Line
Tribune 242 reports 700 passengers and crew members were evacuated after the cruise ship ran aground outside Freeport Harbour on Friday night. Salvage crews have spent the day assessing the damage caused by “a small hole in the side of the vessel” after it ran aground 200 yards outside the port around 9pm. The ship returned to port and all passengers and crew left the ship safely. James Verillo, owner of the Bahamas Celebration cruise line, said on Saturday afternoon that a small hole on the side of the vessel has been repaired and the ship is in no danger of sinking. “The ship is listing at about 10 per cent and there is a whole host of professionals on board dealing with the issue. There was a small hole on the side of the ship that has already been patched,” he said. Mr Verillo said they do not know the cost of the damages at this stage. Earlier reports had suggested there was a 50-50 chance the ship might sink. Aground - holed
November 1 Marco Polo
Cruise and Maritime Voyages
The Daily Mail reports was the ship was manoeuvring to drop anchor in high winds near Leknes in Norway's northern Lofoten Islands when it became lodged in soft mud, British owner Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) said. The ship is currently on a 14-night voyage to Norway and the Land of the Northern Lights with 763 passengers. The company hopes t the ship to be freed and leave on schedule after an operation at high water this evening, Aground
November 1 Coral Princess
Princess Cruises
Cruise Law News reports on Friday October 24, 2014, a "rescue boat" on the Coral Princess was being raised on davits with two crew members aboard when a cable snapped. The vessel fell into the water. One crew member identified as Husnan Fauzan sustained mortal injuries and died. The second crew member identified as Steven Bagshaw sustained injuries and treated in the hospital. The fatal accident occurred in Colon, Panama. In 2012, the cruise industry's trade group, the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), adopted a new policy prohibiting crew members in lifeboats when they are being raised or lowered. But some ships still engage in this dangerous practice. Crew member death in lifeboat accident
October 29 Oosterdam
Holland America Line
ABC reports Hobart's first cruise ship of the season has had to abandon its visit due to bad weather. It was due to arrive this morning from Melbourne but because of high winds has gone straight on to New Zealand instead. UPDATE October 30: I am a passenger on Holland America’s Oosterdam. In addition to missing Hobart, Tasmania, we also skipped Milford Sound and Fiordland in NZ due to the storm. In return we were compensated with a free glass of champagne and a refund of $51 per passenger for port fees and taxes. We are now in Port Chalmers (Dunedin) for two nights and three days because of being a head of schedule. Port call canceled (weather)
October 29 Opera
MSC Cruises
Independent Online reports thousands of cruise ship passengers were stuck aboard their ship after it docked in Table Bay Harbour on Tuesday, because too few customs officials were deployed to handle the number of passengers who wanted to step ashore and tour Capetown. The cruise line reacted with anger and disappointment when pre-booked package tours and other tourism arrangements could not be completed because of the problem at the quayside. “Only four customs officials arrived to deal with the passengers and South African passengers who were supposed to board the ship for the cruise to Namibia were also held up for hours,” he said. “At least the passengers on the ship had the comforts of the ship… but the passengers on the quayside had to wait in the sun and wind. This was purely organisational, a staffing issue.” The ship was due to set sail for Namibia at 3pm and the ship’s crew had their hands full trying to work through the backlog to try and meet the sailing time as well as the arrival time at Walvis Bay. The vessel left Cape Town just before 5pm on Tuesday. Canceled debarkation; delayed embarkation
October 28 Balmoral
Fred Olsen Cruises
The Shelbourne County Coast Guard (Nova Scotia) reports the Shelburne Port Authority Committee wants to persuade harbour pilots to become certified for Shelburne Harbour. This problem came to light after a recent experience with the Balmoral cruise ship which was expected to visit Shelburne last month. It’s captain refused the visit at the last minute because of the unavailability of a harbour pilot. Missed port call
October 27 Celebrity Solstice
Celebrity Cruises
Cruise Law News report they received messages from readers indicating that a passenger deployed a liferaft from a canister during a three night "cruise to nowhere" sailing from Australia. One person on the ship said: "I have just returned from a 3 night cruise on the celebrity Solstice out of Sydney, Australia. On the 2nd night we saw one of the inflatable life boats had been deployed and the ship had to actually turn around and go back to retrieve it. We were told by several people that it was actually a passenger that threw the capsule overboard." Other passengers mentioned that the cruise was a real booze fest during which someone apparently thought that activating the liferaft was a good college-type-of-prank to perform.  October 27 2014 Update: We received a comment from the IP address of Royal Caribbean (see below) stating that "Nobody deployed the raft . . . the raft fell in the water as the strap failed . . . we did check the CCTV cameras on Deck and we also have the video already . . ." Life raft deployed
October 24 Adventure of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Cruise Law News reports that earlier this month they were contacted by passengers aboard the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas because of back-to-back norovirus outbreaks requiring "deep cleaning" of the cruise ship. A number of passengers complained of some pretty gross conditions: One lady said "i was swimming and had to go round feces, which was also in the was reported but nothing was said . . . " Another man said "the most serious issue on board the ship was the failure of its sewage system, a point admitted by its officers during the Q and A session. The ship stank like a Royal Caribbean Cruise Norovirus sewage farm throughout the 14 days. We also found the bed linen in our cabin filthy (pillows were brown and needed to be replaced) . . . This ship has problems!" And then there was the inevitable debate whether the virus outbreak was caused by the failure of some passengers to wash their hands versus noro-contaminated food or water versus a virus-laden ship itself. Passengers are now telling us that the norovirus outbreak continues on the third consecutive sailing of the Adventure which is scheduled for yet another so-called "deep cleaning" this weekend. Passengers received an email from the company explaining the the ship will undergo the enhanced cleaning before it leaves Southampton on Sunday, October 26th. Will the next cruise become the fourth consecutive "Norovirus on the High Seas?" Note that ships operating from non-US port are not required to report illness outbreaks to US authorities or the CDC. A passenger responded: We were on Adventure from 12-26 October. The personnel on board could not have done any more. Plenty of sanitisation everywhere most people washing hands. Corridors and cabin doors regularly being sanitised as well as all other public areas. Crew, piano player, dancers, etc brought in to serve everyone in the buffet. All rooms were steam cleaned where there had been a problem. The number of sufferers was very small. Illness and cleanliness of ship
October 22 Funchal
Cruise and Maritime Voyages
The Liverpool Echo reports the ship was forced to dock in Liverpool today (a day later than initially planned) after suffering two days of extreme weather in the Irish Sea. The ship was returning from a Northern Lights cruise to the North Cape, off northern Norway back to Avonmouth near Bristol. Funchal was caught in storms caused by the tail end of hurricane Gonzalo blowing in across the Atlantic Ocean. Passengers due to board the liner in Avonmouth for her next voyage to Madeira and northern Spain will be bussed to Liverpool Cruise Terminal and the ship will sail on a revised itinerary around 4pm this afternoon. Delayed disembarkation
October 21 Golden Princess
Princess Cruises
From a passenger: A charter cruise aboard the Golden Princess Oct 5th through 13th experienced mechanical difficulties including the failure of all air conditioning throughout the ship for 3 days. The captain reported in a letter to the rooms that mussels which had attached themselves previously to the hull in Alaska had died in the warm water of Mexico and had clogged the seawater intakes to the cooling system. This resulted in having to skip the final port (Cabo San Lucas) and the cruise line refunding $500 to the passengers on their stateroom accounts. No air conditioning; skipped port call
October 20 Unknown Bahamas Weekly reports a33 – year old man from Jacksonville, Florida is in custody after he was arrested for possession of a quantity of dangerous drugs on Saturday 18th October 2014. According to reports, around 4:30pm, Tourism Policing Unit Officers acting on intelligence went to a cruise ship moored at Prince George Wharf, where they arrested the suspect for quantity of marijuana. The suspect is expected to appear in court sometime tomorrow to be formally charged. Drug bust
October 17 Carnival Magic
Carnival Cruise Lines
There were many media reports about a passenger being refused disembarkation at Belize City because s/he had tested a sample of an ebola patient at a hospital in Texas (see here). Now, it is reported by a reader that the ship waited off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico this morning to dock there for a scheduled port visit,but had not received clearance from Mexican authorities to do so by 12 noon eastern time today and therefore the decision was made to proceed to Galveston to ensure the ship arrives there on time on Sunday morning. The Texas healthcare worker on board continues to show no symptoms of illness and poses no risk to the guests or crew on board. The individual remains in voluntary isolation. Guests on the ship are being provided a $200 per person credit to their shipboard accounts and a 50 percent discount on a future cruise based on the missed visit to Cozumel. Update Oct 18th:NBC reports helicopter landed aboard a cruise ship Saturday to pick up a blood sample from a passenger who may have handled fluids (she is a lab supervisor) from an Ebola patient, ahead of the Carnival Magic’s planned docking at Galveston, Texas, Sunday. Carnival said Texas health officials requested that a sample be taken from the passenger and tested, but that the ship is still scheduled to arrive Sunday morning. The company said of the passenger, who is in quarantine, that “she’s feeling absolutely fine.” Refused entry to port
October 15 Oasis of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Netherland Times reports Royal Caribbean has to pay at least €600,000 in fines for violation of rules and regulations while in the Netherlands; workers on board lacked proper residence papers and worked excessive hours. The Oasis OTS docked at Keppel Verolme in Botlek in Rotterdam last month for repairs and maintenance. The inspectorate of Social Affairs and Labor had hinted to RCI in advance already that when its ship would be here it would have to adhere to Dutch rules and legislation. When ten inspectors then visited the ship on Wednesday they found many things amiss; it warranted a second visit by 45 inspectors. It turned out that at least 48 crew members did not have proper Dutch work permits; most of them hail from the Philippines, the rest came from South America. Some of them worked way too hard, up to 16 hours per day the inspectors found; Royal Caribbean will also face a fine for this violation; the height will be determined when the investigation is completed. The inspectorate may levy a €12,000 fine per violation and since the company had been warned beforehand the fine will probably stand. With the repairs completed, the ship is set to leave Rotterdam tomorrow (15th) for Southampton. Fine for labour practices
October 9 Unnamed Jamiaca Observer reports polie in St Ann have launched a search for an American woman who has been missing since Tuesday. She has been identified as 28-year-old Rickita Bradford of Miami, Florida. Police report that Bradford, who arrived in Jamaica aboard a cruise ship which docked at the port in Ocho Rios, was discovered missing about 3:10 pm. Passenger missing ashore
October 6 Diamond Princess
Princess Cruises
Cruise Critic reports a nine-night Japan sailing onboard Diamond Princess continues to see delays and port cancellations due to two back-to-back typhoons in the Pacific Ocean. The sailing, scheduled to depart October 6, has already been pushed back to October 8 due to Typhoon Phanfone, but now Typhoon Vongfong is hampering the ship's itinerary as well. According to a letter sent to passengers, Vongfong's forecasted path places it directly over Diamond Princess' planned itinerary route. Port calls to Kagoshima, Jeju and Nagasaki will be need to be canceled. The ship will call on Kobe and then sail the Inland Sea as planned, but will then head through the Kanom Strait for a call to Busan (weather permitting) before heading out to sea for three days. Itinerary change (weather)
October 6 Costa Fascinosa
Costa Cruises
Cruise Law News reports that ten days ago, the ship was hit by 90 knot winds after the cruise ship left Venice. The captain failed to give any warnings to the passengers and crew members before the storm struck. The cruise ship listed heavily and plates and glasses crashed to the decks and floors throughout the galleys and bars on the ship. Passengers experienced widespread panic. A Filipino pastry chef posted his accounts of the storm on Facebook and included photographs and video of considerable damage in the galley where he worked.  Other crew members shared his account on Facebook. Several Italian newspapers published his photos and video accounts. Cruise bloggers (such as Cruise Fever, Cruise Hive, Cruise Currents, etc.) also recounted the story and included his images of the mishap in their publications. Costa issued a press release, downplaying the incident. Today, we learned that Costa terminated the pastry chef's employment for mentioning the incident on Facebook. Costa flew the crew member back to the Philippines where he remains currently jobless, unable to support his family. (See September 25 below) Worker fired for sharing photos
October 6 Freedom of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
A passenger writes: We just got off the ship on Sunday, October 5th. When the cruise started the previous Sunday we had to turn back immediately for a medical emergency. A man was taken off in port canaveral to a waiting ambulance. The very next day the ship was diverted to Nassau for another medical emergency and because of that we missed our port day in Labadee. Another passenger adds: I was B2B on the 21st and 28th Sept Sailings and it was a little bit more interesting than the story you have currently posted. Week one the scheduled stop in St Thomas was replaced by a few hours in San Juan following a medevac of reportedly a member of the crew to Nassau. Week two after about an hour from sailing we turned round but did not return to Port Canaveral, the ship entered, dropped off the patient and then backed out of what seemed to be a US Navy facility (note: it turns out this was a pier at Port Canaveral; just not the Royal Caribbean pier). Then as reported the ship diverted from Labadee to Nassau to drop off what rumour said was a mother and newly delivered baby. I was on deck 12 watching the entry to Nassau and the cruise director was fielding complaints behind me. Finally at the normal stop at Falmouth yet another passenger was taken by ambulance from the ship. Missed port call
October 4 Victory II
Victory Casino Cruises
News 4 reports a fire broke out on the Victory II casino ship in Mayport on Friday, and the cruise for Friday night was canceled. Capt. Timothy Levensaler, of Victory Casino Cruises, said at about 11:30 a.m. the crew detected smoke in one of four engine rooms. They shut the engine room down and deployed the extinguishing system, which put the fire out, Levensaler said. He said there were 113 people on board and there was never any danger to any passengers. As a precaution, the ship was brought back to port. Firefighters said there were large fans brought aboard to clear the smoke. Fire - cruise canceled
October 3 Emerald Princess
Princess Cruises
A poster at reports there were two fires on her recent cruise (the review is dated September 30): We had a little upset the first night when the staff were called to stations because of a fire in the engine room. Unfortunately, we had another fire in the engine room a couple of days into the cruise, just a tad unnerving but no problems after that. Fire x 2
October 3 Veendam
Holland America Line
Travel Weekly reports Holland America Line said it would need more time to complete propeller repairs so it canceled a second Canada/New England cruise. The Oct. 2 departure from Boston has been scrapped, after HAL canceled a Sept. 28 sailing from Quebec. USA Today reports October 4 that the October 11th cruise has also beenn canceled. The ship is being moved to drydock for the repairs. Cruise canceled
September 30 Veendam
Holland America Line
Travel Weekly reports the ship was forced to cancel a seven-day Canada/New England cruise to make emergency repairs on a propeller. Passengers boarded the ship on September 28, which was supposed to leave Quebec CIty the next day. Booked guests will receive a full refund of their cruise fare and all shore excursions booked through Holland America Line, plus a credit toward a future cruise equal to 100% of the fare paid. HAL said it was working with guests to assist with travel arrangements back home. Propeller issues/ cruise canceled
September 30 Vacance Global Post reports the cruise ship, carrying 105 passengers and five crew members, ran aground in waters off a southwestern island on Tuesday, but everyone on board was rescued with 10 people sustaining minor injuries, the Coast Guard said. The accident took place around 9:14 a.m., when the 171-ton vessel hit a submerged rock in waters not far from Hongdo Island, South Jeolla Province. The Coast Guard said its officers rushed to the scene upon receiving a distress call and rescued all of those aboard the ship in 30 minutes with the help of nearby fishing boats and cruise ships. The excursion ship left the Hongdo port early in the morning for a cruise around the scenic island. The accident came more than five months after the ferry Sewol sank in waters off the southwestern island of Jindo, killing more than 300 people. Aground / evacuated
September 29 Ecstasy
Carnival Cruise Lines
The Record reports a 20-year-old cruise passenger plunged to his death Monday morning after climbing the forward mast of a ship in Miami. The man, who was travelling on the Carnival Ecstasy, fell the equivalent of two decks, about seven metres, and crashed onto the deck, said Jennifer de la Cruz, Carnival Cruise vice president of public relations. The ship had just arrived back in Miami from a Caribbean itinerary. The mast is part of a "restricted area" and there are signs warning passengers not to enter. Pax death onboard
September 29 Sea Princess
Princess Cruises
The cruise scheduled to begin today from Sydney has been canceled because the ship is still in drydock. Passengers had first been notified that the cruise would begin one day later than scheduled (on September 30th), but then an hour later notification was given that the full cruise is canceled. Cruise canceled
September 26 Royal Princess
Princess Cruises
A poster at Cruise Critic reports a false person overboard alarm. There had been a suspected person-overboard so a recovery maneuver was initiated and a head count undertaken. As it turned out, all were accounted for, and it was a fishing marker that caused the fear that a person was in the water. The ship is en route to NYC. False person overboard alarm
September 25 Costa Fascinosa
Costa Cruises
Cruise Fever reports the ship left the port of Venice on Monday evening and headed for the Greek Islands when the cruise ship encountered a water spout.  The incident was first reported by several Italian newspapers and Cruise Law News. The ship faced winds exceeding 90 knots and when one of the engines failed with passengers onboard the cruise ship describing the incident as “it was like being on a spinning top”.  The captain gave the order for all passengers to put on life jackets and said that he had “lost control of the ship”. The rough weather lasted for 2 hours and caused a huge mess in the galley and inside rooms. Dishes, glassware, and furnishing were “flown in the air” by the high winds.  There are reports of passengers crying and praying as the ship tried to weather the storm. Engine failure in rough seas
September 25 Salamis Filoxenia
Salamais Cruises
BBC reports a cruise from Cyprus to Haifa has been canceled after 345 recued refugees (assumed to be Syrian) during the previous cruise refused to disembark the ship. Salamis Cruise Lines Managing Director Kikis Vassiliou said they were insisting they be taken to Italy. The cruise ship is in the port of Limassol and all those rescued are said to be in good health. The Cypriot defence ministry said 52 children were on the small fishing boat that had sent a distress signal. Of the 345 migrants plucked from the sea about 65 willingly left the ship at Limassol and were taken by bus to the Kokkinotrimithia camp not far from Nicosia. Negotiations with those refusing to leave were continuing on Friday morning. Meanwhile, 300 Russian passengers who had been due to continue their cruise to Haifa, Israel, had their journey cancelled and were put up in Limassol hotels. Cruise canceled after rescued refugees refuse to disembark
September 15 Unnamed Alaska Business Monthly reports that on September 11, 2014, the Alaska Section of Epidemiology was notified by the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Anchorage Quarantine Station of a suspected measles (rubeola) case associated with the cruise industry. An adult crew member had recent contact with a confirmed measles case abroad, and subsequently developed classic clinical symptoms of measles on September 9 while onboard a ship in Alaska waters. The patient had international and domestic air travel as well as cruise travel while infectious. CDC is conducting airline contact investigations, and alerting states who had individuals who might be at risk of infection. All cruise passengers will be informed of possible exposure directly while on board the ship. Measles is a particular concern for women of child bearing age. Measles
September 14 Pacific Pearl
P&O Australia
Cruise Law News reports receiving a message from a Facebook friend that there was a search underway for a man overboard from the Pacific Pearl. The cruise ship was sailing off Newcastle, NSW. "But the only information I could find were a couple of posting on the Cruise Critic board. One person said that " . . . all passengers had to go back to cabins for over an hour and do a rollcall. The ship was stopped and they found 2 lights in the water, apparently lifejackets. It is believed someone threw them in the water." It was interesting to see the path of the cruise ship on a AIS tracking system. You can clearly see the ship make a Williamson maneuver to return to the spot where the ship thought the person went overboard. Palse alarm - person overboard
September 14 Sea Princess
Princess Cruises
Perth Now reports passengers on the infamously nicknamed “Pandemic Princess” cruise ship were shocked with the announcement that the ship had cancelled its current cruise today. Princess Cruises, was forced to put its ship into dry dock because of technical problems; itwas due to embark on a 14-day voyage to Brisbane yesterday. But the cruise was cancelled about 9am today. The Sunday Times reported today that according to passengers, up to 400 people disembarked the same ship yesterday morning with norovirus. Mechanical problems - cruise canceled
September 13 Carnival Legend
Carnival Cruise Lines
WTSP reports on dream cruise turning into a nightmare for Valerie O'Farrell and her husband, Paul, when they were thrown off their cruise ship. The couple was celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary on the Carnival Legend out of Tampa when Paul had a minor Alzheimer's episode, leaving his stateroom alone at 4 a.m. for a cup of coffee. Ship personnel found him disoriented. The ship's doctor then declared Paul a danger to himself, and the couple was escorted off the ship in Cozumel. After10 News contacted Carnival Cruise Lines, and the company said it investigated, it quickly admitted the situation was mishandled. Carnival issued a statement that reads in part: "Given the specialized circumstances in this case, we are now proceeding with a full refund for the unused days of the cruise as well as reimbursement for their flights home." Kick off ship
September 13 Serenissima
Serenisssama Cruises
e-Nautilia reports a 23 year old female crew member has gone missing from the ship while enroute from Rhodes to Crete (between Karpathos and Kasou Mirabello Gulf). Press 24 writes :"Denisa mysteriously disappeared from a ship that sails the seas, in the early hours of September 13. Serenissima ship sailing under the Russian flag in the territorial waters of Greece. And no one saw what happened ... investigation is conducted with many gaps and inconsistencies by Greek police in Crete. says the disappearance is mysterious. Crew member overboard
September 10 Norwegian Sky
Norwegian Cruise Line
The Tribune reports Frank Sangineto, a 22-year-old also from Miami, pleaded guilty to hiding 12 marijuana joints in a metal can in his cabin aboard the Norwegian Sky cruise ship. Around 8am on Saturday, the chief of security of the cruise line led Central Police Station officers to cabin 4217, where they informed Sangineto of their suspicions that there were drugs. After a scan of the room, officers discovered the 12 joints before cautioning and arresting the defendant and taking him to the DEU where he was interviewed and charged. He was fined $500. Drug bust
September 10 Majesty of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
The Tribune reports Jason Reyes, 25, of Miami, Florida, was fined $400 and faced two months in jail because he was found in possession of three grams of marijuana while on board the Majesty of the Seas cruise ship on Sunday. “I wasn’t planning on bringing it off the ship,” Reyes explained, adding that the drugs were given to him on the ship. “I was on the boat with my girlfriend. We were having a good time and was approached by someone who asked if I wanted some weed,” the Miami-native said. “In any event Mr Reyes, drugs in the Bahamas are illegal for the most part,” the magistrate told the defendant. “You don’t want to be spoiling your vacation and holidays sitting in a prison cell for seven years. Before travelling to any destination, Google it and find out the laws first.” Drug bust
September 10 Unknown The Tribune reports two passengers were arraigned for possessing pot.Jacquis Armstrong, 22, of Statesboro, Georgia, and Christopher Williams 25, of Dublin, Georgia, were arraigned before a magistrate on the simple possession charge. On Saturday, around 1:25pm, police officers were patrolling the Prince George Wharf where they observed Armstrong and Williams exchanging objects between themselves. The officers approached the pair and informed them of the suspicion that they were in possession of illegal drugs. Upon searching the two, officers found a package containing marijuana. They were cautioned, arrested and taken to the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) where they were interviewed and subsequently charged. Police prosecutor ASP Ercell Dorsett told the magistrate that the drugs weighed one gram. He added that they had no prior brushes with the law in the Bahamas jurisdiction. Magistrate Forbes fined each man $300, noting that their alternative was a month’s imprisonment. Drug bust
September 9 Sea Princess
Princess Cruises
WA Today reports a gastrointestinal virus outbreak has felled about 100 passengers aboard a cruise ship on a round trip from Fremantle to Singapore.  Listeners to radio 6PR, one currently on board the cruise and a caller who had returned home, contacted the Breakfast Show to confirm they had been infected by the virus during their holiday aboard the vessel. Princess Cruises confirmed about 100 of the 2000 passengers aboard reported being ill. Cruise Law News says the number reporting illness was in the hundreds -- MSN put the number at over 500. The West Australian quotes a passenger who said the number of ill 2 passengers was over 200 (10% of passengers).
September 6 Carnival Dream
Carnival Cruise Lines
From a passenger: I just got home from a cruise on the Carnival Dream. We left from New Orleans, LA on Aug. 24 and returned Aug. 31. Ports of call were Isla Roatan, Honduras; Belize; Cozumel, Mexico. While in the port of Isla Roatan an older female passanger passed away on the beach from a diabetic coma. Another passenger writes that the death on the beach was a heart attack in Roatan on the beach; another passenger apparently died in Mexico while scuba diving. Pax deaths
Septemer 6 Princess Cruises Princess Chatter reports one passenger died, and the driver and another passenger were injured in a rollover wreck near Mile 173, Parks Highway Friday morning (see here for a pic). Only three people (all Princess employees) were onboard the Princess Tours bus at the time of the crash. The bus was owned and operated by Princess Cruise Lines. This marks the second serious incident involving a Princess-owned bus on a remote stretch of road in a month. An Aug. 18 collision injured 12 people, the majority not seriously, after a collision at a railroad crossing about four miles away. Pax death in tour bus accident - 2nd in a month
September 6 Dawn Princess
Princess Cruises
Cruise Critic reports a volcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea has forced a change of itinerary. The ship, which was scheduled to call on the town of Rabaul -- home of currently erupting Mount Tavurvur -- on Sept. 9, will now spend the day at sea instead. A Sept. 8 call on Kiriwina Island has also been added to the voyage. There are no other ships scheduled to call on Rabaul this month. Volcanic eruption - itinerary change
September 4 Costa Serena
Costa Cruises
Repubblica reports tha last Monday (1 September), during the manouvre to approach the pier in Civitavecchia, the ship was hit by winds over 55 knots and even though assisted by 3 tugs,bumped into the pier causing damage to an hold door and a scrape on the side. The ship remained in Civitavecchia until the evening of the day after for repairs and Naple port of call was deleted. Collision with pier - delayed departure
September 2 Rotterdam
Holland America Line
From a passenger: A child onboard the HAL Rotterdam has been diagnosed with chickenpox. Passengers have been notified by letter delivered to their staterooms. (9/1/14). Chicken pox
September 2 Noordam
Holland America Line
A poster at Cruise Critic reports on the last night of the cruise, at 3.10am the fire alarm sounded while they were fast asleep. The officer of the watch came over the speaker in our cabin to say that a fire had been located on deck 3 aft and that fire crews were being dispatched and to remain calm. 15 minutes later the captain came on over the speaker to say there was indeed a fire in the incinerator room which had not yet spread to the passenger areas....that we are to remain calm and await further updates. I opened our cabin door and there were several other people also looking down the corridor and some were walking/running wearing life jackets! We remained in our cabins although others went to the life boats. After approx another 30/40 minutes the captain came back on to say that the fire had been put out and that fire crews would stay in the vicinity for a while to make sure it was safe, and that we could now go back to bed!
Needless to say....none of us got any sleep after this. It was a frightening experience and spoilt the end of our cruise. There was no announcement next morning or apology.
August 29 Tung Trang #QN2477 Touritre News (Viet Nam) reports a cruise ship with 12 foreigners on board sank in Ha Long Bay due to violent winds in the northern province of Quang Ninh on Thursday afternoon but all of them were saved, according to local authorities. The accident occurred at 2:15 pm, when Tung Trang cruise ship #QN2477 was hit by powerful winds amid a downpour in the Ba Hang area, near Ga Choi Isle in the bay. The ship departed an hour earlier from the Bai Chay resort in the bay. Besides the 12 foreign tourists, the vessel was also carrying a Vietnamese tour guide and seven crew members. All of them put on life jackets in time before the vessel began sinking. After being informed of the accident, local rescuers dashed to the scene and saved all of the 20 people, who were later taken ashore safely. Sunk
August 28 Explorer of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
From a reader: While on her way back to Cape Liberty NJ, the ship lost power for approximately on hour on her shortened Bermuda stay trip..The ship needed tugboats to turn her this morning to dock in Bayonne.. The ship was expected to sail today on a cruise to Canada at 4 pm... it finally sailed four hours late. Propulsion problems - Delayed departure
August 28 Carnival Magic
Carnival Cruise Lines
Cayman News Service reports the poor positioning of the ship which arrived in George Town on Wednesday led to an anchor being dropped on the reef, which local divers say is happening all too frequently. Concerns were raised yesterday by a local operator and it is understood that following intervention from dive operators and the Department of the Environment the ship was eventually relocated by the Port Authority but not until after its massive anchor had been dropped on the coral for several hours. Local divers told CNS that this is far from an isolated incident and when they noticed the ship's anchor was dropped pretty far south of the usual anchorage #4 spot they contacted the port. The Department of Environment confirmed that they had then pressed for the ship to be relocated and moved away from the reef and into the normal location at anchor # 4. Cayman Compass reports the damage was a pretty significant as the anchors on these ships are very large ... The impact where the anchor landed was very severe; there was a lot of crushed live coral and sediment. The Cayman Compass later reported an "early estimate based on a reconnaissance dive [Tuesday] and video analysis of data collected on that dive puts the total impact footprint at approximately 1,100 square meters (11,840 square feet). Within that footprint, approximately 500 square meters is severely impacted with near complete destruction. The remaining 600 square meters (6,458 square feet) has varying degrees of impact from severe to moderate.” Berths in wrong place - Drops anchor on reef
August 27 Multiple ships Tropical Cyclone Cristobal has impacted many cruise itineraies, including Florida, Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Northeast US and Eastern Canada. Itinerary changes
August 20 Princess Cruises Juneau Empire reports a Princess Cruises tour bus was involved in a collision with a truck Monday afternoon on Parks Highway near Cantwell. KTUU reported the cruise company said the bus was traveling from Mount McKinley Princess Lodge to Denali when it was rear-ended by a semi-truck with a double tractor trailer. Alaska State Troopers report the truck driver was flown to a hospital with injuries not considered life-threatening. Princess spokesman Bruce Bustamente says there were 44 passengers on the bus and 10 were injured, but the injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. They were taken to a hospital. Troopers say the bus had stopped at an Alaska Railroad crossing, but the truck did not stop. Collision on land
August 17 Independence of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Cruise Law News reports a crew member disappeared earlier in the week. "We were first notified of the crew member's disappearance from another crew member who was concerned about the incident. Today we received confirmation that a crew member went overboard from a reliable separate and independent source." The missing crew member was reportedly a galley worker from India. The crew member went overboard early in the morning before the cruise ship called on its scheduled port in France. The ship is currently on a two week cruise, starting on August 9, 2014 from Southampton and sailing to Gibraltar, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, before returning to Southampton. Crew disappears
August 16 Pacific Pearl
P&O Australia
The Chronicle reports the ship anchored early Saturday morning about one kilometre offshore from Mooloolaba carrying a full complement of 1800 passengers on a four-day cruise from Sydney. But the plan for passengers to disembark to visit the region was called off because of the appalling weather. The cruise ship was expected to return to Sydney. Sunshine Coast mayor Mark Jamieson urged locals to head down to Mooloolaba this weekend to support businesses and restaurants who stocked up in anticipation for bumper sales due to the cruise passengers. "I would encourage all Sunshine Coasters to get down to Mooloolaba and the Wharf to support those businesses that have stocked up for the even and are now at risk of not being able to sell that stock," Mr Jamieson said. This was the first-ever cruise ship visit to the port. Missed port call
August 15 A-Rosa Mia
A-Rosa Cruises
Cruise Critic reports the ship has been taken out of service and is undergoing repairs after striking a pedestrian bridge above a lock on the Danube River early Sunday morning. There were no injuries, but all 192 passengers and crew were evacuated and passengers were bussed from the Jochenstein lock on the German-Austrian border to Passau, Germany. Three cruise itineraries have been canceled; the ship is scheduled to return to service on August 25. Damage to the 410-foot Mia is reportedly severe, and has been estimated at 150,000 euros. It has been towed to Linz, Austria, for repair. Website Seatrade Insider quoted a local police representative as saying the ship's wheelhouse -- situated on the ship's top deck and capable of being raised and lowered -- was "virtually shaved off" in the accident. A-Rosa told Cruise Critic that passengers on canceled sailings have been contacted and offered a replacement cruise. Collision
August 15 Norwegian Breakaway
Norwegian Cruise Line
The Royal Gazette reports two passengers currently docked at Heritage Wharf and scheduled to leave later today, were fined for drug importation when they appeared in Magistrates’ Court this morning. Daniel Grogan, 36, from New York City, pleaded guilty to possessing 46.67 grams of cannabis and 4.76 grams of cocaine, and 25 pills of ecstasy. Another passenger, Elizabeth Turk, 55, from Eureka, California also pleaded guilty to having in her possession cannabis. Grogan was fined $3950; Turk was fined $1000. The defendants were told they cannot leave the Island until the fines are fully paid. Drug bust
August 12 Caribbean Princess
Princess Cruises
From a passenger: I was on a cruise on August 2, 2014 on the Caribbean Princess out of Fort Lauderdale. A 24 year old male passenger went overboard around 10 pm. We were stopped for about an hour. They did find him alive in the water. I think he jumped from the 8th deck. They took him to medical after rescue. Some passengers said he was a "special person" but I don't know if that is true. There was a group from a group home on board. That's really all I know. Another passenger writes: The man overboard happened around 7:50 PM - the "Man Overboard - Crew to your muster stations" announcement was made with just a little sunlight left, but by the time we stopped and turned around, and the rescue boat took off it was dark. The man was rescued relatively quickly (10-15 minutes). Either people threw him life jackets or he jumped with one. We also heard rumors of mental health, and we can confirm there was a group on board but we don't know if he was part of that group. We also heard he was put off at the next port (St Thomas) but cannot confirm. There appeared to be another rescue boat that helped with the search, possibly from another ship? Overboard - Rescued Alive
August 11 Westerdam
Holland America Line
It is reported below that the ship experienced a fire that caused it to return to port. The ship left again then next day but ended up missing one port. The CEO of the cruise line addressed passengers (recording can be found here) and said they would receive a 25% discount on a future Holland America cruise. When one passenger attemped to use the offered discount they were told that the CEO had misspoken and that the cruise line would not stand behind his promised compensation. Something tells me that after media attention to their callousness the company will change its policy (at least in this case). CEO makes false promise
August 11 Sapphire Princess
Princess Cruises
Shanghai Daily reports a passenger on a cruise from Shanghai was found dead in the ship's pool, the operator said yesterday. Princess Cruises confirmed the death of the 29-year-old woman onboard the Sapphire Princess. It is thought that she drowned. The cruise left Shanghai for South Korea's Chejudo Island last Wednesday. The woman was found dead in the swimming pool the next day. It returned to Shanghai on Sunday. Pax drowns
August 9 Grandeur of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Cruise Law News reports a person allegedly went overboardas the cruise ship was returning from Bermuda to Baltimore earlier this week.  The incident reportedly occurred around 3:00 AM late Wednesday night / early Thursday morning, August 7th. According to a person on the cruise ship who wishes to remain anonymous, a state room attendant found a note when he entered the cabin on Thursday. The ship was searched, the CCTV cameras reviewed, and the overboard was eventually discovered. The passenger was reportedly a U.S. citizen, 70 years old and traveling alone. The missing person alert was raised 12 hours or so after the overboard (from the CCTV review). The cruise ship continued on to Baltimore. It didn't go back. There appears to be no search. Pax disappears
August 7 Sea Princess
Princess Cruises
NBC Los Angeles reports the ship has experienced technical difficulties which have resulted in its inability to operate at full speed. Consequently, the ships itineraries are being changed. It sails August 18th on a 26 day cruise from Sydney. Engine problems
August 4 Unnamed river boats Associated Press reports a boat carrying gravel capsized on the busy Rhine river in the Swiss city of Basel on Monday and then collided with two passenger ships, authorities said. No one was injured. It wasn't immediately clear what caused Monday morning's accident. The vessel first collided with a river cruiser that was sailing along the Rhine with about 50 passengers on board, and then with a second cruise ship that was tied up to the quay with some 100 passengers aboard, said Andreas Knuchel, a spokesman for Basel's justice and security department. The passenger ship that was underway at the time of the accident was able to reach the river bank without difficulty for those on board to disembark. Officials in Basel, which is on Switzerland's border with Germany and France, were examining the two river cruisers for any damage. Collision
August 4 Grand Princess
Princess Cruises
KIRO TV reports the ship, bound for Alaska, returned to Seattlewith the assistance of a tug after experiencing a problem with an engine and sat for almost four hours. The U.S. Coast Guard told KIRO 7 a port-side engine died on Grand Princess around 4:50 p.m. when the ship was near West Point. David Meers, one of the 2,600 passengers on the ship, said he wished there was more communication about what was going on at the time. “Thirty or forty minutes into the cruise, the ship listed to one side. Shortly after that, we turned around. We started asking the crew members what happened, and nobody seemed to know anything,” Meers said. Forty minutes after turning around, Meers said the captain announced there was a propulsion alarm that required them to go back to Seattle. For the next four hours, Meers said there was little communication at all, about any possible changes to their itinerary or whether customers would be compensated for the delay. “It certainly left a lot of confusion, among the folks that we were asking. And most of the passengers around us were also very confused,” he said. At around 9 p.m., the U.S. Coast Guard told KIRO 7 they had cleared the ship to depart again. Grand Princess left shortly before 10 p.m. Propulsion problems - return to port
August 4 Norwegian Pearl
Norwegian Cruise Line
KIRO TV reports the ship, bound for Alaska, returned to Seatle because of a passenger’s medical emergency. The delay was not long enough to effect the itinerary. Return to port for medical emergency
August 2 Carnival Liberty
Carnival Cruise Lines
Cruise Hive reports the ship's has cancelled the ship's call at Grand Turk on Sunday and has replaced the port with Nassau, Bahamas which the ship will visit on Friday. Departure and arrival times have also been changed when the ship visits San Juan, St Thomas and St Maarten. This is to ensure the ship stays away from Tropical Storm Bertha for passenger and crew safety. Carnival has also announced on its site that the Carnival Valor could be affected by the storm if the port of San Juan closes on Sunday which is when the vessel is scheduled to visit the popular Caribbean destination. Canceled port calls due to weather
July 31 Silver Discoverer
Silversea Cruises
Travel Weekly reports tourists have been stopped from disembarking a Silversea cruise ship in the Bay of Providence in Russia (east coast across the Bering Strait from Alaska). It has been claimed that the British, German, Australian and US tourists have had to remain on board the Silver Discoverer ship at Provideniya, under orders from Moscow, although the exact reasons are not yet known. The Siberian Times has quoted tour organiser Alexey Frolov, general director of Pacific Network, as saying that the “majority of our guests are from America. All of the tourists have visas and the cruise was agreed with the government in Russia. “But none of the passengers can go ashore because the border authorities do not permit them to do so. Allegedly there was an order from Moscow not to let the foreigners off the boat.” All of the travellers, most of who are in their 70’s, have tourist visas, according to Frolov, but the local FSB (Russian security) will not allow them to enter. However, the FSB press service contradicted the claims telling Russian website that the passengers lacked the necessary paperwork. The vessel had applied for permission to leave the waters of Russian Federation, which meant that the programme for the tourists was cut from four days to one. Landing at port refused - Itinerary change
July 31 Sea Adventurer
Adventure Canada
CBC reports passengers heading to Greenland and then the Canadian Arctic have had their trip cut short because of engine trouble. The vessel's secondary engine was having mechanical difficulties off the west coast of Greenland in Ilulissat on Saturday. Those aboard the Sea Adventurer started their cruise on July 23. The vessel was to arrive in Canada on July 30. The repairs are expected to take about two weeks so passengers were flown back home. These costs were covered by their travel insurance policies. Engine problems - cruise ended
July 28 Bahamas Celebration
Celebration Cruise Line
CDC reports the ship failed its health inspection on July 31 with a scrore of 84 (Inspection scores of 85 or lower are considered unsatisfactory) Failed health inspection
July 16 Hlin
Viking River Cruises
Donaukurier reports a 100-meter-long motor tanker "Apollon" was traveling towards Nuremberg. It had gasoline loaded. The 135-meter-long river cruise ship "Viking Hlin" was on the drive from Nuremberg to Budapest. In the narrow point of the Main-Danube Canal in Berching the ships touched with her larboard side. Both ships were damaged. The amount of damage is not yet known. The cause of the accident is still unclear. It ran out of gasoline or diesel. It is clear so far, according to police only that the required communication on marine radio was defective. A poster at Cruise Critic writes: Sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 PM on July 24, we were cruising down the Main-Danube canal when the Hlin experienced a sudden bump. It wasn't enough to make me lose my balance, but it was jolting and surprising. If you have ever been in a boat when it hits a dock a little faster or harder than planned, then you know the feeling. My wife looked out our sliding door on port side (we were near the stern) and noted a fast-moving commercial barge moving in the opposite direction, very near to us. I stepped into the hall, and noted a crewman moving up our hall toward the stern with a concerned expression and an urgent pace. The next time we looked out the window, we noted that we were dead in the water. No announcement was made, and later, one fellow passenger said that a crew member told him that we had hit the wake of the fast-moving barge. We started moving again, and nothing else was said. A couple of days later, we were side-by-side another cruise line's ship in a lock, and I was having a conversation with one of their passengers. He said, "I heard you had an accident". Startled, I replied "We felt a bump a couple of night's ago, but we didn't hear about any accident." He replied, "We did." Later that day (or maybe the next), our Program Director announced that our Captain had "left the boat to begin his vacation" and that a new Captain was now on-board. This was presented very casually, implying that this was all as-planned. It struck us as very odd that the Captain of a new ship would depart unannounced for a vacation in the middle of a cruise, and we started to suspect that we were being given a bunch of horse manure. Collision
July 19 Millennium Time
City Cruises
London Evening Standard reports an investigation was launched today into a crash between two boats that injured seven tourists on a sightseeing trip down the Thames. The bow of the City Cruises boat, named Millennium Time, was badly damaged in the collision around 2.25pm yesterday. Of the seven injured,  at least one was hospitalised. Today passengers spoke of their terror as the cruise liner staff tried to avoid the oncoming barge. Passengers were ferried from the stricken ship by another City Cruises boat to the South Bank. In a statement the tour operator said: “Passengers were guided off the boat promptly by City Cruises, who continue to do everything they can to support the authorities and those involved."
July 19 Silver Discoverer
Silversea Cruises
The Vessel Sanitation Program reports the ship failed its sanitation inspection with a score of 75. Failed health inspection
July 18 Costa Victoria
Costa Cruises
The China Post reports a woman passenger went missing during a trip to Japan on a cruise ship that returned to Taiwan Thursday, the Coast Guard said yesterday. The 53 year old woman was supposed to get off the ship at Keelung Harbor, but did not, the Coast Guard said, adding her belongings were left in her cabin. She was with a tour group that left Keelung for Japan on July 12. The ship returned on Thursday evening, according to the Coast Guard. Electronic key records showed that she last entered her cabin on Wednesday evening. When the crew went to check why she had failed to get off the ship, the door of the cabin was locked. the woman is a Taiwanese American. Pax disappears
July 16 Escapade WJCL News reports the US Coast Guard is reporting that evacuation is now complete of the passengers aboard the casino cruise liner that ran aground around 12 a.m. Wednesday morning. Coast Guard officials said that 113 people had been evacuated by boat and four had to be flown from scene due to inability to use the ladder. The evacuees of the ship were transported to a Coast Guard station on Tybee Island – 45 minutes away from the scene of the scene of the cruise ship. Officials are reporting no injuries or medical evacuations. A Coast Guard spokesman said that the boat ran into a sand bar around midnight stranding passengers and crew until over 12 hours later. Despite the impact, officials said the boat is not leaking fuel and transport of the cruise-liner will continue at 1 a.m. during the next high tide. The cruise – a two hour shakedown or dry-run for the new casino cruise service – was set to come back to port at 12 a.m. according to the husband of a person working in the food and beverage crew who did not wish to be named. But the boat ran aground between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. they said. Aground
July 16 Costa Serena
Costa Cruises
MediTelegraph reports the ship collided with a tanker vessel in the Port of Naple yesterday causing only minor damage. There were no injuries. The ship continued to its next port of call, Palma de Mallorca where it will arrive 17 July.. Collision
July 15 Pearl Mist Pearl Sea Cruises The Vessel Sanitation Program reports the ship failed its sanitation inspection with a score of 61. Failed health inspection
July 15 Splendor of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Cruise Law News reports it received inquiries from passengers about a man overboard from Royal Caribbean's Splendour of the Seas last month. The incident seems to involve a passenger who jumped into the water early one morning. He was promptly rescued.  Most people are asking why hasn't there been any news account of the incident?  One passenger provided the following account, and asked "is RCCL keeping this under wraps? The Captain and crew should be congratulated." "He was a 20ish American male passenger on ship with his parents and a brother. He apparently tried to start a fire in the early morning and security was called. He was extremely inebriated. When security arrived he ran and jumped overboard. This happened around 4:30 a.m. on the 13th of June. Around 4:45 or so Oscar, Oscar, Oscar was called out by security who saw him jump, and the Captain turned the ship immediately. I was awoken at 5:00 a.m. from the loud sound of the stateroom as the ship was sharply turning. The walls of our room "groaned" loudly. As I got up and walked to my veranda, I realized we were listing badly toward the sea. As I got outside, I smelled smoke. Then we spotted someone (we were on the 8th deck) below us throwing out a flare. There were 3 flares in the water by now - thus the smell of smoke. We then heard "help" hollered out 6 times just off our side of the ship. Then a life boat came about around the front and went directly to him. We were very close to this but could not actually see them lift him out. It was black out. However, they announced "we have him, he's alive, will be going to Medical." We heard a very few folks clapping from above us. We heard he went to Medical and stayed there until we disembarked on Saturday the 14th in Venice. As we came into port, the pier was on our side of the ship. We saw Policia drive up and 3 uniform men got out and boarded our ship. This was the "7-Night Greek Isles & Turkey" cruise from June 7-14, 2014." Pax overboard (rescued alive)
July 12 Celebrity Silhouette
Celebrity Cruises
Cruise Critic reports a propulsion problem is preventing the ship from reaching its normal speed, forcing the cruise line to shorten select port calls through much of the fall. The line is not yet sure when the problem will be fixed. According to Celebrity Cruises spokeswoman, Stephanie Holder, the "slight restriction" on the ship's top speed "is due to a portion of the propulsion system operating at less than optimal efficiency." Though the problem is slowing the ship down and affecting passengers' times in ports, it does not affect the maneuverability of the ship or the safety of passengers and crew. Holder told Cruise Critic Celebrity is exploring options in regards to getting the problem fixed . Propulsion problems
July 11 Costa Victoria
Costa Cruises
The Standard reports passengers on the ship, which had to berth in Hong Kong, have complained that cruise organizers already knew that Typhoon Neoguri was heading for their destination, Japan, before sailing. The berthing at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal was unexpected as its docks are closed for the typhoon season between May and August. The change in the itinerary was announced on the first day of the cruise. A Taiwanese passenger surnamed Liu said: "I think our rights are neglected because there was already news of the typhoon before we left for Japan. We had protested strongly before the cruise departed, but they said it would be all right." Another Taiwanese passenger surnamed Chan joked: "We are not greedy. Pay us ten thousand dollars and we'll be happy. "Taiwanese dollars! Not Hong Kong dollars. We are not greedy. I just think this will make us feel better," she added. Five Taiwanese tours were on board the cruise. Fees for the tours ranged between NT$20,000 (HK$5,175) and NT$60,000. The travel agency for the tours is said to be offering compensation of NT$5,000 for each passenger, but the exact amount has yet to be confirmed. Itineray change
July 11 Diamond & Sapphire Princess
Princess Cruises
Cruise Critic reports the two Princess Cruises ships sailing Asian waters have been forced to change course due to Typhoon Neoguri, the strongest storm to hit Japan this year. Diamond Princess missed a scheduled Kobe port call, as well as a day of Inland Sea scenic cruising. Instead, the ship is taking an "avoiding route" around the north end of the island of Honshu, through the Kanmon Straight to Beppu on the island of Kyushu, where it will arrive on schedule. Sapphire Princess, which departed Shanghai on July 8 also is sailing a slightly altered itinerary, skipping scheduled stops at Jeju, South Korea and Kagoshima, Japan. In their place the ship visited Inchon, South Korea on Wednesday and sailed one extra sea day. Itinerary change
July 8 Carnival Spirit
Carnival Cruise Lines
Sydney Morning Herald reports a search and rescue operation is under way near Vanuatu after a man on board a cruise ship went missing and was presumed to be lost overboard. The Indian man, believed to be a member of the kitchen crew, was aboard a voyage between Vanuatu and Fiji. A passenger on the ship, who did not wish to be identified, told Fairfax Media an announcement was made about 9am local time that a crew member had gone missing. The vessel did not turn around until about 2pm, she said. He could have been missing since the night before, when the cruise liner left Vanuatu, the passenger said. "Several messages later, the captain announced we were going to turn the boat around to search for him." Crew overboard
July 7 AIDAdiva
Aida Cruises
ETN Global Travel News reports the ship, carrying German passengers on board, was under rocket fire attack when leaving the Israeli port of Ashod. Ashod is the fifth-largest city in Israel, located in the Southern District of the country on the Mediterranean coast. It is located 32 kilometers south of Tel Aviv, 20 kilometers north of Ashkelon, and 53 kilometers west of Jerusalem. The Port of Ashdod is Israel's largest port. It is unclear if the rockets were those from the Israel Defense Force or from Hamas, the radical Palestinian organization currently firing dozens of rockets at cities in Israel. When the cruise ship left Ashod, sirens were sounding in Ashod and other Israeli cities warning of attacks by the radical Palestinian Hamas organization. Rocket parts landed on the cruise ship. Fortunately the rockets exploded before hitting the vessel deck. No casualties or significant damages to the cruise ship have been reported. The ship is currently on its way to the next port of Crete in Greece. It should reach Crete on Wednesday morning. Travel Weekly reports AIDA subsequently announced that port calls to Ashdod would be canceled for the next two months. On remaining July and August itineraries, the Greek island of Santorini will be substituted for scheduled port calls in Ashdod Hit by debris
July 6

Carnival Liberty
Carnival Cruise Lines

From a passenger: We were supposed to set sail at 4pm. We did not leave until 6:30pm with only one message from the cruise director saying "there is a minor problem and no matter how late we left we would be in Nassau at the scheduled time." It was raining but that was not the issue as a Royal Caribbean ship and a Carnival ship.I asked multiple crew members why we would be late leaving I got everything from I don't know to there refilling the ship with water. Ya, I don't know either. That's not the only problem -- as I was walking to my cabin I regrettably did not put my flip flops on. I held them in my hand and as I walked down the 2nd deck it smelled horribly of sewage. I thought nothing of it untilI stepped in what seemed to be water. I put my flip flops on and felt the water sloshing under my feet for a good at least 30 cabins. I called the steward and alerted him about this. He said "he was already on it" as I walked by later that day there where fans on the floor. And don't even get me started on the emergency drill. It was so unorganized and hot. When the alarm rang we went to the 4th floor. My 84 and 86 year old parents said they felt like they were going to pass out BEFORE they started talking about what to do in an emergency. They asked to sit down but were told to stand until it was over. We also could not hear because the crew members kept telling people to be quiet and put away there phones. That was my 4th cruise with carnival and by far the most disappointing not because it wasn't fun or anything but because the lack of wanting to provide a safe environment. Delayed departure and various other things
July 6 Celebrity Reflection
Celebrity Cruises
Cruise Critic reports the ship was forced to stay overnight in port and skip a port stop due to an unspecified mechanical issue yesterday (July 5). The ship was delayed in Civitavecchia (Rome) overnight until 3 p.m. (CET) yesterday, meaning it could not stop in Messina, Italy. It is now on its way to Piraeus, Greece, where it is due to arrive tomorrow (July 7) and the rest of its itinerary will continue as planned. Passengers received an unspecified amount of onboard credit as a gesture of good will from the cruise line, Delayed departure (24 hours)
July 6 Queen Mary 2
Cunard Line
From a passenger: Boarded shortly after noon on Tuesday (July 1) in Brooklyn. Went directly to Kings Court buffet for lunch. Surprised to find minimal effort to eliminate cross contamination. Although salt and pepper shakers were not in use, buffets were primarily self-service, with multiple customers handling the same utinsels. This was particularly worrisome because some passengers were in transit. Whether or not there was any wide-spread sickness on board I do not know. But an anecdotal report by a friend stated that one passenger, feeling unwell, called the medical office for advice and was confined to her cabin without so much as a physical examination. Sanitation
July 4 Multiple ships Travel Mole reports some cruise ships have rearranged schedules and cancelled Bahamas port calls. Norwegian Gem scrapped a scheduled stop at Great Stirrup Cay and instead left Nassau at midnight "to stay ahead of the storm in more pleasant weather," Norwegian said. Three Royal Caribbean ships - Majesty of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas and Grandeur of the Seas - missed out port calls at CocoCay to give extra time at sea and ensure breathing space ahead of the storm, which is expected to reach hurricane force speeds today. The recently-launched Florida-based Victory Casino cruise ship remained docked at Mayport, Jacksonville, yesterday but may resume sailing later today, according to the company. Itinerary change - Weather
July 2 Carnival Liberty
Carnival Cruise Lines
Orlando Sentinel reports a Grenada man remains jailed in Seminole County after federal agents said he hid 12 pounds of cocaine in his suitcase while on a cruise that recently docked in Port Canaveral. Ishermon Tafari, 31, was arrested Saturday when authorities made the discovery in his cabin. According to a criminal complaint filed in Orlando federal court, authorities identified Tafari as a person of interest before the ship arrived. He was traveling alone on the eight-day southern Caribbean cruise, which departed from Port Canaveral on June 20, records said. Authorities searched Tafari's cabin and when they examined his suitcase, they found roughly 12 pounds of cocaine inside. Drug bust
June 30 Viking River Cruises Travel Weekly reports the company has decided to cancel its remaining Ukraine sailings for 2014. “When the conflict began, we, like many, were hopeful for a quick and peaceful resolution,” Richard Marnell, Viking’s senior vice president of marketing. “With tension on the ground continuing, combined with questions about Russian visa requirements for Crimea — and the U.S. State Department warning on travel to the region — we were not confident we could deliver our standard high-quality experience in the near future.” Viking is repositioning the newly refurbished 196-passenger Viking Sineus to a 12-day itinerary between Bucharest and the Black Sea. The ship was scheduled to sail a 12-day Footsteps of the Cossacks cruise from Kiev into the heart of the Crimean Peninsula.  
June 28 Westerdam
Holland America Line
Kiro TV reports the ship returned to Pier 91 in Seattle after a fire earlier today. The Seattle Fire Department was initially called to make sure flames were out. Fire department spokesperson Kyle Moore said the ship had some fire suppression systems in place. High-powered misters along with the crew’s use of fire hoses extinguished the flames. Moore said the fire was contained to the boiler room on the port side. Petty Officer 2nd Class George Degener of the U.S. Coast Guard said, “My understanding is that (after) the first attempt at extinguishing it, it then re-flashed (before) they were able to successfully extinguish the fire. And, once again, thankfully, again, no one was hurt during this incident.” Several cruise passengers tweeted during the incident. One woman, Julie Estrada, tweeted: “Stunned at communication to guests re: boiler fire. ‘Safety of guests’ & ‘precautionary measures’ should be said from top!” Estrada later called KIRO 7 and said the fire happened just 30 minutes after they departed. “They came across and told us there was a fire in the boiler room and they’re keeping us posted. And then, after a while, pretty much every 15 minutes we were getting updates from the captain or the cruise director telling us it was contained and then not contained and then still not contained, and then they found the source.” The ship was subsequently given clearance to again leave Seattle on the planned cruise. Passengers told KIRO 7 they heard announcements saying they will skip the Port of Sitka when the cruise resumes. Fire
June 28 Multiple ships Cruise Critic reports a number of itineraries on the Danube river have been changed, some cruises canceled, and many ships have been swapped given low water coniditions on the river. Companies effected include Viking Cruises, Scenic Tours, Avalon Waterways,Uniworld and Riviera Boutique Cruises. Itinerary changes
June 23 Emerald Princess
Princess Cruises
From a passenger:We had a Red Level Advisory yesterday but no-one will tell us how many passengers are affected?? Any news will be helpful to other passengers.....another Blame Game by Princess and this time they are blaming the high levels of Norovirus in the Uk and saying someone brought it aboard ......on 11th??? How about the crew and the fact that until last night there was no hand sanitizer in the restaurants other than the buffet and none in the Casino! UPDATE (June 24th): Today the Captain’s noon message included the figures of as at today 37 quarantined passengers and 4 crew. He did say that this was not the total numbers, just as at today. However this morning at the dining room when being asked if we wanted a sharing table or one on our own there was a lady saying that she should probably have one on her own as her husband was quarantined with the virus. When we asked if she too had not been told to stay in the cabin and order room service she said that when she did that yesterday the breakfast was awful so she asked if she could order from the normal menu and was told that she couldn’t but she should go, not to the buffet but the dining room for her meals. It was easy for her to get a table alone! We sat at a table for eight, with just six other passengers and suspected from his silence that one of the men there was also in a cabin with someone quarantined. From the embarkation (and every port since) there has been not sanitizing lotion at the foot of the gangway. When there was not hand sanitizer at the entrance to the restaurants, in the casino or anywhere else about the ship except in the buffet we asked and were told that they only had it when there was a problem???? There is STILL none in the Casino but staff insist that they are sanitizing every hour – and every where was wet when we sat at a machine last night, but there are no wipes or gel to use either on entry or before leaving. If they insist on blaming the passengers then why are they so loathe to spend the money on the provision of some prevention measures? It does not make sense. I have also failed to EVER see a crew member, in any capacity, actually wash their hands, yet we are being told daily that this the best way to stop the spread of infection? UPDATE July 7: One week on – home last weekend, and both of us very ill since with a flu type virus! I am guessing that every surface was so well sanitized that the only germs surviving were the airborne ones. I guess without wearing a mask we were going to pick up one of those! It is such a shame when cruises are spoiled because of a viral outbreak. Mind you, I feel happier on a ship which treats the first 48 hours as if there is a problem to stop the spread of anything brought on board inadvertently by a passenger, to one like the Emerald who openly admit that they only take precautions after they have a problem..........dah? ?Illness?
June 23 Britannia
Nicko Tours
SRN News reports the ship carrying 154 passengers and 40 crew was evacuated after it sprang a leak on a river in the eastern Netherlands early on Sunday morning, emergency services said. All the passengers, mostly pensioners from Germany and Austria, were safely helped off the 110-metre (360-foot) long Britannia and taken to shelters.The cause of the leak was not immediately known. No one was injured, a spokesman said. The multi-deck river cruise ship was on the IJssel river, 110 kilometers (68 miles) east of the capital, Amsterdam, on its way to Cologne, Germany, when it ran into trouble. Divers were on their way to determine the cause. Holed - evacuated
June 18 Divina
MSC Cruises
Tribuna Digital reports a 20 year old intoxicated Mexican passenger went overboard from the ship as it was cruising between Fortaleza and Recife. The cruise was transporting fans between wrld cup venues. The article suggests the passenger fell overboard from deck 15. The Examiner reports the man had been drinking quite heavily throughout the trip, seemingly having brought his own alcohol onto the cruise. Witnesses have said that he indicated to people he was going to jump. It sounds as if people essentially ignored him and thought he was just drunk. Then, witnesses say, he “suddenly put his arms over his chest and jumped directly from the 15th floor.” The Daily Mail says the man jumped overboard to impress a woman; it took an hour for the ship to maneuver back to the location where he jumped. Pax overboard
June 16 Unknown The Royal Bahamian Police report a 23- year of American man of South Carolina is in custody after he was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs on Sunday 15th June 2014. According to reports, shortly before 5:00pm on Sunday 15th June 2014, officers from the Tourism Policing Unit acting on intelligence went to a cruise ship moored at Prince George Wharf, where they found the suspect in possession of a quantity of marijuana. The suspect was taken into custody and is expected to appear in court early this week to be formally charged. Drug bust
June 13 Scandanavian Star (1990) Maritime Today reports Norwegian police on Friday recommended reopening an investigation into a ferry fire in 1990 that killed 159 people after a police review cast doubt on findings that a Danish man who died on board had started the blaze. Survivors and relatives of passengers who died on the Scandinavian Star have long campaigned for the case to be reopened, because of doubts that a single passenger could have started all the fires that broke out in several parts of the vessel as it headed from Norway to Denmark. Last year, with Norway's 25-year statute of limitations for murder cases looming, police agreed to review their work on the case. "When 159 people are killed in a fire that was probably started deliberately, there's reason to do what we can to get as many answers as possible on what happened," Oslo police chief Hans Sverre Sjoevold told a news conference. "The investigation that was conducted in 1990-91 did not have the full scope that we would demand today, particularly regarding potential economic motives behind a fire like this." "The factors that resulted in a Danish citizen being named the perpetrator were insufficient as evidence." A survivors' group has pointed to new witness testimony that some people slipped away from the ship after the accident without being registered. Sjoevold did not name any possible suspects and cautioned there was no certainty that a fresh investigation would uncover significant new evidence. A final decision on whether to reopen the case rests with the national prosecutor's office. Accident investigation reopened
June 11 Ryndam
Holland America Line
From a passenger: Yesterday, the ship turned back to Kristiansand after approx. half an hour after departure.
The cause was acute illness of a male passenger. The ship docked again after approx. 25 minutes and the passenger was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Kristiansand. The condition is uncertain. After a two-hour delay the ship continued again to Stavanger and arrived on time this morning.
Delay for medical emergency
June 7 Crystal Syphony
Crystal Cruises
The Telegram reports the second cruise ship of the season, the Crystal Symphony, has cancelled its call to port in St. John’s on June 8. The ship, which was due to dock Sunday, will bypass St. John’s due to “poor marine conditions.” The Symphony’s schedule takes it to Reykjavik, Iceland, after leaving port in New York on June 1. Canceled port call
June 7 Carnival Valor
Carnival Cruise Lines

SKN Vibes reports the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force is making investigations into an incident of assault that occurred on a cruise vessel which was berthed at Porte Zante yesterday (Jun. 6). Unconfirmed reports suggest that an act of sexual assault may have been perpetrated against one of the cruise passengers by one of the vessel’s crew members.SKNVibes understands that the authorities on St. Kitts were made aware of the situation and investigations had begun. The Police Force’s Press and Public Relations Officer Inspector Lyndon David - when contacted by this publication and questioned about this issue - declared that he could not confirm or deny at that moment. St. Kitts and Nevis Observer reports local police took a crew member into custody on June 6. The cruise vessel left port later than its scheduled time due to the incident.

Sexual assault
June 5 Elation
Carnival Cruise Lines
From a passenger: At 7:20 am Thursday June 5 just before debarkation in New Orleans a passenger on Main M51 was arrested by several ship security guards as well as custom agents on hoard. He was led off the ship with his hands cuffed behind his back. About a 40+ yr old white male. Passengers we're not allowed to enter their cabins or walk past the cabin as the agents we're arresting the man. If anyone has further details about this, please send them along. Pax arrested
June 5 Grandeur of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
From a passenger: I was on the May 23rd departure from Baltimore and I over head security saying someone was missing. It ended up being this woman named April. She was seen (the night before) at the Schooner Bar fighting with a male, knocking drinks over on the piano. Next day, she was missing and TSA boarded our boat when we reached shore on May 30. If anyone has details about this, please send them along. Pax missing
June 5 Disney Fantasy
Disney Cruise Line
From a passenger: We were on the disney fantasy on May 24-31st. We had a very large group with us. Out of thirty eight people 12 people with vomiting. ?Illness?
June 5 Millennium Diamond
City Cruises
The London Evening Standard reports 9 people have been injured after a pleasure cruiser crashed into Tower Bridge today, lifeboat crews said. The ship hit the iconic bridge at around 11.55am, leaving one woman with serious injuries and a further eight people needing treatment. One woman, aged 64, was taken as a priority to the Royal London Hospital for treatment for pelvic and head injuries. She is believed to have tumbled down a flight of metal stairs aboard the boat upon impact. It is unclear what caused the collision. Collision
June 1 Infinity
Celebrity Cruises
From a passenger: On the 5/12 sailing of the Infinity, during dinner time just after leaving the port of Le Havre, France on 5/13, the Infinity suffered a total loss of all power and propulsion, while still in the shipping lane. Emergency lights did come right on, and the cruise director made regular reports about the resoration of power. Two tugs raced to the scene to keep this ship from drifting into nearby obstacles. Power and propulsion were restored within about two hours, but we were surprised that a total failure could occur. No explanation has yet been provided by Celebrity as to what caused the problem and why hotel power AND propulsion were both lost. The Chief Engineer told some passengers that it was a power maangement problem. This could have been a very dangerous problem in this location. Loss of power
May 30 Navigator of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Jamaica Gleaner reports two American male cruise ship passengers are now in custody aboard the ship, which docked in Falmouth yesterday morning. The men were accused of raping a female passenger who they were partying with the night before on the vessel. The rape reportedly occurred at 5:30 yesterday morning, some 50 miles outside Jamaican waters. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, with assistance from the Jamaican police is investigating the incident. The ship returns to Galveston on Saturday, where the accused will be processed. Rape
May 28 Independence of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
BBC reports a six-year-old British boy is in a "grave" condition in a French hospital after being found unconscious in a cruise ship's swimming pool. The child's heart had stopped when he was found, a port official told the AFP news agency. The ship's doctor got his heart beating again and he was transferred to hospital in Brest by helicopter. Child found unconscious in pool
May 27 Louis Joliett
Croisieres AML
Global Post reports 12 people suffered various injuries Monday afternoon when the ship slammed into a pier during berthing at Quebec City. Quebec ambulance officials say a few of the injured were transported to hospital but none of the injuries are life-threatening. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada says it is sending a team of investigators to the scene to find out what happened. The ship was carrying about 60 people at the time of the incident. It has capacity of 1,000 passengers. Collision with pier
May 25 Safari Endeavour
Un-cruise Adventures
The Vessel Sanitation Program reports the ship failed its sanitation inspection with a score of 68. Failed health inspection
May 23 Norwegian Breakaway
Norwegian Cruise Line
The Royal Gazette reports a 25-year-old American cruise ship passenger has been fined $500 for calling a police officer a “f***ing stupid b***h.” she was arrested by police and Customs officers as part of an investigation into possible drugs on board the ship. She said she was not told why she was being arrested, and that the arresting officer repeatedly ignored her cries of pain when placed in handcuffs, intimating that the officer intentionally tried to hurt her by twisting the middle part of the handcuffs. She said that it was only after she repeatedly informed the officer that she was being hurt that she began cursing. Police eventually found two grams of marijuana within her cabin’s safe, which was subsequently claimed by the man sharing her cabin, Vega told Magistrates’ Court yesterday. Drug bust
May 23 Norwegian Breakaway
Norwegian Cruise Line
Bermuda Sun reports the death of 60-year-old who was a guest on board the Norwegian Cruise Line. The man was traveling east along Cockburn Road in Sandys on livery cycle, with a pillion passenger, when it appears that he veered into the westbound lane and collided with a boundary wall and a tree along the sidewalk. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead at 8:15pm (Thursday Evening). Death ashore
May 22 Swiss Diamond The Slovak Spectator reports the ship struck a pillar of the Old Bridge in Bratislava, which is currently being disassembled and replaced. The accident was reported to the medical rescue Service around 9:00 AM, spokesperson of Operational Centre Boris Chmel told the TASR newswire. Chmel added that seven people were injured in the crash - six women and one man. Three ambulances were sent to the site, as well as firemen and one fire car. The ship was hauled away to a nearby harbour. Five people were taken to three hospitals falling under the University Hospital Bratislava, with four minor and one medium-to-serious injury, hospital spokesperson Petra Stano Ma?ašovská told TASR. Chmel specified the injuries sustained were flesh wounds on people’s heads and limbs. Swiss Diamond belongs to the Swiss shipping company Scylla AG. It was produced in 1996 and operates on the Danube river between the German city of Passau and Hungary. Collission with bridge
May 22 Independence of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Norwegian Coastal Administration reports the ship was arrested and detained at Alesund for nonpayment pilot fees. Pilot associations complain that it can take three months to a year for some cruise lines to pay their bills. In this case, the unpaid bill of $1 million is from October 2013; it was paid within an hour and the ship released. Arrested for not paying bills
May 19 Bahamas Celebration
Celebration Cruise Line
CDC reports the ship failed its health inspection on July 31 with a scrore of 82 (Inspection scores of 85 or lower are considered unsatisfactory) Failed health inspection
May 19 Hermod
Viking River Cruises
From a passenger: on Friday, May 16, at approximately 3:35 PM local time. We had left Lyon, France, cruising north on the Saone River. The Chief Engineer had started giving a talk about the operational features of this new ship when his pager went off and sounded an alarm. He looked at the pager, and said it was a minor alarm and that someone else would take of it. Not two minutes later, the ship went straight into the riverbank. It was at a point in the river where we had just passed under a bridge and the river made a left turn. But the ship did not turn to follow the river channel. We had been cruising at about 8-10 knots, and there was no indication that anyone on the bridge had tried to avoid hitting the bank or tried to slow the forward progress of the vessel. We slammed into the riverbank, and broke several trees along the bank. The tree branches broke several glass panes that line the terrace on the bow of the ship. Fortunately, the damage to the ship was minor. There was no structural damage, and no one on the ship was injured. The crew has now replaced the broken glass with some temporary plastic panels, and the ship has sailed on its next scheduled voyage. Aground
May 19 Costa Deliziosa
Costa Cruises
Seatrade Insider reports the electrical power supply and all essential services were restored 'after a few hours.' However, the problem delayed yesterday evening’s departure and the ship remains in port. The cause of the technical problem is still under investigation and specialized technicians are on site, Costa said. Passengers have been offered complimentary shore activities today in Valencia and the line’s care team is providing assistance on the ground. The company has planned return charter flights to Rome and Genoa on Tuesday for those passengers scheduled to disembark and end their cruise in Italy.   Costa is also extending a refund of 50% of the ticket price and a credit of €100 per person toward expenses incurred on board, in addition to the free Valencia tours. In a statement Monday afternoon, Costa said it is working to find alternative options for passengers scheduled to join the vessel in Civitavecchia May 20. The line said a solution was expected to be fixed and communicated over the next hours -- it is understood that that cruise has been canceled. Loss of power / canceled cruise
May 17 Sapphire Saga
Saga Cruises
BBC reports the ship was stranded off the Isle of Mull after an electrical fire. An emergency was declared on the Saga Sapphire when the fire broke out at about 10:00 on Friday, knocking out the ship's power supply. Coastguard crews provided support while the ship's own crew dealt with the problem. The liner was expected to resume its voyage on Saturday following repairs. There were no reports of injuries. Saga Holidays UK tweeted: "The ship is currently anchored, in fine weather, off the Isle of Mull whilst the damaged electrical panel is repaired and tested. Electrical fire
May 15 Sovereign
Pullmantur Cruises
Cruise Law News reports the ship suffered an engine failure on one of its two main engines on May 10th while sailing from Barcelona to Tunis. It then limped instead to Naples for repairs. Its current owner/operator, Pullmantur Cruises, attempted to repair the cruise ship in Naples but the repair pair attempts were unsuccessful. The ship was re-positioned to Civitavecchia and the cruise was cancelled.  The plans are now to undergo repairs at a shipyard in Marseille in the hope that it will be able to cruise under full power at the end of May.  According to one news account, the cruise line company said it regretted "deeply" the interruption of the cruise, thanking passengers for "patience and collaboration."  It said that it will return the fare for the cruise, and reimburse passenger expenses related to the problem with the ship. It also offered a 60% discount on the purchase of another Pullmantur cruise. Engine problems/ Cancelation
May 10 Oasis of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
From a passenger: Stumbled upon your site looking for some more details beyond what was said onboard on the Oasis early Saturday morning. It was pretty stressful and woke up everyone on the ship! Here's a quick timeline of what went down a few hours before we returned to port: 3AM EST - Announcement in halls with something along the lines of "Bravo Bravo Bravo, incinerator room deck 1 zone 7" 3:10AM EST - Another in hall, not rooms - "Staging area - rear aft luggage area deck 2" 3:15AM EST - "Front line, engine control room, deck 1" ... nothing for an hour except a lot of crew running around. roughly 4:10AM EST - captain comes on and addresses everyone, in room, in both english and a translator in Portuguese. Summary was - "Was an incident in the incinerator room that caused a lot of smoke, it is under control and you can return to bed" ?Fire?
May 10 Maasdam
Holland America Line
The Cape Breton Post reports high winds have led to the cancellation of the second cruise ship visit of the 2014 season to Cape Breton. The ship was scheduled to dock in Sydney this morning, but the threat of high winds later in the day led to a decision to bypass the port this time around. Missed port call
May 7 Queen Mary 2
Cunard Line
BBC reports the cruise line has abandoned plans to release 10,000 balloons following concerns about the impact on wildlife. Cunard said it had cancelled the planned release from Queen Mary 2 following a social media campaign. Posting a message on its Facebook page, the cruise company said: "We have taken your advice and we will no longer be doing the balloon release." The event formed part of the ship's 10th anniversary celebrations in Southampton on Friday. Cancel balloon release
May 7 Seven Seas Navigator
Regent Seven Seas
A passenger reports the ship arrived in San Diego 30 minutes late and passengers were not allowed to disembark for three hours. It is unclear what happened, except it is known that law enforcement authorities boarded the ship when it arrived. If anyone has additional details please let us know. Delayed disembarkation
May 7 Carnival Paradise
Carnival Cruise Lines
Cruise Law News reports last night a cruise passenger, @omasaid, tweeted that a fire may have broken out after the cruise ship left Cozumel. Around 12:36 AM, he tweeted: "Keep us in ur prayers folks, white smoke maybe a fire is billowing from top of our cruise #carnival#paradise we r in the middle of ocean"  At 12:40 AM he tweeted: "Update #carnival #paradise still no A/C people appear to be calm, Captain stated we r proceeding to Tampa maybe cruise is shortened..." At 1:29 AM, he left this final tweet: "Update: #carnival #paradise all systems appear to b stable. A/C is operational, although another carnival ship traveling oddly close to us" We received this statement from Carnival this morning: "Earlier this morning while the Carnival Paradise was en route from Cozumel to its homeport of Tampa, an air conditioning compressor overheated causing some smoke in the forward section of the ship. Shipboard personnel immediately responded and addressed the situation. All safety and hotel systems are operating normally and the ship is expected to arrive in Tampa Thursday morning as scheduled. Announcements were made keeping guests apprised of the situation and the U.S. Coast Guard was notified as per standard protocol. Carnival Paradise is currently operating a five-day cruise that departed Tampa on Saturday, part of its year-round four- and five-day schedule from that port."



May 6 Poesia
MSC Cruises
The Portugal News reports 132 kilos of cocaine was seized on board a cruise liner docked in Funchal over the weekend, the police in Portugal’s Special Administrative Region of Madeira announced Monday. Madeira police arrest three foreign cruise passengers over cocaine smuggling. In a statement, the police said three non-national males, aged 29, 32 and 33, had been taken into custody in relation to the find. The same source said that the drugs were found inside their backpacks, on their bodies and also stored away inside their cabin. The find was made onboard the vessel "MSC Poesia" that had stopped off in Funchal after having arriving from Argentina, Brazil, the Canaries, Spain and was due next in Vigo. Drug bust
May 4 Norwegian Breakaway
Norwegian Cruise Line
NBC New York reports the ship became stuck in the Hudson River off Manhattan Sunday morning after one of the vessel's thrusters malfunctioned, officials said. According to the Coast Guard, the ship reported a problem with its steering system at around 7:40 a.m. The Coast Guard issued a tug assist plan and the boat was tugged to Pier 88 on West 48th Street just after 10 a.m., once the tide had changed. A passenger aboard the cruise ship said they were coming back from a 7-day Caribbean cruise and had been scheduled to unload at the pier at 7:30 a.m. NCL released a statement Sunday saying the ship had been delayed because of "strong currents in the Hudson River." NBC New York subsequently reported a dead 30-foot whale found on the Brooklyn side of New York Harbor Monday morning may have gotten tangled in the steering system of a cruise ship, disabling the boat for several hours, authorities said Tuesday. The 45-year-old whale was found near Pier 4 on Monday, and towed to the New Jersey side of the harbor. It was found during a necropsy Tuesday to have blunt force trauma and broken ribs. The NOAA Fisheries Service said it is believed to have been struck by the Norwegian Cruise Lines ship, which then stalled for several hours in the Hudson River as it was preparing to dock in Manhattan Sunday. The fisheries service said it's not known if the whale was killed by the ship or if it was already dead when it was hit. Mechanical problems - delayed debarkation
May 2 Norwegian Gem
Norwegian Cruise Line
From a passenger: I was on the ship on (4/23/14 - 5/2/14) ..when we left NY we had to turn around because of a "medical emergency" which ended up making the news and TV a woman got injured in the eye with a flying champagne cork (see NY Post) ..then while at sea the stablizers stopped working and the boat was rocking...then after we left St.Thomas on 4/28/14 the Captain came on and made an announcement that a few people reported stomach pain to the infirmary and to wash you hands and they put the hand santizer machine thingys in every elevator to prevent any more people from getting sick. Multiple items
May 1 Multiple ships CTV reports an international trade union is calling on a cruise ship to bypass Cape Breton until a simmering labour dispute is settled at the Port of Sydney.
Gerard Bradbury, an inspector with the International Transport Workers' Federation, says he has submitted the request to Nautilus, the union in the Netherlands representing workers aboard the MS Veendam, a Holland America Lines cruise ship. The vessel is slated to be Sydney's first cruise ship of the season on May 7. The federation is protesting a recent decision by Sydney Ports Corp. to replace 13 unionized stevedores with six non-unionized workers. The stevedores, member of the Unifor Local 4624, had handled cruise ship arrivals and departures for years. Sydney Ports Corp. has said it chose to end its reliance on third-party contractors after a workplace accident in October involving a stevedore. The non-profit corporation has said it hired its own people to bring them under its safety rules.
Dispute over unionized labour
April 30 Unkown The Bahamas Weekly reports a 58 year old man of Spring Hill, Florida is in custody after he was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs on Tuesday 29th April 2014. According to reports, around 3:30pm, Officers from the Tourism Police Unit (TPU) acting on information, went onboard a Cruise ship docked at the Prince George Wharf, where they arrested the man who had a quantity of marijuana in his possession. The man will appear in later today to be formally charged. Drug bust
April 28 Thomson Majesty FYI -- Recently released: Marine Safety Investigation Report: Safety investigation into the failure of a lifeboat wire rope fall resulting in five fatalities and three injuries onboard the Maltese registered passenger ship Thomason Majesty while alogside in Santa Cruz de Palma on 10 February 2013, Marine Safety Investigation Report No. 05/2014, Transport Malta Accident investigation report released
April 27 Bahamas Celebration
Celebration Cruise Lines
CBS reports the U.S. Coast Guard is searching for a 30 year old man who went overboard from a cruise ship returning to South Florida. Shortly after 2 a.m. Sunday, they received word of a male who went overboard from the crew of the Bahamas Celebration. The ship had departed Freeport, Bahamas on Saturday around 6 p.m. and was heading to West Palm Beach when the man went overboard. The company said the ship did turn around when they realized the man, who was from South Carolina, was missing and searched for him but was unsuccessful. The ship arrived back in West Palm Beach around 9:30 a.m. Fox 4 reports the ship was unprepared to launch a search -- that it was hapahazard and poorly orchestrated. Pax overboard
April 26 Unkown The Bahamas Weekly reports a 28 year old woman of Southbridge, Massachusetts and a 27 year old woman of Waltham, Massachusetts are in custody after they were arrested for possession of dangerous drugs on Friday 25th April 2014. According to reports, around 9:30am, Officers from the Tourism Police Unit (TPU) acting on information, went onboard a Cruise ship docked at the Prince George Dock, where they arrested the two women who had a quantity of marijuana in their possession. The two women will appear in court early next week to be formally charged. Drug bust
April 26 Crystal Serenity
Crystal Cruises
Keith on Cruise Critic reports he learned that last night at around 1:30 AM a rogue wave likely hit the ship because three windows in the Crystal Dining Room were blown in and of course water also came in. Thankfully this occurred at the middle of the night and not when the dining room was open and thankfully the night crew who was in the dining room doing their nightly cleaning was on the other side of the room when this occurred. As a result, no one was injured. They have already begun making repairs and the Dining Room will be open for dinner. It was closed for Breakfast and will be closed for lunch so guests will dine at the other dining venues including The Lido Cafe, Tastes, The Trident Grill (lunch and late eating) and The Bistro.
Rogue wave breaks out windows
April 25 Island Escape TUI Cruises The Daily Mail reports nearly 200 passengers have been awarded hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation after being struck down by a vomiting bug on board ‘atrocious’ cruises. Holidaymakers had to endure overflowing toilets, urine-covered floors and lukewarm food on the Island Escape, on which they suffered diarrhoea, stomach cramps and severe sickness. TUI, the cruise operator, has now agreed to pay a substantial six-figure settlement to the passengers, who travelled on board the ship to destinations including Morocco, Gibraltar, Madeira and Las Palmas between December 2009 and June 2010. The cruise line denied liability.
But travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have now secured a settlement of ‘several hundred thousand pounds’ from TUI in compensation. This was for more than 100 passengers who have been ill and dozen whose holiday was ruined as a result. Passengers affected are expected to receive up to £10,000 each. Irwin Mitchell is also representing a 117 further passengers who have made similar claims following trips on the same cruise ship in 2012 and 2013.
Lawsuit - payout for illness outbreak
April 25 Explorer of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
North Jersey dot Com reports Aislinn Hamilton, 33, of New York City was passing through U.S. Customs around 10:30 a.m. when agents detected a strong odor of marijuana. Agents searched Hamilton and her luggage and uncovered six grams of marijuana and one gram of cocaine, plus a grinder with marijuana residue, Port Authority police said. Port Authority police charged Hamilton with possession of controlled dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was released and faces a court appearance on April 30, Port Authority police spokesman Joe Pentangelo said. The Explorer of the Sea had returned from Bermuda around 10 a.m. Thursday. Drug bust
April 25 Volendam
Holland America Line
KTOO reports the ship skipped its port call at Kodiak because of weather conditions and instead will make a port call at Juneau. According the Kodiak Mirror the ship dropped anchor in Kodiak harbour but didn't deploy its tenders. It is on its way from Japan to Vancouver. But a passenger says, "We did skip the port of Kodiak Alaska due to bad weather but we never dropped anchor there. The nearest we got to Kodiak was about 300 miles due south. On 24 April, the day before getting to Kodiak, the ship's captain told us that the itinerary had been changed to Juneau because of high winds in the Kodiak area. After Juneau, we were back on schedule for Glacier Bay and Ketchikan." Skipped port
April 24 Veendam
Holland America Line
From a passenger: Currently waiting to board the Veendam. The checkin time was moved to 4pm early this morning and now at the terminal they are telling us the ship will not be arriving until 6:30pm and checkin will start at around 7pm. Apparently the ship was in Freeport's drydock for a week and had a late departure from there. HAL is offering shuttles to downtown FLL locations and is providing box lunches and refreshments for those waiting in the terminal. Delayed embarkation
April 24 Oscar Wilde
Irish Ferries
The Independent reports about 50 passengers spent their second night on a broken-down Irish Ferries cruise liner after a technical fault cancelled a Cherbourg to Rosslare sailing. A spokesperson for the company said the nature of the problem, which relates to an integral part of the ship's radar system, is very technical and a specialist engineer and parts are this morning en route to the stricken liner. However, he said it is likely to be this evening "at the very earliest" before the problem is resolved and passengers may have to spend a third night on the vessel. The problem surfaced on Tuesday afternoon – at which point passengers went on social network sites to vent their frustration after they were told they would have to spend the night on the Oscar Wilde craft. One said a protest had begun on board, after ferry staff had failed to inform passengers of alternate arrangements. The majority of the stranded passengers made new travel arrangements on alternative sailing routes arranged by Irish Ferries and arrived home yesterday afternoon. But last night a spokesperson said a group of approximately 50 people had decided to wait for the vessel to be repaired and remain in Cherbourg. "We have sourced the part and an engineer will now have to travel to Cherbourg to do the work . . . I'd say we'd be lucky to get the work done by tomorrow evening," the spokesperson said. Broken down
April 23 Pacific Pearl
P&O Australia
Coastal Leader reports The ship's port call at Robe, Australia was called off at the last minute because of sea conditions. The decision angered and disappointed locals, who had gone to great lengths to plan for rolling out the red carpet and had expected $40,000 to be injected into the region's economy. It's the second time in 18 months a planned cruise ship visit for Robe has fallen through. Skipped port call
April 19 Safari Quest
Un-cruise Adventures
The Vessel Sanitation Program reports the ship failed its sanitation inspection with a score of 84. Failed health inspection
April 19 Grace
Viking Line
The Local reports three Saturday morning sailors had a lucky escape after their small boat collided and sank after it crashed into a cruise ship whilst sailing in the Stockholm archipelago. The incident unfolded just before midday when the little vessel smacked into the Viking Line cruiser, which was en route to Finland. The cruise ship Grace had left Stockholm earlier in the morning carrying 1,827 passengers. Emergency services were quickly on the scene and locals from the island of Marö assisted with the rescue. Two men and a woman were retrieved from the water and treated for shock. Eyewitness Sara Eklund said foggy conditions likely contributed to the accident and described the trio's survival as "miraculous." She estimated that the incident took place 200 metres from the shore. "They must have missed the boat and sailed straight into the Finnish ferry. It's a pretty big boat. They sunk and all went in at once," she told TT. The incident temporarily delayed the cruise ship which was heading to Åbo via Mariehamm but it resumed its course shortly after the drama. Collision with cruise ship
April 18 Carnival Miracle
Carnival Cruise Lines
USA Today reports has had to slow its maximum speed from 21 knots to 18 to 20 knots, depending on wind and sea conditions, due to what it is calling a "technical issue." Carnival says all safety and hotel systems on the ship are operating normally, but the slower speed will force changes to more than a dozen of the vessel's upcoming Alaska and Hawaii sailings -- 15 port calls to Ketchikan have been canceled and many port calls to Skagway have also been canceled. A repair to fix the problem won't be done until the Carnival Miracle enters a drydock in early 2015 for previously scheduled maintenance, the line says. In a post on his Facebook page, Carnival senior cruise director John Heald says the company considered sending the ship to a drydock immediately for repairs but concluded that would disrupt the vacations of too many customers as it would have resulted in entire cruises being canceled. Executives decided to keep the ship in service operating modified itineraries "primarily to avoid the cancellation of Alaska vacations for thousands of our guests, and that may have included your cruise," NOTE:The company would prefer to inconvenience people with changed itineraries and not delivering what was promised when booked, then inconveniencing itself by losing money by canceling cruises and putting the ship in drydock to fix a problem. As the cruise line would say, "they are altering itineraries and varying the product for the convenience of their passengers." Propulsion problems
April 17 Independence of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
From a passenger: I am on the April 12 sailing and there is a noro outbreak. Only numbers I have heard was 30 cases two days ago and 10 yesterday by noon. Apparently it was bad yesterday afternoon and evening. Buffet is no longer self serve. Captain and CD repeatedly tell everyone to wash their hands and sanitize. Purrell stands everywhere. ?Illness?
April 17 Carnival Victory
Carnival Cruise Lines
KeysInfoNet reports Matthew Brennecke, 38, of Cuday, Wis., was booted from the ship while it was in port Friday. Stephanie Bunzel, 40, of Milwaukee was allowed to stay on the vessel and continue the journey to Mexico. Apparently the couple was on a trip to celebrate Bunzel's birthday, which was Thursday. Key West police say the tussle started at a Best Western hotel in Miami because Brennecke was upset about being late for a shuttle to the ship. Then it became a case of he said, she said. Bunzel told Key West police officer Derek Wallis that Brennecke threw a drink at her and pushed her, and said she only got on the shuttle because Brennecke had her luggage. Brennecke told Wallis there was no physical confrontation, only an argument, except that Bunzel had burned him on his arm with a cigarette and that she had "lost her mind." He said he never touched Bunzel, and Wallis found no signs of an altercation in their stateroom, even though Bunzel told the officer Brennecke tried to put a pillow over her face. She ran off and found a security officer, who called police. Man evicted
April 16 Enchantment and Adventure of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
The Tribune (Bahamas) reports five poassengers have been arrested and fined, four for possession of a small amount of marijuana; one for a small amount of cocaine. In most cases the drugs were brought onboard when the passengers joined the shop, and they were arrested after police were invited onboard by the cruise line. Acccording to the news report, a 28 year old man was arrested with 1 gram of pot, a 27 year old was caught with 2 grams of pot, a 37 year old man was arrested with 2 grams of cocaine, a 61 year old was caught with 5 grams of pot, and a 60 year old woman was arrested with 5 grams of pot. Each was fined(collectively $3100) and released. Drug busts x 5
April 16 MV Sewol Korean ferrry BBC reports almost 300 people remain unaccounted for after a ferry carrying 459 people capsized and sank off South Korea. The ferry (built in 1994), carrying mainly school students, was travelling from the port of Incheon, in the north-west, to the southern resort island of Jeju. Emergency teams are using floodlights and flares to search the stricken vessel through the night. Those rescued have been taken to a nearby island. Four people are now said to have died and dozens of others have been hurt. South Korean officials had earlier said that 368 people had been plucked to safety, but later said there had been a counting error. They have now revised down the number rescued to 174. Images showed the ferry listing at a severe angle and then later almost completely submerged, with only a small part of its hull visible. It sank within two hours of sending a distress signal, reports said. There are fears this could turn out to be South Korea's biggest maritime disaster for more than 20 years. It is not yet clear what caused the incident, but witnesses described hearing an impact, before the ship listed and quickly sank. One passenger told the YTN news channel: "We heard a big thumping sound and the boat stopped." Sunk
April 15 Marina
Oceania Cruises
Pacific Islands Report reports the ship has shortened its two-day trip to Rarotonga after finding out its that passengers and crew members would each have to pay a NZ$65 [US$56] departure tax. Oceania Cruises’ Marina had planned to arrive on Monday morning and leave today, making it one of few cruise ships to have ever stopped over for a night. Under the Departure Tax Act 2012, anyone who stops in the Cook Islands for longer than 24 hours must pay a $65 tax upon leaving the country. When informed of this law a week ago, Oceania Cruises decided to skip Monday and arrive today so its 1250-odd passengers and crew of 760 would not be liable for the tax. Matina Travel, the ship’s local agent, said it is "very disappointed" with the Revenue Management Division’s decision to charge departure tax. "What would they prefer, for us to make about $100,000 on departure tax and lose these ships coming in? The ship has said if there are too many difficulties they’re not going to come back at all," said ports operations manager Vina Manuel. It will be a big loss to the economy if cruise ship companies decide to take Rarotonga off the itinerary, she said. She said the tax should have been waived because the visitors are not staying on land. Metua Vaiimene, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation’s (CITC) Director of Destination Development, said the problem stems from a lack of communication from Matina Travel. Matina notified CITC and the relevant Government agencies only last week that the ship was coming for two days. Everyone thought the ship was arriving and leaving on the same day, April 9. "Matina Travel needs to improve its communication," Vaiimene said. If it the information had come through earlier, there may have been more time to negotiate waiving the tax, he said. Alternatively, the shipping company could have had time to look at including the departure tax in its passenger fees. Change in itinerary
April 13 Grand Princess
Princess Cruises
From a passenger: Left on schedule from Sam Francisco at 4pm ( or so) and did not make it to the golden gate before turning around and heading back in.. do not know why... as of this moment, cruised beyond terminal. An hour later: looks like it is now headed back toward the bridge... different Delay
April 11 Empress
Pullmantur Cruises
G1 Globo reports police in Santos arrested a Honduran crewmember with almost 100 pounds of cocaine.The drug had the final destination of Europe.According to police, the ship docked at the Port of Santos at around 7am on Thursday (10) . The Federal Police conducted a routine inspection with the crew and found 333 casings of drugs packed in PVC film and packaging of coffee. They were in two bags and two travel bags. He used coffee to disguise the characteristic smell of cocaine. The crewmember said the drug would have been shipped, gradually, in three ports : Buenos Aires , Santos and Itajai.According to the Federal Police investigations continue to identify suppliers, intermediaries and buyers of drugs. Drug bust
April 11 Grandeur of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
CDC reports 97 of 2120 passengers (4.58%) and 8 of 808 crew (0.99%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. Two CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officers and an epidemiologist will board the ship in Baltimore, MD on April 12, 2014 to conduct an epidemiologic investigation, environmental health assessment, and evaluate the outbreak and response activities.The ship was on a 7 day cruise from Baltimore (2nd illness outbreak in a row). Illness
April 11 Disney Dream
Disney Cruise Line
My News 13 reports aDisney Cruise Line crew member was arrested Thursday morning and accused of molesting a teenage girl. Canaveral Port Authority Police responded to Cape Canaveral around 8 a.m. in reference to a lewd or lascivious molestation that occurred aboard the Disney Dream cruise ship while it was docked in Port Canaveral. Ahmed Sofyan, 36, of Jakarta, Indonesia, was arrested and charged with two counts of lewd or lascivious molestation and one count of false imprisonment on a 13-year-old girl. Sexual assault of child
April 11 QN3736 Vietnamese Cruise Ship Tuoitrenews reports reports a cruise ship carrying 23 people, including over a dozen foreign tourists, suddenly caught fire on Thursday morning in Ha Long Bay, located in the northern province of Quang Ninh. At the time of the fire, there were five crew members, one catering attendant, and 17 passengers, including 15 foreign tourists. However, there were no immediate reports of human casualties. Preliminary investigation found that after touring the bay on Wednesday and staying overnight, people on board ship number QN3736 headed ashore at around 10:30 am today. The flames were then detected by the boat’s crew members when it was traveling near Trong Mai Islet. The crewmen immediately sent distress signals while collaborating with other ships nearby to evacuate those onboard the fire-hit ship. After receiving the signals, local rescuers arrived at the scene and put the flames out around one hour later. Authorities in Ha Long City has confirmed the fire and said QN3736 belongs to Cuu Long Ltd. Company, a Vietnamese firm. Fire
April 10 Grandeur of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
From a passenger: Received the following from RCI - Hello, this is Royal Caribbean International. We would like to provide you with some important information regarding your Saturday, April 12th, sailing onboard Grandeur of the Seas out of the Port of Baltimore. During the ship's last sailing, a number of guests experienced a gastrointestinal illness. We will conduct enhanced sanitizing onboard the ship and within the terminal to help prevent any illness from affecting your cruise. Therefore, your check-in and boarding will be significantly delayed. Because space and seating is limited in the facility, guests will not be able to access the terminal until 3:30 PM. Check in for your cruise will now take place between 3:30 PM and 5:30 PM. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation and we look forward to welcoming you onboard. NOTE:The same email was sent to passengers last week - see April 4. ?Illness?
April 8 Crown Princess
Princess Cruises
CBS in San Francisco reports thirty-seven passengers have contracted gastrointestinal intestinal illness caused by the Norovirus, which is common but extremely contagious. The ship’s crew has stepped up sanitation procedures on the ship to prevent further spread. None of the stricken passengers left the ship after docking in San Francisco, opting to continue sailing on the seven-day coastal cruise that departed from Los Angeles. The ship is on its way to Santa Barbara. CNN reports the number of ill has increased to 66 passengers and 17 crew members. The LA Times reports there are 83 sick passengers. UPDATE April 11: CDC reports 122 of 3161 passengers (3.86%) and 30 of 1176 crew (2.55%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. A CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officer will board the ship in Los Angeles, CA on April 12, 2014 to conduct a targeted environmental health assessment, and evaluate the outbreak and response activities. The ship was on a 7-day cruise from Los Angeles. Illness
April 8 Norwegian Dawn
Norwegian Cruise Line
From a reader: My Mother and Father are on the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship, they left yesterday at 4pm (4/6/14). The captain came on the overhead system today (at around 6:00pm) and announced that due to a recent shooting in Honduras they would be bypassing Honduras, where they were scheduled to go tomorrow at 10:00am. They will have a extra Sea Day instead. They said at this time they do not feel it is safe to go into Roatan and they believe that the gunman has been apprehended. Skipped port call
April 6 Norwegian Pearl
Norwegian Cruise Line
Cruise Law News reports it received reliable information that a Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) crew member was shot and killed in Roatan, Honduras earlier today. The 27 year old Filipino crew member reportedly was from NCL's Norwegian Pearl cruise ship. The only information we received is that a Pearl crew member named "Jacob" from the Philippines was killed by a gun shot today while the Norwegian Pearl was in Roatan today. See also GMA News. Crew member shot ashore
April 5 Ruby Princess
Princess Cruises
Clawson Patch reports a lawsuit in which a Michigan man says he fell into one of the famed canals in Venice, Italy, when an excursion guide loosened his hold on one his hand while assisting him out of a gondola. The 82 year old man alleges negligence and breach of contract. His 76-year- old wife witnessed the fall and is suing for emotional distress and loss of consortium. According to the complaint, the Luks were passengers on a cruise from Citavecchia, near Rome, to Venice when they took a shore exclusion billed as an "Evening Gondola Ride with Serenade" last May 23. Princess' website touts its shore excursions as "carefully selected and provided by reputable tour operators who meet high standards of Princess," and assures passengers that their "security and comfort are of paramount importance," the suit states. The suit says that while the plaintiff was being assisted in disembarking from the gondola at the end of the excursion, the tour guide "let go of Luks' hand, causing him to fall forward on the uneven, wet surface of the canal dock stairs, striking his head and falling into the waters of the Venetian canal." Luks ingested canal water, causing him to suffer anoxia, pneumonia and an infection that left him on life support, including a respirator, for 10 days, according to his suit. Lawsuit - shore excursion
April 5 Preziosa
MSC Cruises
MediTelegraph reports the ship collided with the pier when docking at Venice. Despite the presence of two tugs and a pilot onboard, the ship was too close to the bow toward the dock consequently striking one of the finger piers (a passenger corridor that allows passengers to disembark from higher decks to the terminal building). The collision, which damaged the starboard bow of the ship, occurred on the day of the reopening of the San Marco Basin to the mega- ships. Collision with pier
April 5 Carnival Pride
Carnival Cruise Lines
Cruise Critic reports three sailings have had their itineraries cut short by one port to account for an electrical transformer malfunction. According to Carnival PR frontman Vance Gulliksen, the glitch means the ship must sail more slowly than usual, so scheduled calls on Freeport have been scrapped on the ship's current sailing, as well as on its voyages departing April 6 and 13, to make up for lost time. Passengers on the current voyage, which departed on March 30, were each given $50 in onboard credit and 25 percent off a future cruise. On the April 6 voyage, Freeport will be replaced with a call on Charleston, but calls on Port Canaveral and Nassau will remain as scheduled. Passengers will be offered 25 percent off a future cruise, or they have the option to cancel their bookings pre-cruise for a full refund. The April 13 voyage will call only on Grand Turk and Half Moon Cay, with no substitute for the missed call on Freeport. Passengers on that sailing have the choice of cancelling for a full refund pre-cruise or opting for $50 per person in onboard credit and 25 percent off a future sailing. Electrical transformer malfunction - itinerary changes
April 5 Pacific Dawn
P&O Australia
Courier Mail reports a night of “pole dancing” on a cruise ship has ended in a $330,000 court battle for a Gold Coast woman after she injured her arm. She lodged a claim in the Southport District Court against P&O Cruises and its parent company, Carnival, for $329,251. In the statement of claim, it is alleged a group of women were “swinging and/or pole dancing” next to a swimming pool on P&O’s Pacific Dawn on February 8, 2012, uninhibited by staff. About 11pm she also swung around the pole – but with painful consequences. “One of the hooks on the pole penetrated the skin on the plaintiff’s right arm,” court documents say. The extent of the injury is not disclosed, but scarring and psychological consequences are alleged. A Carnival spokesman said it would defend the claim. Lawsuit
April 5 Oceana
P&O Cruises
The Daily Echo reports the ship will have to spend an additional three days in Barcelona as the vessel undergoes emergency repairs. In a letter to passengers, the company said the ship has developed an issue with the seal that goes around the propeller shaft. It means calls to Alghero, Cartagena and La Courna have been replaced with an extended stay in Barcelona. The company says sustomers will receive a 25 per cent cash refund. Propulsion problems - Stuck in Barcelona for 3 days
April 4 Boudicca
Fred Olsen Cruises
Travel Weekly reports a settlement of £42,500 has been reached with 26 cruise passengers affected by norovirus. Outbreaks hit six separate cruises on board the Fred Olsen Cruise Lines ship Boudicca between November 2009 and April 2010, including the Christmas period. Many elderly passengers were on board during the outbreaks which led to severe symptoms including sickness, diarrhoea, and stomach cramps. Fred Olsen agreed to the £42,500 settlement without accepting responsibility for the outbreaks of norovirus. Lawsuit settled
April 4 Magnifica
MSC Cruises
BBC reports Brazilian police say they have rescued 11 crew members working in "slave-like conditions" on an Italian cruise ship. The operation was carried out the north-eastern city of Salvador, where the MSC Magnifica had docked for the day with more than 3,000 passengers. Brazilian officials say the 11 crew members were forced to work up to 16 hours a day. Some were alleged to have been victims of sexual harassment. Italian cruise operator MSC Crociere has adamantly rejected the allegations Brazilian Federal Police officers boarded the ship on Tuesday, before it departed for the city of Recife, on its way back to Europe. But the operation has only now been made public. It comes at the end of a month-long investigation, following a tip-off from crew members on the MSC Magnifica. The labour ministry identified 13 staff who had allegedly been submitted to slave-like conditions. Two of them refused to leave the vessel and decided to carry on working, while the other 11 were taken to a hotel in Salvador. Their nationalities have not been released. "The fact that they had signed a contract, even an international contract, does not mean that the basic human rights should not be respected," Labour Ministry director Alexandre Lyra told Folha de Sao Paulo. This was first reported by Blog do Sakamoto. Labour issues - workers rescued
April 4 Grandeur of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
From a passenger: Just received this e-mail from Royal Caribbean about a cruise I was to take tomorrow: Hello, this is Royal Caribbean International. We would like to provide you with some important information regarding your Saturday, April 5th, sailing onboard Grandeur of the Seas out of the Port of Baltimore. During the ship's last sailing, a number of guests experienced a gastrointestinal illness. We will conduct enhanced sanitizing onboard the ship and within the terminal to help prevent any illness from affecting your cruise. Therefore, your check-in and boarding will be delayed. Because space and seating in the terminal is limited, we ask that you not arrive to the port before 2:00 PM. Check in will take place between 2:00 PM and 4:30 PM. CDC reports 111 of 2122 passengers (5.23%) and 6 of 790 crew (0.76%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. The ship was on a 7 day cruise from Baltimore. Illness outbreak
April 3 Unknown 7 News Beize reports two cruise tourists and their driver were involved in a serious collision within Belize City limits this afternoon. The collision happened at around 2:30 at mile three and a half on the Western Highway - right at the spot where a new speed bump was installed just last week. The circumstances of the accident are unknown but it seems two mini-vans collided at the speedbump and the impact sent the gold van spinning across the highway, causing it to violently flip. The tourists were taken to a private hospital for treatment, while the condition of the driver is not known. Pax injured ashore
April 2 Independence of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
CNN reports two men tragically lost their lives in an accident on St.Kitts . Reports are that the two men apparently were assisting with the unberthing process of the cruise vessel when it overturned while the ship was pulling out of port. Eyewitnesses the ship may have pulled out before the men had enough time to clear the berthing area. As a result the sea currents created by the massive cruise liner may have caused the smaller berting boat to capsize and the men were apparently sucked below water by the current and drowned. A member of the crew on the ship said “The small boat was capsized when our rear azipods pushed us away from the dock. The two men where thrown overboard and never resurfaced, only one had on a life vest, the other man's life vest came off when he was thrown into the water. The capsized boat was then pushed into the back of the Silhouette. All of this viewed from my aft balcony, kinda puts a damper on an otherwise wonderful cruise. Very sad for the families of these two men.” Two dead in unberthing accident
April 1 Queen Victoria
Cunard Line
San Francisco Examiner reports rough conditions knocked a cruise ship off its moors while docked in the Port of San Francisco during a powerful storm moving through the Bay Area Monday. Port officials responded to a call shortly after 1 p.m. that the Queen Victoria cruise ship was coming off its moorings and listing towards the Bay. Lines holding the vessel to the berth snapped, causing cleating to pull away from the ship. A person who worked along the water said that the 6,000 pound gangplanks had to be put back in place. Passengers were eventually allowed to board the ship. Blown from moorings
April 1 Royal Princess
Princess Cruises
Cruise Fever reports several power outages over the past 24 hours have caused delays. The ship is now expected to arrive in St Thomas on April 2 at 12:00 p.m., 4 hours later than originally scheduled. The cruise ship began having power issues on March 31 when the power went out at 8:10 a.m. as the ship was in route to Princess Cays. Emergency lights came on but the ship was without propulsion and basic hotel functions (running water etc). Power was restored to the ship within 15 minutes but the outage caused the ship to arrive later than scheduled into Princess Cays. The power problems continued into the night as the ship experienced 2 more short outages at 1:15 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. on April 1. Captain Draper said that these two outages were unrelated to the first one and were caused by a generator problem. Due to the outages, basic hotel functions and the ship’s propulsion were affected. This caused the ship to sail at a reduced speed of 15 knots. The ship is currently on a 7 night cruise to the Eastern Caribbean out of Ft. Lauderdale with stops in the ports of Princess Cays, Bahamas; St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.; and Philipsburg, St. Maarten. Loss of power / propulsion problems
March 31 Ship unknown
Grimaldi Lines
Gazetta del Sud reports a 15-year-old high school student from the southern Italian city of Catania died Sunday night when he went overboard from a cruise ship docked at the Spanish city of Barcelona. He was participating in Amare Leggere (Loving to Read), a floating literature festival for kids organized in collaboration with Italy's National Association of School Principals, the Italian Cultural Institute, and Italian House in Barcelona. School authorities alerted the boy's parents, who left for Spain on Monday. "The tragedy happened overnight, while the ship was docked", deputy principal Maria Teresa Rizzo explained. She described the victim as "a totally normal kid". Overboard
March 30 Carnival Miracle
Carnival Cruise Lines
From a passenger: I was on the Carnival Miracle's 22 March sailing, a 7 day Mexican Riviera. On Monday, 23 March at around 4 p.m., the ship changed course and went back north in the direction we came. At around 4:30 p.m., the cruise director made an announcement that one of our fellow guests needed urgent medical care, but there was no indication of where exactly we were going. At around 8:30 p.m., it was announced that we would be meeting with a coast guard helicopter, which would hoist up the guest and take him to San Diego. 230 miles sound of San Diego, at around 10:30 p.m., we rendezvoused with the coast guard helicopter, and the guest was taken from the ship. At which point we turned back around and made our way south again, nearly at full speed. Regarding itinerary, we were about 4 1/2 hours late to our first port of Puerto Vallarta (scheduled for 12:00 noon, arrived around 4:30). It was an overnight call, though, and our following day was extended to a 4:00 p.m. departure instead of the scheduled 3:00 p.m. No compensation of any kind was given to guests, but the overall mood on the ship was a steady, carefree one. And I didn't talk to anyone who was angry about the delay. Delay
March 29 Carnival Ecstasy
Carnival Cruise Lines
Bay News 9 reports the ship's itinerary was modified fom a stop in Cozumenl to a stop in Bahama's. According to the company, the itinerary had to be modified based on the amount of time it took for the rescue of Cuban refugees adrift at sea. "When it comes to assisting individuals stranded at sea, conducting rescue operations and potentially saving lives takes precedence over maintaining a scheduled itinerary. Passengers were not happy with the change (see News 13). Change of itinerary
March 28 Grandeur of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
ABC 27 reports a rogue wave had hit the ship, causing the top deck to collapse, as it approached on its return to Baltimore. According to a passenger, "The captain came on and said we were averaging 20 foot waves. This is the very high winds that are coming from the Nor'easter which is ahead of us. But the wind is still blowing down here and around Cape Hatteras is really bad any way." Rogue wave
March 27 Adventure of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Travel Weekly reports the ship finally departed San Juan on Wednesday morning on an abbreviated Caribbean itinerary to Antigua, St. Lucia and St. Croix. The ship was stuck in port while propellers were replaced. It had been scheduled to depart on Sunday on a seven-day cruise, its final one before going into a scheduled drydock for maintenance. But the ship encountered a repeat of propulsion issues that interrupted its previous cruise, when an oil leak was discovered while docked in St. Kitts. The ship skipped calls in Aruba, Curacao and St. Croix, and arrived in San Juan behind schedule. Passengers waited in long lines at the cruise pier in San Juan on March 23 to board the ship. A number of them turned to Facebook and Twitter to complain about a lack of information, water and food from Royal Caribbean during the wait. Regarding the three days in port, a Royal Caribbean spokesperson said, "The removal of propeller blades has taken a lot longer than expected, and this has been because of a number of technical challenges. Since Sunday, divers have been removing the 32 bolts attached to the four propeller blades. It has proven extremely difficult to remove these bolts." Delayed departure (3 days)
March 27 Infinity
Celebrity Cruises
The Telegraph reports a cruiseship dancer who claims she was dropped by her “incompetent” partner while she was in the splits position is suing her former employer for negligence. Jessica Holman, 23, dreamed of starring in the West End but her hopes were shattered after 14 years of training when the fall left her with a severely damaged hip socket. Lawyers claim dance leaders at Celebrity Cruises knew Miss Holman’s partner was not “seaworthy”, and her injury could have been prevented if he had been pulled from the shows. The holiday company deny any wrongdoing over the incident, which occurred on the second day of a South American cruise tour in October 2010. After the fall, Miss Holman said she was given no painkillers or ice to treat her hip. She also claims the doctor on board the ship repeatedly sent her out to dance, delaying treatment and exacerbating her injury. Lawsuit
March 27 Disney Wonder
Disney Cruise Line
BBC reports the parents of a British woman who went missing at sea from a Disney cruise ship are suing the company for $75,000 (£45,000). Crew member Rebecca Coriam, 24, went missing from the Disney Wonder, off the coast of Mexico, three years ago. Her parents Mike and Ann Coriam from Chester have filed papers against Disney claiming the entertainment giant failed in its duty of care. A Disney spokeswoman said there was no "merit" in the legal action. Rebecca, who was a youth worker on the ship, was last seen on 22 March 2011 at 05:45 GMT, when CCTV footage showed her making a phone call to a friend from the staff quarters. The alarm was raised four hours later when she failed to turn up for the start of her shift. Lawsuit
March 26 Maasdam
Holland America Line
CDC reports 65 of 1096 passengers (5.93%) and 8 of 569 crew (1.41%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. Three CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officers will board the ship on arrival in Ft. Lauderdale on March 28, 2014 to conduct an environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities. The ship was on a 26 day cruise. Illness
March 25 Port of Southhampton Daily Echo reports hundreds of passengers ended up trapped in carparks after gridlock struck at Southampton's cruise terminals this morning. The chaos began when holidaymakers disembarked from two cruise ships. Some have reported they have been stuck in the car park for the last two hours waiting to leave Ocean Terminal. According to Southampton Cruise Parking Services the problem was a result of two cruise ships - the Oriana and the Aidasol - docking close to each other combined with road works both inside and outside of the port. Although traffic was moving, exiting the car parks was particularly slow due to the impact of the road works. Passenger Jean Parker from Chandlers Ford returned from a 12-day trip to the Arctic Circle with P&O Cruises with her husband only to find Southampton had ground to a halt. She said: “We have all been standing here for 90 minutes waiting to get out of the car park. It's an absolute standstill. We have moved one car length. We're all just sitting here at Ocean terminal. No comment was available from Associated British Ports. Gridlock at port
March 24 Navigator of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Sydney Morning Herald reports an elderly Chilean cruise ship passenger with a medical condition has gone missing in Adelaide. Jorge Sepulveda, who speaks very little English, disembarked from The Voyager of the Seas cruise ship on Sunday morning to tour the city. Police say he was expected to return no later than 5.30pm Adelaide time and was last seen in Rundle Mall two hours earlier. Nine News subsequently the man had been found the next day. Arrangements are being made for him to travel to Perth where his cruise is scheduled to end. Pax lost & found on shore
March 23 Bahamas Celebration
Celebration Cruise Line
Palm Beach Post reports a 30-year-old man is facing federal drug charges after authorities say he smuggled cocaine and heroin from the Bahamas to Palm Beach County. Adrian Bradley Trench was arrested Thursday and faces federal charges of importation of more than 500 grams of cocaine and importation of more than100 grams of heroin. On Thursday, he arrived at the Port of Palm Beach where U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers tried to inspect him as he got off the ship through the crew gangway. Officers asked Trench for his CBP I-95 form, which allows the crewman’s landing. Trench said he forgot it in his room and ran back toward the vessel. Officers told him several times to stop, and he was apprehended. As officers gave Trench a pat-down, they noticed two packages wrapped around Trench’s calves. One package contained 1,043 grams of cocaine — about 2.25 pounds — and the other contained 674 grams of heroin, or about 1.5 pounds, the complaint says. Trench admitted he knew he was transporting drugs and said while he was expecting to be paid some amount of money, he wasn’t sure how much. Drug bust
March 23 Multiple ships KXAN News reports the Caribbean Princess is stuck in port while crews cleanup an oil spill in the channel leading to Galveston and Houston. It is unknown when the ship will be able to depart. At the same time, Coast Guard officials made arrangements to bring Carnival Magic and Navigator of the Seas into the isle port to disembark passengers (about 11 hours later than scheduled). A passenger told KXAN the captain said if they don’t leave port by Monday, they could consider letting passengers off the ship if they wish. For now, passengers are stuck onboard. Carnival Truiumph arrived in Galveston on March 24. The ships are not able to depart at least through Tuesday, March 25.UPDATE:RCI canceled the Navigator of the Seas cruise. The other three ships departed Tuesday afternoon on shortened itineraries. Delays -- stuck in port
March 20 Ship unnamed
Carnival Cruise Lines
Turks and Caicos Weekly News reports a passenger was captured on film jumping over the railing and into TCI’s turquoise waters recently. The unnamed man, who said he could not resist the beautiful ocean, was quickly detained by Turks and Caicos Islands authorities and sent home. An entertainment news station called Right This Minute managed to get hold of the footage that was filmed on the man’s personal waterproof camera, and exposed his act. The video showed him jumping into the clear water and he looked delighted as he floated about before swimming for shore. The news station explained that police brought the man back onto the ship but he was kicked off again and sent home without a refund. He was banned from holidaying on any Carnival Cruise Lines ships again. The video can be watched here Pax jumps overboard in port
March 19 Maasdam
Holland America Line
The Global Dispatch and Travelers Today report a norovirus outbreak on the current cruise from Rio de Janeiro to Ft. Lauderdale, arriving on March 28. According to one passenger, "I am on the sick Holland America Maasdam which has had Noro virus ever since the departing Rio and won't be scheduled to be back in Fort Lauderdale until the end of the month. I'm getting tired of hearing the Captain blame the passengers for the spread of the disease. As a physician, I've clearly noted that the disease is passed by vectors such as cruise cards, bar staff and wait staff never washing their hands, and the tables and chairs being cleaned with the same rag. Captain it's not the passengers its your staff." ?Illness outbreak?
March 19 Adventure of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Cruise Critic reports the ship has been forced to cancel two port calls after an oil loss from the ship's fixipod propulsion unit forced the shutdown of the pod. The fixipod cannot be repaired until the ship goes into dry dock March 30, though the line said the ship's next sailing should not be affected. Royal Caribbean confirmed the issue. Work on the problem necessitated the delay of the ship's departure from St. Kitts until 3 a.m. Furthermore, because engineers could not complete a permanent repair, the fixipod will remain offline until the ship goes into dry dock March 30. This will cause the ship to sail at a reduced rate of speed. The combination of the delayed departure from St. Kitts and the reduced speed has forced the ship to cancel its scheduled port calls to Aruba (March 20) and Curacao (March 21). Instead, Adventure of the Seas will visit Antigua today, St. Maarten on Thursday (staying overnight) and St. Croix on Saturday. Propulsion problems / oil leak
March 19 Costa Fascinosa
Costa Cruises reports a Brazilian businessman who was found dead on the shores of Punta Lara, had been last seen on Wednesday on the cruise ship. His wife reported that the trip had been a gift from their children. The body was found by Odair Prefecture Punta Lara on Thursday, the 13th, engaged in some reeds 50 meters from the shore of the Río de la Plata between CECO and the Bachelors camping club. The passenger was shirtless and wore only a bathing suit. Pax overboard
March 10 Norwegian Jade
Norwegian Cruise Line
Ha'aretz reports Israeli tourists aboard the ship were barred from disembarking in the Port of Tunis Sunday. They were forced to remain onboard, while non-Israeli Jewish passengers were allowed off. A Jewish Canadian passenger on the ship who preferred to remain nameless told Haaretz that there were approximately 20 Israelis on the ship and that at first, no one knew they were denied entry because "the ship kept it a secret." They only found out because some had become friendly with a few Israelis on board. "We met with the captain twice and his story kept up that he was waiting for instructions from head office in Miami... We told him he was making a political statement by not allowing the Israelis to leave the ship and he said it was out of his hands. We reminded him that he was the captain," the passenger said, adding that a "handful" of them decided to remain on board. He said they were told there were more Israelis on the MSC Line ship that was docked next to them in Tunis. According to a report in Algemeiner, B'nai Brith Canada issued a statement criticizing the operator NCL for failing to notify passengers ahead of time that they were not welcome on Tunisian soil by the government. Update: NCL has subsequently announced it will cease further calls to Tunis. Israeli pax not allowed to disembark
March 10 Magnifica
MSC Cruises
A Tribuna reports the ship's departure from Santos is delayed. While the ship performed the undocking maneuver, a tether ( rope used to attach the ship to the pier ) tangled in a propeller . The operation was canceled and divers were deployed to try to solve the problem. A spokesperson for the MSC merely siad that the vessel encountered "technical- operational" problems. It is unclear how long the delay will be. Delayed departure - technical issue
March 8 Discovery
Cruise and Maritime Voyages
Shetland News reports the ship canceled its call at Lerwick. Gale force winds and huge seas in the northern North Sea made the captain rerouting her voyage from Stavanger further to the south. The Discovery is instead expected to call at Kirkwall, in Orkney, on Sunday. However, the ship is still scheduled to call at Lerwick on Thursday, marking the start of what looks to become a busy cruise liner season. Missed port call
March 7 Costa Classica
Costa Cruises
Hamburger Abendblatt reports a 70 year old male German passenger has gone overboard from the ship after it sailed from Casablanca, Morocco en route to Madiera. Pax overboard
March 6 Diamond Princess
Princess Cruises
From a passenger: A female passenger was evacuated from the ship and flown by helicoptor to Singapore; it occurred at 3:45 am. The Captain ordered passengers from three decks near the evacuation area to leave their cabins and he made sure some ship rescue craft were ready to deploy. The helicopter lowered a doctor and a medic before lifting the stretcher. The only snag occurred when the helicopter, at first, couldn't find the ship. When that happened the crew turn on some extra beacon lights. The ship sailed at a slower speed all during the evacuation. Cabins evacuated during medical evacuation
March 5 Bahamas Celebration
Celebration Cruise Line
Palm Beach Post reports a man’s vacation quickly ended Sunday morning when federal agents found child pornography on his computer. The ship came into the Port of Palm Beach on Sunday around 7:30 a.m; Border protection agents started to inspect passengers and their luggage and when they inspected the man’s they found an Acer laptop. Agents asked him to punch in his password to unlock the laptop. They found a folder containing several images and videos of child pornography. According to the criminal complaint, he admitted that he downloaded the images and he knew child pornography is considered illegal. Passenger arrested with child porn
March 3 Oriana
P&O Cruises
The Daily Echo reports the ship left Southampton more than 12 hours late for its North Cape cruise. Though not stated, it is assumed the problem was with the propeller that was being repared following the previous cruise, which ended three days early. Late departure
March 3 Oriana
P&O Cruises
The Daily Echo reports the ship returned to Southampton with 57 passengers suffering from gastrointestinal illness. Illness outbreak
February 27 Unknown

The Australian reports a British passenger will face court after she allegedly attempted to smuggle 1.5 litres of liquid cocaine in a lava lamp. The woman, 22, was stopped by customs officers at White Bay Cruise Terminal in Sydney on Tuesday after disembarking from a cruise ship from New Caledonia. Initial tests on liquid inside a lava lamp returned positive results for cocaine and triggered a response from a customs dog. If found guilty, the woman faces a maximum penalty of 25 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $850,000.

Drug bust
Febraury 27 Costa Pacifica
Costa Cruises
Il Messaggero reports dozens of passengers, probably infected with the virus that causes measles, were disembarked in the afternoon from a cruise ship docked in the port of Civitavecchia. According to what has been learned travelers, including many Italian and foreign tourists were on board the Costa Pacifica. At least 9 people were hospitalized at the hospital Spallanzani in Rome, but others , from the port were transferred to hospitals in the capital and Orbetello . Along with the passengers, 59 crew members wer disembarked. Given that measles has an incubation period of 7 to 21 days, the number effected will likely be much higher. Measles outbreak
February 26 Sun Princess
Princess Cruises
Cruise Critic reports as Fiji prepares for heavy rain and a possible category one cyclone to hit, the ship has been rerouted in order to avoid the system. Four Fijian ports have been canceled as a result. Sun Princess will bypass Port Denarau, Suva, Savusavu and Dravuni Island and call instead on two ports in Vanuatu and two in New Caledonia. Passengers will receive a refund for port fees and taxes, as well as for any shore excursions booked through Princess. Port calls canceled (weather)
February 26 Norwegian Pearl
Norwegian Cruise Line
TV 10 News reports an antique military compass triggered a security alarm that forced the evacuation of a Port of Miami terminal Wednesday morning. The Miami-Dade Police Department bomb unit was called to Terminal B after a disembarking cruise ship passenger caused an alert from security instruments. While passengers of the Norwegian Pearl remained on the ship, the terminal was evacuated while police and hazardous materials crew investigated. After it was determined that the compass caused the alert, the area was deemed safe and the terminal was reopened. The end result was an inconvenience for some cruise ship passengers who had no choice but to wait until it was all over. HazMat scare - disembarkation halted
February 26 Azamara Journey
Azamara Club Cruises
USA Today reports the current cruise in Asia is being cut short due to propeller damage caused by debris, the cruise line said. The ships was sailing towards Tokyo yesterday when "the ship noticed an unusual vibration." Further inspection showed one of the ship's two propellers had been damaged by debris. "The ship is now traveling at a reduced speed to Kyoto (Osaka), and will arrive on Friday, February 28. Due to the required repairs, we regrettably must end the current voyage in Kyoto (Osaka)," according to the company. The next scheduled voyage of the ship, out of Shanghai on Monday, might also be impacted. Passengers on the current cruise will remain on the ship in Kyoto until Sunday, when they will be flown to Shanghai, where the cruise was originally scheduled to end on Monday, the line said. The ship departed Hong Kong, China, on Monday, February 17, with port calls to Xiamen, China; Taipei (Keelung), Taiwan; Ishigaki, Okinawa, Tokyo and Kyoto (Osaka) Japan. Guests on the disrupted cruise will receive a refund for the lost cruise days as well as a 25% credit for a future cruise, the line said. UPDATE: Travel Weekly reports the cruise scheduled for March 3 has now been canceled. Cruise cut short - mechanical problems
February 24 Carnival Miracle
Carnival Cruise Lines
Cruise Law News, quoting Cruise Critic, reports that a passenger apparently went over her balcony railing on the Carnival Miracle during the most recent (February 15 - 22) cruise.  A poster left a message that the cruise ship turned around to begin a search for the passenger. However, it was announced that the passenger was recovered on board. She was taken to the infirmary. One passenger suggested that "the person was pushed off the balcony and the people responsible were turned over to the authorities in Cabo." Other people posting on the message board indicate that the passenger may have fallen from deck 6 to deck 4 and struck a lifeboat. Fall to lower deck
February 24 Serenade of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
G1 Globo reports public environmental officials in Brazil reportedly believe that one of three cruise ships in the area illegally discharged sewage and/or wastewater in an area off the coast near Turtle Beach.. Samples were taken from the three cruise ships which called on the city of Búzios (north of Rio de Janeiro) to compare them with contaminated water collected at the public beach.  The three cruise ships have not been identified. However, the newspaper contains a photograph of the Royal Caribbean Splendor of the Seas. The newspaper indicates that the aerial photograph was taken by Secretary of State for Environment, Indio da Costa. Discolored water was observed around the cruise ship. The Brazilian official is quoted saying (translated): "Still can not know what contaminated water, but we are almost certain that the problem was caused by the release of untreated sewage or treated irregularly by one of the ships docked in Buzios."  The health authorities closed the beach due to the polluted water.  The newspaper states that fines for polluting the waters of Brazil can reach $50 million, according to Brazil's Secretary of State for Environment. Envirornmental
February 23 Veendam
Holland America Line
CDC reports 114 of 1273 passengers (8.96%) and 10 of 575 crew (1.74%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. A CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officer and an epidemiologist will board the ship on arrival in Ft. Lauderdale on February 22, 2014 to conduct an environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities. The ship was on a 14 day cruise. Illness
February 22 Oriana
P&O Cruises
The Daily Echo reports the ship will be returning to port three days earlier than planned after propeller problems forced the trip to be cut short. P&O Cruises said it needed to carry out vital repairs to one of Oriana’s two propeller shaft seals. Now holidaymakers will have the choice of spending their final three nights on board the vessel docked in Southampton, or go home early. Customers will have the choice of receiving a credit of 100 per cent of their current cruise to use on a future Oriana cruise in 2014 or 2015, or a 40 per cent cash refund. Bosses of the liner say the extent of the damage is not yet known but an underwater inspection by specialist divers will take place while the ship is docked in Tenerife today. After docking in Fuerteventura the ship will begin its journey back to Southampton and will arrive on Wednesday. Engine problems - cruise ends 3 days early
February 22 Carnival Victory
Carnival Cruise Lines
Inside Edition reports a 28 year old woman says she was brutally raped on board a Carnival cruise ship last year. She said it was two Carnival crew members who allegedly held her down in their cabin and raped her, repeatedly.  “One of the thoughts that kept going through my head was 'my God,' they're going to throw me overboard and no one is ever going to find me,” she said. She went to security and told them she was attacked. The crew members say the sex was consensual. She admits that she was drinking a lot that night; and she doesn't remember how she even ended up in their cabin. But she says the sex was not consensual. “It was not consensual. I was violently raped. I thought they were going to kill me,” she said with tears streaming down her face. Rape by two crew members
February 20 Discovery
Cruise and Maritime Voyages
This is the West Country reports the ship has been diverted to Falmouth after a small leak in the hull was discovered when she was enroute to Avonmouth from the Mediterranean. With the aid of two tugs Discovery berthed on County Wharf where divers examined the hull. Underwater repairs to the hull are underway and the ship is expected to sail on Friday. Leak in hull - towed to port
February 20 Infinity
Celebrity Cruises
A poster at Facebook reports that as the ship was preparing to leave the Falkland Islands the oil tanker came beside the ship and collided, damaging a lifeboat. The lifeboat was removed from the ship and left in the Falklands for repairs. As well, repairs of the ship continued (welding etc) until after 12:30AM. The delay has effected the ship's itinerary. Collision - damage of lifeboat
February 18 Oriana
P&O Cruises
Cruise Critic reports the ship is missing a port of call in the Canary Islands after being slowed by a 'technical issue,' according to the line. The 1,800-passenger, 69,000-ton vessel was due to arrive at La Palma on Thursday, February 20, but instead the ship will spend extra time at Madeira and then cruise to the sister Canary Island of Gran Canaria, arriving slightly later than scheduled on Friday, February 21. Oriana, which mainly caters for British passengers, left Southampton on Saturday, February 15, on a 14-night itinerary to Madeira, the Spanish islands and Portugal. The ship is sailing at reduced speed due to an overheating shaft bearing.
Delayed by technical issue (engine problems)
February 17 Seabourn Odyssey
Seabourn Cruises
Timaru Herald reports the ship was due to berth in Timaru at 6.30am but thick fog has delayed her arrival. She was waiting off the coast for the fog to lift, and passengers were expected to disembark about 12.30pm. Originally she was due to sail for Port Chalmers at 4.30pm. Fog delay
February 16 Norwegian Star
Norwegian Cruise Line
The Vessel Sanitation Program reports the ship failed its sanitation inspection with a score of 82. Failed health inspection
February 15 Nieuw Amsterdam
Holland America Line
Cruise Critic reports a crewmember assaulted a woman early Friday morning. She is in stable condition, according to the line. Holland America says the assailant is under guard on the ship. Holland America released this statement: "A 31-year-old female U.S. citizen on board ms Nieuw Amsterdam was assaulted by a crewmember in her cabin early this morning. The female guest was cared for in the ship's hospital and was in stable condition prior to disembarking the ship today in Roatan, Honduras, for air transfer back to the U.S." The crewmember was placed under guard where he will remain until remanded to authorities. The FBI and other appropriate authorities were notified. A thorough investigation is in progress. The ship is on a seven-day Western Caribbean cruise which departed on Feb. 9, sailing roundtrip Fort Lauderdale." The Sun-Sentinel reports the cruise worker confessed to raping a passenger and trying to throw her overboard from her stateroom balcony, claiming the Valentine's Day assault was revenge for an alleged slight, authorities said Tuesday. The vicious attack happened on a Holland America cruise ship that departed from Port Everglades, according to court records. The worker, Ketut Pujayasa, 28, was quickly detained on the MS Nieuw Amsterdam and arrested by the FBI when the ship returned to Fort Lauderdale on Sunday. The victim told investigators that her attacker appeared with no warning inside her darkened stateroom in the middle of the night, raped, beat, punched and strangled her and then tried to throw her from the balcony into the ocean in international waters somewhere off the coast of Roatan, Honduras. The woman, who is from the U.S. but was identified only by her initials in court records, said she lost consciousness at least once during the assault and firmly believed her attacker was trying to kill her. Pujayasa, an Indonesian citizen employed as a room service attendant for Holland America, claimed he was punishing the woman because he believed she had insulted him and his family, according to FBI agents who interviewed him. Pax raped by crew member; planned to throw her overboard
February 14 Marco Polo
Cruise and Maritime Voyages
ITV reports a passenger has died after the ship was hit by a freak wave in the English Channel today. The wave battered the ship as it headed for its home port of Tilbury in Essex at the end of a 42-night voyage. Water crashed through a window injuring a number of the 735 passengers, who were mainly British (four windows were broken out). An 85-year-old male passenger and a woman passenger in her 70s were airlifted off the ship. The male passenger later died. In addition, 12 passengers were injured. Update: BBC reports (Nov 15) the shoip had leaking and rusty windows, an investigation has found. A Bahamas Maritime Authority report said passengers noticed "a number of windows" had "leaks or rust stains". The victim was in a restaurant with his wife when the wave hit, forcing two windows out of their fittings and shattering two others. The report says according to the doctor's assessment, that the victim had been "struck by one of these complete panes". Sixteen passengers and crew were injured, mostly by flying glass. The report said an inspection of the ship found cracks in window frames. Passenger accidental death
February 14 Unknown Jamaica Observer reports a 67 year old man has been reported missing since February 13. The Falmouth Police in Trelawny report that he disembarked a vessel at the Falmouth Cruise Ship Pier about 4:00 pm and headed to an undisclosed location.  Passenger missing ashore
February 14 Oceana
P&O Cruises
Cruise Critic reports the ship has been forced to delay its scheduled departure from the UK port of Southampton today after the Met Office issued gale warnings for the UK. It will remain docked in Southampton at Ocean Terminal and sail tomorrow morning (February 15), according to the line. A statement from the line said: "We are looking at the itinerary but any impact will be minimal. Compensation will not be awarded in this instance, as our change to the itinerary is due to the adverse weather conditions currently being experienced in the UK and in the Atlantic. The safety of our passengers and crew remains the Captain's priority at all times." Delayed departure
February 13 Thomson Celebration
Thomson Cruises
Gazette Live reports an elderly Teesside couple were brutally assaulted by a fellow holidaymaker. The couple were attacked while travelling aboard the Thomson Celebration from Tenerife on the Colourful Coasts itinerary. Cleveland Police have confirmed they are investigating a “serious unprovoked assault” although no arrest has yet been made. The assault, which happened late last month, left the woman with serious spinal injuries and her husband with serious facial injuries. The pair, who have not been officially named, were treated at Middlesbrough’s James Cook University Hospital. A spokeswoman from Cleveland Police said: “On February 1, Cleveland Police received a report of a serious unprovoked assault on an elderly couple from the Cleveland force area whilst on board a cruise ship at the end of January. "The man received serious facial injuries and the woman suffered spinal injuries requiring hospital treatment. “We are liaising with the holiday company and inquiries to identify the suspect are ongoing.” Couple assaulted
February 11 Oceana
P&O Cruises
From a passenger: the ship is currently returning back to Southampton from Madeira and has been diverted to Vigo due to a urgent medical emergency onboard. The decision to divert was made last night and the ship will reach Vigo within the next hour. Passengers have been informed that this should not delay their scheduled arrival in Southampton on Thursday morning. Diversion
February 10 Carnival Valor
Carnival Cruise Lines
Cruise Critic reports a cabin fire delayed the ship's departure from St. Thomas by a couple of hours Monday. The fire broke out in a cabin on deck 8 while the ship was docked in St. Thomas. The ship's sprinkler system put out the fire quickly, and hotel and safety systems functioned as normal. Passengers in the affected cabin were relocated, and nearby cabins are being aired out. One passener writes, "No power at lido buffet and still have not left port and we are an hour late. Some aft stairwells have been blocked off and aft elevators are not operating." The ship, which was scheduled to depart at 5 p.m., left St. Thomas just before 8. It's expected to arrive as scheduled to Barbados, at 8 a.m. Wednesday. Valor was on the second day of a seven-night sailing. Fire
February 10 Multiple ships Cruise Critic reports that fog in Galveston has delayed the departure and arrival of several ships. Fog delays
February 9 Splendor of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
G1 Globo News reports a 47 year old Brazilian man died early Friday (7) after falling into the sea. The ship was in Uruguay when the incident occurred. The ship docked at the Port of Santos (at the end of a seven day cruise), on the coast of São Paulo, Sunday (9). Police are investigating the case and believe in the possibility of suicide.
According to witnesses, the man had thrown himself overtboard while wearing his lifesaving vest. Ship passengers who disembarked at the Port of Santos on Sunday claim the ship searched for the body and managed to locate the victim at sea. The captain immediately stopped the ship and notified the Uruguayan Coast Guard. NOTE: Thanks to Cruise Law News for alerting me to this incident.
Pax overboard
February 9 Constellation
Celebrity Cruises
Cruise Fever reports the ship lost power on Sunday morning (February 9, 2014) after docking in Key West, Florida. Power went out at approximately 7:15 a.m. and came back on 90 minutes later at 8:45 a.m. This comes less than 2 months after the same ship had engine problems which caused the ship to stay overnight in Key West. During the power outage, the toilets did not work, there was no running water, and the elevators were out. The staff onboard the Constellation was able to serve hot coffee to the passengers as well as a basic breakfast. Also, the staff was selling bottled water (tacky, or what?) as the passengers ate breakfast. Emergency lights came on in the hallways during the outage. The captain made an announcement after the power came back on. He said that they were having a few problems, but said that the power outage was not caused from a fire. Loss of power
February 9 Black Watch
Fred Olsen Cruises
Belfast Telegraph reports the ship has been forced to stop near the tip of South America (50 miles north of Cape Horn) after suffering mechanical problems, its owners said. The ship, which set-sail from Southampton on January 14, has anchored off Chile while its steering gear is fixed. The ship's next port of call is Valparaiso in Chile, where it is expected to arrive on February 15. Steering problems
February 8 Aida Luna
AIda Cruises
Cruise Law News reports a cruise passenger was murdered while ashore in Venezuela's Margarita island. The international press reports that "a gunman shot dead an elderly (76 year old) German tourist on Venezuela's Margarita island," in the latest incident "illustrating the country's rampant crime." A German cruise blog explains that the cruise tourist had gone ashore on an excursion from the Carnival owned Aida Luna cruise ship. The crime occurred at a tourist shop in a shopping center. The El Universal newspaper says that two armed robbers on a motorcycle tried to rob the tourists. A struggle ensued and Mr. Kurt was shot and killed. Pax murdered ashore
February 6 Costa Victoria
Costa Cruises

South China Morning Post reports hundreds of disgruntled passengers refused to leave a cruise liner upon their return from Vietnam on Thursday morning, after a half-day local tour was cancelled during their trip. The tourists were protesting onboard the ship Costa Victoria, now berthed at Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui after their six-day tour ended, to demand compensations from their travel agency. Tour operator Miramar Travel has promised to pay each of the about 1,000 passengers a HK$300 compensation while the cruise company agrees to pay US$50 as compensation per room. But some passangers rejected the offer. When the cruise returned to Tsim Sha Tsui around 6am, some 300 of them refused to disembark, demanding a refund of 70 per cent of the cost of their package, which ranged from HK$8,000 to HK$18,000. Chanting slogans, they demanded to meet senior management from Miramar Travel. They also complain the ship stopped fresh-water supply after it was berthed. By 11.30am, the protest is still ongoing. The ship is now berthed at Ocean Terminal, with about 340 passengers left on board – some 80 from Macau and the rest are local Hong Kong tourists. The protesting passengers claim many Taiwanese and mainland tourists have accepted compensation reluctantly because they have to leave to catch the connecting flights. Police have been called in. UPDATE: The protest continued for 17 hours, until 11:00PM causing the next cruise to be delayed. There is a followup story here.

Pax Protest - Refuse to disembark
February 5 Black Watch
Fred Olsen Cruises
The Sunderland Echo reports a Sunderland journalist is suspected to have drowned after going overboard from a cruise ship in South America. Bob Horn, aged 69, had been on an Atlantic cruise with his brother when he is believed to have fallen from the liner shortly after a visit to Montevideo in Uruguay. A passenger has since written: Friday January 31, 2014 someone jumped overboard off Fred. Olsen's Black Watch when it was enroute to Montevideo from Rio. Passengers and crew were well aware of this because the ship turned around and sent the rescue boat out to collect the body although they were unable to do so. Why has this not been reported anywhere? Can Fred. Olsen really keep this a secret? Pax overboard
February 4 Starlite Atlantic
Roble Shipping
The Philippine News Agency report a passenger of a roll on, roll off (RoRo) vessel went missing after jumping off at mid-sea on Romblon waters. The ferry was sailing around 3:30 a.m. on Monday somewhere in the vicinity of Carabao Island off mainland Romblon when 27-year-old Adonis Rocio jumped off. Following the incident, the crew members immediately conducted tedious search and rescue operations but their effort to find the missing passenger proved futile. They sought the help of PCG-Caticlan which scoured the seas in the vicinity of Carabao Island. Passengers aboard were stranded at mid-sea for almost two hours after the ship decided to drop anchor to find Rocio who is a resident of Cotabato Street, Bago Bantay, Quezon City. The Starlite Atlantic was on its way to Caticlan jetty port in Malay, Aklan. The Ro-Ro vessel arrived at Caticlan jetty port early Monday with majority of passengers on their way to Iloilo. Pax ovverboard
February 3 Norwegian Breakaway
Norwegian Cruise Line
Fox News reports a 4-year-old child died after being pulled unresponsive from a swimming pool on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship off the coast of North Carolina on Monday, cruise line and Coast Guard officials said. Crew members were able to revive a 6-year-old boy also found in the pool. He was airlifted to a hospital, where his condition was unknown. The two children were found in the morning on the Norwegian Breakaway, the cruise line said in an announcement on its Facebook page. The statement did not give the ages of the children, but Coast Guard Petty Officer Adam SanSoucie said they were 4 and 6. An emergency medical team on the ship gave both children CPR, but the younger child died, the cruise line's statement said. The older child, a boy, was airlifted with his grandmother and a nurse to a hospital, the company said. It did not identify the gender of the younger child. Child drowns
February 2 Oriana
P&O Cruises
From a reader:The ship was 2 hours late sailing from Southampton on evening of Wednesday 29/01/2014 as a result of a failure of the P.A. system! Two days later whilst at sea en-route Lisbon at noon on Friday 31/01/2014 an emergency signal was sounded because some rubbish had caught fire onboard. Crew were called to emergency stations but not passengers. All food areas were closed. All clear sounded after 30/40 minutes. Delay / Fire
February 1 Costa Concordia
Costa Cruises
ABCNews (Australia) a Spanish diver died on Saturday during work to salvage the Costa Concordia cruise liner, which capsized off the Italian island of Giglio two years ago. The diver worked for the Spanish company UCS (Underwater Contractors Spain) and was involved in an underwater operation when the incident occurred, said an official at Titan Micoperi, the company in charge of the salvage work. Divers are working to attach 30 massive tanks filled with air to the liner so that it can be lifted off the seabed in June and towed away to be dismantled. Worker death
January 31 Carnival Triumph
Carnival Cruise Lines
KATC reports the ship lost power for eight minutes after an electrical breaker failed. Carnival says the loss of power affected ventilation in the ship's incinerator, sending smoke into limited areas of three decks. Carnival officials say no fires broke out on the ship as a result of the electrical outage. Family members of a person on the ship tell KATC that their relative is still on the deck waiting for the smoke to clear. Cruise Law News reports hearing that the power loss was as long as an hour or two. One person said the power was out for almost one hour. A second person said there was considerable confusion with the crew telling them to put on their life jackets and go to the muster station while other crew members told them to take their life vests off and report to the Lido deck. A third person said that the outage was 1 to 2 hours and there was substantial confusion. A fourth person said the power was out for one hour but the crew handled the situation well. Another person said there was burnt and frazzled wiring which caused the smoke. Carnival said yesterday that it was just some smoke from an incinerator.  Loss of Power
January 30 Caribbean Princess
Princess Cruises
Houston Chronicle reports the ship will return 36 hours early because of an illness outbreak. According to the CDC 181 of 3102 passengers (5.8%) and 11 of 1148 crew (0.96%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. Two CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officers will board the ship in Houston, TX on January 31 and February 1, 2014 to conduct an epidemiologic investigation, environmental health assessment, and evaluate the outbreak and response activities. The ship was on a seven day cruise. NOTE: There had been reported increased illness on the ship two weeks before (see below). UPDATE: KTRK reports Princess Cruises said: "Caribbean Princess is being forced to return to Houston one day early because we were informed that dense fog is expected to close the port for much of the weekend, and we are mindful of our passengers' safety and comfort, as well as the disruption the port's closing will have on their onward travel plans. This has, unfortunately, necessitated the cancellation of the scheduled call to Belize. The seven-day cruise, which departed January 25, is sailing on a Western Caribbean itinerary, also calling at Cozumel and Roatan ... Simultaneously, onboard the current sailing, Caribbean Princess has experienced an increase in the number of cases of gastroenteritis among passengers" Illness / Canceled port call
January 30 Caribbean Princess
Princess Cruises
Seattle Times reports Carnival Corp., the world’s largest cruise operator, said the U.S. Justice Department joined a U.K. investigation into whether its Caribbean Princess ship violated international pollution laws. Carnival is cooperating with the probe and is also conducting an inquiry of its own, according to a filing today. The U.K. Maritime & Coastguard Agency had initiated an investigation on Aug. 28, the Miami-based company said in a separate filing last year. Environmental
January 29 Constellation
Celebrity Cruises
Cruise Law News reports a crew member went overboard from a cruise ship sailing off of the coast of Mexico. Crew member Inyoman Bagiada, age 45, reportedly disappeared from the Celebrity Constellation at around 2:30 AM today, according to a press release by the U.S. Coast Guard. The ship was returning from Cozumel, Mexico, to Port Everglades, Florida, after a five-day cruise. The incident reportedly occurred between Mexico and Cuba. Crew overboard
January 28 Golden Princess
Princess Cruises
From a passenger: The following is the official statement from the ship's Captain: "We wish to inform you of a change to our scheduled itinerary. Former employees of a closed fishery are planning to strike in Puerto Madryn today. We have been advised that they will allow passengers and tours to the tour area, but will prevent passengers and tours from returning to the ship. As the safety and security of our passengers and crew is our highest priority, we have decided to cancel our call to Puerto Madryn. Instead, Golden Princess will now sail directly to Montevideo where we will arrive at 12 noon on Wednesday....." Missed port
January 27 Ocean Princess
Princess Cruises
The Vessel Sanitation Program reports the ship failed its sanitation inspection with a score of 81. Failed health inspection
January 26 Splendor of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Pullmantur Cruises
G1 Globo reports a storm scared the passengers and crew late on Thursday ( 23rd). The ship passed through the channel of the River Plata between Argentina and Uruguay. Passengers disembarked on Sunday morning (26th ) at the Port of Santos, on São Paulo coast, and reported to G1 moments of apprehension. Because of rain, accompanied by strong gale, dozens of dishes and bottles also broke on the ship (the ship tilted 7 - 10 degrees). The broadcaster Pacific Natália Alves was one of the passengers who was in the restaurant area when the ship tilted. "What we saw impressed more than the actual situation. Had water running down the stairs. Many beverages fell to the ground. And it all happened because the wind was too strong. More than rain. Was shocking," he says. The captain said the vessel tilted seven degrees. A similar story is told by pasengers aboard the Pullmantur ship. The newspaper article includes pictures. Stormy seas
January 26 Veendam
Holland America Line
Cruise Critic reports that due to a medical emergency that required a medical evacuation, the ship will arrive in Hawaii on Tuesday -- one day late. Passengers will miss a planned call on Hilo on Monday, and they're slated to arrive later than scheduled in Honolulu, Tuesday's planned port of call. Missed Port
January 25 Carnival Miracle
Carnival Cruise Lines
From a passenger: my wife and I sailed from LA to the Mexican Riviera on a 6-day cruise between January 12th and 18th. On that cruise she got extremely sick with what was later diagnosed as a lower GI infection, and as the cruise progressed at least 40-50 other passengers got really sick. While Carnival refunded our planned Puerto Vallarta shore excursion they refused to refund even a portion of the all-you-can-drink alcohol pass that we purchased, even though my wife was too sick to even drink alcohol for half of the cruise. Carnival did not charge us for my wife's two visits to the ship's infirmary too, and on our 2nd visit my wife saw a computerized list of passengers on sick restrictions that was more than a single webpage in length. We also made an unscheduled stop on our way back to LA from Puerto Vallarta when an older male passenger had to be evacuated at Cabo. That stop was on Thursday, January 16th, which was supposed to be a "fun day at sea". Illness
January 25 Ruby Princess
Princess Cruises
From a passenger: Jan 20, 2014 -- We were on our way back from shopping in Cozumel, just going thru the security, when all the security guys started running up the dock, towards the ship. A passenger ended up in the water, he fell off the long dock! He was floating on his back, they threw a life preserver to him and then guided him to the ladder, but he could not get up, he was exhausted and started drifting under the dock, so one guy got down the ladder and grabbed him, but could not get him to the ladder so another guy(security) jumped in and together they hauled him up. It was not easy for them, he was dead weight. They called an ambulance, but he declined and instead they got him in a wheelchair. People coming back from the beach gave them their towels for him, then they wheeled him unto the ship to the medical. We have since seen him around the ship, seemed to survive just fine. Fall from dock
January 25 Explorer of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
CDC reports 281 of 3050 passengers (9.21%) and 22 of 1165 crew (1.15%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. A CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officer and an epidemiologist will board the ship in St. Thomas, USVI on January 26, 2014 to conduct an epidemiologic investigation, environmental health assessment, and evaluate the outbreak and response activities. Specimens are being collected and will be sent to the CDC lab for testing. The ship is on a ten day cruise, beginning January 21 and ending January 31. It had departed Cape Liberty, New Jersey on January 21 for a scheduled 10-day cruise to the island of St. Maarten, which included scheduled stops in Haiti and Puerto Rico. UPDATE: CNN reports the ship will return two days early after an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness, the cruise line said Sunday. According to the CDC, 634 of the 3,050 passengers (20.6%) and 55 of 1,165 crew members (4.7%) have reported being ill. Illness
January 21 Norwegian Star
Norwegian Cruise Line
CDC reports 130 of 2318 passengers (5.61%) and 12 of 1039 crew (1.15%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officers and an epidemiologist boarded the ship on arrival in Miami, Florida on January 19, 2014 to conduct a targeted environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities. Specimens were sent to the CDC lab for testing. The ship was on a 14 day cruise ending January 19. Illness
January 20 Carnival Splendor
Carnival Cruise Lines
Bali Discovery Tours reports a 21-year-old Balinese man working as a crew member diedon Deember 23, 2013 just days after joining the ship's crew on December 6, 2013. The young man was said to be diligent in calling or texting his family and girlfriend on a daily basis, contact that suddenly stopped on December 21, 2013, when he told his family he had developed a cough. Two days later on December 23, 2104 a manager from Carnival Cruise Lines telephoned the Barsiana's mother to advise her son had died in his crew cabin. According to NusaBali, the crewman’s family has received no further details in connection with the circumstances or cause of their son’s death. Crew death (unexplained)
January 19 Carnival Magic
Carnival Cruise Lines
Cruise Law News reports they received the following information from a passenger on the Carnival Magic returning to port in Galveston: "We sit outside the harbor in the fog this morning. Last night the coast guard had to airlift a passenger for medical reasons and yesterday morning we had a fire. Deck 11 forward. The crew says it was not a fire but hot electrical. Smoke was coming down to other decks, there is water and wet floors up there so they can call it what they want . . . Pic of the chopper attached." Passengers are now disembarking from the cruise ship. Carnival responded: "On Saturday morning aboard the Carnival Magic, there was a smell of smoke reported along a guest corridor. The issue was identified as an overheated electrical component within an air conditioning vent located within a guest stateroom. There was no fire. The issue has since been fixed. Guests were kept apprised of the situation with announcements over the ship’s public address system and shipboard staff were positioned in the area where the smoke was reported to advise guests and answer any questions." Smoke/fire
January 18 Seadream I Seadream Yacht Club The Vessel Sanitation Program reports the ship failed its sanitation inspection with a score of 83. Failed health inspection
January 18 Majesty of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
WSVN News reports the ship arrived at PortMiami with 68 people experiencing an illness thought to be norovirus, according to the cruise line. Royal Caribbean released a statement Friday that said several people onboard the cruise ship began to experience a gastrointestinal illness believed to be norovirus. Over the course of the five day sailing, 66 out of 2,581 guests and two out of 844 crew members experienced the illness. Illness
January 18 Dawn Princess
Princess Cruises
New Zealand Herald reports high winds and a critical time schedule revolving around tides led to the cruise liner Dawn Princess bypassing Napier yesterday. The ship had been scheduled to tie up at Napier Port just before 6am - and was set to be the first of three liners arriving over three days. But Napier Port senior pilot Captain Trevor Morrison said the captain of the liner had been concerned over reports of high westerly winds sweeping the Bay as well as possible rising southwesterly winds later in the day. He was also aware that the ship needed to stick closely to its scheduled 2pm departure time to keep to the tide schedule for its next destination, Tauranga. The Dawn Princess had sailed from Wellington. The cancellation was a blow for tourism operators who had bookings arranged. One tourism operator said the industry effectively worked on the basis that up to 10 per cent of scheduled cruise ship arrivals could be cancelled in a season. The non-arrival brought to four the number of liners that had, due to weather and rescheduling, bypassed Napier since the start of the cruise season in October. Missed port call
January 17 ASEAN Raider Passenger ferry Asia One reports the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is conducting a search-and-rescue operation after a man had fallen overboard from a passenger ferry about 4km South-east of Kusu Island in the Singapore Strait on Thursday at about 7.30pm. According to a statement issued by MPA, the Singapore-flagged ferry "ASEAN Raider 2" was en route from Singapore's Regional Ferry Terminal (Harbour Front), to Batu Ampar, Batam, Indonesia when the incident happened. Two MPA craft, one Police Coast Guard craft and one Republic of Singapore Navy patrol vessel are currently involved in the search-and-rescue. MPA added that it is investigating the incident, and has issued urgent safety broadcast to vessels in the vicinity to keep a lookout and report any sightings of the missing person. Kusu Island is part of Singapore's Southern Islands cluster, which includes Sentosa, Lazarus Island, Pulau Seringat, Pulau Tekukor, Saint John's Island, and the two Sisters' Islands. Overboard
January 15 Diamond Princess
Princess Cruises
New Zealand Herald reports cleaners are working to sanitise a cruise ship before the next group of passengers boards after dozens of people caught a violent stomach bug on its last voyage. The ship docked in Tauranga yesterday at the end of a cruise that began in Australia 12 days ago. It is due to leave on its next voyage from Auckland today but check-in will be delayed by about four hours while the ship is thoroughly sterilised after about 60 of 3,500 passengers and crew contracted norovirus on the latest trip. Illness
January 14 Carnival Conquest Carnival Cruise Lines Cruise Critic reports just days after the U.S. State Department issued a Honduras travel warning, a family of five were robbed at gunpoint during their Roatan port of call. No one was hurt, but the incident highlights the dangers many Caribbean port calls can present. Carnival Conquest passenger Jeff Smith, his wife and three daughters were in Roatan on January 2 when a masked gunman jumped out of the bushes on a beach access road on the northeast side of the island and began shooting at the rental car Smith was driving. "My immediate reaction was to put the car in reverse and try to back down the gravel/dirt access road to distance my family from the gunman," Smith told Cruise Critic. Instead, he wrecked the car, and the gunman who had pursued the family on foot robbed them of their cash, iPhones and a camera, all while pointing his gun at either Smith or his daughters, ages 15, 14 and 8. The encounter lasted three minutes, but Smith said it is not easily forgotten, nor should it be. Cruise Law News reports on the same day, another cruise guest had a shotgun pointed at his family while on a sight-seeing guided van tour. They were also on a remote un-paved side road. Pax robbed
January 12 Caribbean Princess
Princess Cruises
From a passenger: Caribbean Princess 1/4 - 1/11: We did not dock at the port in Roataun Honduras on 1/7 due to "severe weather" high wind and waves although we spent the day circling the island and saw another cruise ship was in the port. Also, NoroVirus Outbreak on board from from 1/8-1/11. Cabins on both sides of us had to be sanitized due the passengers being sick. Luckily we were not ill! Lastly, Disembarked 4 hours late on 1/11 due to dense fog in port. Rain, waves and sick passengers all cruise long; we wanted off the ship! Illness? / Delayed disembarkation / missed port
January 12 Sun Princess
Princess Cruises
The Morning Bulletin reports Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie has ordered an investigation into the death of a passenger aboard a cruise ship. Betty Virgo, 72, died after becoming sick during a trip around New Zealand on the luxury liner Sun Princess in November 2012. Her daughter Gayle Virgo, who was also on board, has complained about the medical treatment and care her mother received in the hours before her death and the fact that her body was embalmed before an autopsy could be carried out. A spokesman for Carnival Australia, which owns Princess Cruises, rejected any suggestion of inappropriate or inadequate medical care and said all policies and procedures were followed after Mrs Virgo's death. Mr Bleijie has directed State Coroner Terry Ryan to conduct an investigation into the Gold Coast woman's death. The Courier Mail has an aricle with more details. Investigation into medical treatment
January 11 Serenade of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
From a passenger: high seas and winds delayed tender operations in grand Cayman on current cruise. Passengers waited in line taking up two or more decks for the line . Some waited over two hours to disembark, only to find their tours cancelled when they arrived ashore. Although cruise lines cannot control the weather, they could be more realistic with passengers instead of protecting their excursion partners. Similarly, bad weather for the ferries in Cozumel created very rocky seas for the ferry ride to the mainland from Playa del Carmen. At least a half dozen passengers vomited on that ride. No one was in formed of sea conditions for the ferry ride.. Some of us would have taken Dramamine, or worn patches or wrist bands. It was this seasoned traveller and cruiser's worst travel experience in 40 plus years of travel. No attempt was made to keep us informed or tell us of the weather conditions. They had cancelled excursions the day before. Reporting from Serenade of the Seas. delayed disembarkaton / lack of information
January 11 Caribbean Princess
Princess Cruises
From a reader: Passengers have been notified that during the current cruise there has been an increase in the number of cases of gastrointestinal illness amongst passengers caused by Norovirus. In response, we have arranged for the ship to undergo a prolonged and additional disinfection in Houston on Saturday, January 11, 2014. As a consequence, cruise check-in and embarkation will be delayed until 2:00 pm. ?Illnesss?/ Delayed embarkation
January 8

MSC Cruises

The ship missed its port call to Half Moon Cay (private island) because of sea conditions. Missed port call
January 7 Multiple ships Cruise Critic reports anumber of cruise ships have been severely delayed by the storms that continue to batter the U.K. All three of Saga Cruises' fleet have been delayed by the weather -- Saga Ruby and Saga Pearl II have been stuck in Lisbon all weekend, while Saga Sapphire was delayed leaving Southampton. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines' Balmoral has been in the English Channel for two days and will be forced to skip two ports of call. And P&O Cruises' Adonia came back a day early from a Mediterranean cruise, arriving yesterday instead of today to avoid the bad weather. Both Saga Ruby -- which is on its last voyage with the line -- and Saga Pearl 2 were due in to Southampton today (Tuesday 7th). However, the ships have only just left Lisbon and are now due in on Thursday evening. They will be forced to skip one port stop -- Porto -- and all passengers who have booked shore excursions will be refunded. A spokeswoman for Fred. Olsen said: "We can now confirm that Balmoral has suffered delays due to bad weather. As a result, the ports of Cadiz and Mahon have been cancelled, and Balmoral will now call into Gibraltar arriving on 10th January, and Valletta on 13th January. This allows for Balmoral to get back on schedule, and continue with the remainder of the itinerary." A spokeswoman for P&O said there will be no compensation offered as the early return was weather-related and not a significant change. Delays / missed ports
January 7 Grand Princess
Princess Cruises
San Francisco Chronicle reports acruise ship that left San Francisco for Hawaii on Saturday was delayed Tuesday as search crews scoured the ocean water for a ship worker who jumped overboard. Surveillance video showed a 35-year-old Filipino employee plunging off the vessel early Tuesday morning. The man, whose identity was not released, went overboard about halfway between San Francisco and Hilo, Hawaii. Cruise line officials believe the plunge was intentional. Crew overboard
January 3 Veendam
Holland America Line
Several passengers have reported an 88 year old woman going overboard from the ship on its return to San DIego from Mexico. To date, this has not been reported in the media. According to one passenger: her body was recovered after the incident. The FBI came aboard when the ship arrived in San Diego and conducted a 3 hour forensic investigation. According to 10 News, the Medical Examiner has ruled the death a suicide, but one passenger who watched it all told 10News there is more to the story. The witness did not want to be identified but says he saw the elderly woman climb out on her balcony and appeared to lean over the rail to jump, but when she turned around to go back inside she slipped and fell. Overboard
January 3 Oasis of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
From a passenger: The ship lost power for about 20 minutes at 11:52 PM. The Captain subsequently reported there had been a failure of a generator. Generator failure / power loss
January 4 Queen Mary 2
Cunard Line
Cruise Fever reports a winter storm that dumped up to 2 feet of snow on the Northeast, has delayed the Queen Mary 2 in New York City.  The cruise ship was scheduled to leave port at 5 p.m. on Friday, January 3.  Cunard released a statement saying the the ship will notthat depart before midnight and that check-in will close one hour prior to sailing. The cruise line decided to delay the departure of the ship to allow extra time for passengers who have been delayed arriving in New York. Delayed departure
January 3 Sun Princess
Princess Cruises
Cruise Critic reports the cruise ship is experiencing an outbreak of what is described as norovirus which is diminishing the cruise experience of the passengers. The primary complaint seems to be that the cruise line allegedly knew about the noro outbreak but did not tell the passengers until after the ship sailed. Earlier, on December 26th, we previously posted comments about noro virus on the Sun Princess. Here's what we received this evening: "The Sun Princess is again out in the South Pacific with about 2,000 "Guests," all of whom were boarded without advice that the ship was sailing at 'RED ALERT' levels for the NORO virus raging in the vessel. The company is clever at preserving their profits at the risk of passenger health in not advising passengers of the outbreaks until well out on the ocean. Holiday pleasures diminished, no condiments on tables, no self-service buffers, constant urgings to use expensive bottled water, very expensive medical centre visits, confined to cabins etc. etc. etc This concealment of health risks is deeply concerning and must be addressed by the industry at large right now." Illness

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